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for me works ok in Windows 10.

If you ask for some more, I always use Auto ETTR with link to dual-ISO function. In other words, the Camera decides depending on the lighting conditions whether dual ISO with different ISO settings works. Is there a way when importing files to the MLV distinguish between normal and dual-ISO shots and these in separate folder to import? So we can move forword with the "Normal" MLV Files and start the Dual ISO conversion separated.


I try the new version also in WIN 10 with the additional Video Info’s, works very nice. Thanks for your work, @kichetof
If you can realize some of the Proposal’s from @Danne" together with him will be also very interesting and make workflows easier


@NoCp_Albert Could you give me some examples for subfolder name with fps and/or frames. Something like that: M04-0001_240frames_30fps ?

Yes, his will be fine


Yes I made all Test video in Dual-Iso, with 25, 50 and 60 Fps. Workflow: Kichetofs new LR-DualIso, Import MLV File in to LR with conversion to DNG, export to cr2hdr v.3.0 DEV. After DualIso is finished import the dualIso files to After Effects for streching and Grading to CineLog-C. If you work with not streched Files you can finish everything also in LR, ACR.

Also you get the posibility to go the resolve davinci process.


the new Version works very well in WIN 10, LR 15.9 CC. I try it with MLV record 1920x1080 50 Fps streched Files without problem.

One thing I believe will be helpfull, when I select the Folder in LR Libary, Import MLV Fies, I see all Data´s from MLV, including how many Frames and also the selected FPS, example 25,30, 50, 60 Fps. In the sup folder for the DNG is only the Folder name. It will be helpfull if there is the Info about count of frames and FPS as well for next steps in the workflow.


I got the same problem when i great a new folder in WIN Explorer and copy the MLV in there. After I create a new Folder direct inside LR, copy the MLV in there, everthing works very well like @Kichetof say. Also is working irf you Copy your MLV File in on inside LR existing folder.


Thank you for your Info.

Of course I use the CineLog Cam profil as well for the 5D3.



since a few weeks I am use CineLog-C_DCP_2017 for ACR and I am very happy with the Result in my Video work.

I am working in WIN-10, Camera EOS 5D3-123 with MLV-rec and use raw2cdng 17.9 for MLV decoding to cdng for ACR in AE ore LR. In your Homepage User guide I found only your recommend the ap raw2cdng for Windows user and my questions is if I can use the actually version of MLV_dump ore MLVP>cdng as well.

General Development / Re: Experiment - Dynamic My Menu
« on: February 01, 2017, 07:09:21 PM »
Very interesting, at the moment I use the Canon Presets c2, c3 for 1920x1080x25fps and 1280x720x50fps as Basics for either ML FPS-override 25fps ore ML FPS-Override 50fps. 25Fps as preset for FHD and 3xcrop mode recording and 50fps for 5x centered Crop, 10bit.
It will be a dream to get a “ML Menu” Version where the user can select 2-3 config files as presets for a quick Change for different recording situations.
If I like to make a quick change in front of a rear Animal or Bird in Nature and I touch the wrong Button the session is over, restart and maybe Battery, skipping Module loading, stop again and start new is the normally way to restart the System. To avoid this will be a very great step and help.

Tutorials and Creative Uses / Re: Extra DSLR monitor on telephone
« on: January 31, 2017, 06:27:56 PM »

Re: Crop mode recording ( (1:1, RAW/H.264, 25/30/50/60 fps)
« Reply #245 on: January 11, 2017, 08:27:18 PM »

Here about Canon Update - 5D3 113 to 123, dfort shows in the Crop mode tread the update list.
I am not the ML Expert in Details, my Basic it´s Photography (including Dual ISO) and sometimes I use ML for recording, sometimes I need also the f8 for Converter on EF100-400 Lens. The Crop Mode Build from April 2016 for 5D3-123 was perfect for me and others too. So, I get no reasons to go back to 113 Firmware. I try many times also the 113 build and I know everyone says this is more stable version, but the 3xcrop mode makes the different for me, also the 5x centered Crop with 10,12,14 Bit now. Thanks for that.
Of course a Street- or Weding Photographer and many others haves other priority´s.

