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Thanks for noticing. I updated MLP in the first post. Also a google search "enfuse 4.0 mac" will get you there(first post). Get back if you encounter any other problems.

Thanks D, that worked!

Now to see how the hell do I work with all of this! LOL

Thanks for taking the time and making this!!!

Hi guys!

I feel extremely stupid for this... but here it goes:

In the HOWTO it says "2 - Extract the enblend-enfuse-4.0-mac.tar Move enfuse to Place_binaries_here folder 13,6 MB in size' But I don't seem to find a file named "enfuse" inside the extracted folder.

Well, I also need to mention that the file downloaded is enblend-enfuse-4.2.tar not 4.0

IDK if it makes any difference.

Any leads here? Is there a folder I need to move or what?


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