Tutorials and Creative Uses / Re: Extra DSLR monitor on telephone
« on: January 31, 2017, 02:45:37 PM »

ok, whatever you believe it’s yours. I see with my Eyes that the Aputure Fine HD V2 Monitore gives me a Full-HD Picture (up tp 4K) on his screen out, very god Quality, check it out.
And don´t forget, there was a god reason for Canon to make the Firmware Update from 113 to 123, takes a lot Bugs out witch still existing in 113. So the Camera Basics in 123 are the better choice for me.
Also, with the new ML Experimental Crop Mode Build including 10.12 and 14 Bit Mode from 13. January 2017 there is IMO not more a so big different between tis Builds, according to A1ex.
So, for me a lot of reasons to use the 5D3-123 Build with Crop Mode especially in Nature and Bird photography and Video documentaries.

Tutorials and Creative Uses / Re: Extra DSLR monitor on telephone
« on: January 30, 2017, 06:22:06 PM »

With different apps you can control many DSLR cameras via Live View and use your Smartphone ore Tablet as an enlarged display, it needs special cable and the USB connection to the camera. If you want use Magic Lantern at the same time each app action produces via USB an error, turn off or block the camera. After longer time (2 years) with my tablet Nexus 7 I change to a Field monitor and this works perfect.
I use the 5D3–123 with a clear HDMI connection to my Field monitor, so only the camera display open on the HDMI monitor and gives me the same Information as the Camera display, but in Full HD 1920x1080 pic, the control of the Camera with Magic Lantern is not influenced


I try and wait  more than 10 minutes, nothing is happens. The Message ar in German -

[Main Instruction]
mlv_dump.exe funktioniert nicht mehr

Das Programm wird aufgrund eines Problems nicht richtig ausgeführt. Das Programm wird geschlossen und Sie werden benachrichtigt, wenn eine Lösung verfügbar ist.

[Programm schließen]

Edit: Today I try again and with this command Line mlv-dump runs:


@echo off
for %%a in (*.MLV) do ( md "%%~na" 2>nul )&("G:\4.0 Magic Lantern Bearbeitung\4.9 MLV-Dump\"mlv_dump.exe -o %%~na\%%~na_ --dng %%~na.MLV )

My System is Windows 10 PRO 64-Bit

Thank you @Renatophoto for your support.


I just change my existing Command Line in Notepad against your new Command Line and if I start the prozess with "Sent to" batch-mlv.cmd  i get the same Message as with the old and Windows stop the App

If I take the MLV File direct to MLV_dump.exe is exactly the same stop


I use "Send To" in context Menu.  I made a screnshot as png but don´t find the way to insert so I made copy from the message i get.


I still work with MLV-Mystic but would try the MLV-Dumper for Windows now. I use your batch command and try the MLV-Dumper exe. in different folders, C:, E:, the Dumper started and makes all new Subfolders but without DNG.

My command line
- @echo off
for %%a in (*.MLV) do ( md "%%~na" 2>nul )&( "C:\MLV-Dump\"mlv_dump.exe -o %%~na\%%~na_ --dng %%~na.MLV )

I get the attached message out for all Files -  +  MLV Dumper v1.0

Mode of operation:
   - Input MLV file: 'M20-0924.MLV'
   - Enforcing 14bpp for DNG output
   - Convert to DNG frames
   - Output into 'M20-0924\M20-0924_'
File M20-0924.MLV opened
File M20-0924.M00 not existing.
File M20-0924.IDX opened (XREF)
XREF table contains 381 entries

After I close the Windows Message Dumper continius for all Files with

 MLV Dumper v1.0

Mode of operation:
   - Input MLV file: 'M20-0958.MLV'
   - Enforcing 14bpp for DNG output
   - Convert to DNG frames
   - Output into 'M20-0958\M20-0958_'
File M20-0958.MLV opened
File M20-0958.M00 not existing.
File M20-0958.IDX opened (XREF)
XREF table contains 772 entries
Reached EOF of chunk 248/1 after 2 blocks total. This should never happen or your index file is wrong.
Processed 0 video frames

Help will be gratefully accepted 

Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: MLVProducer
« on: January 22, 2017, 06:24:52 PM »

I follow you with your Software since you start at May 2015 and the development you made is very impressing for me. But anthill now, I use the MLV Producer just as a quick Viewer for my MLV footage and sometimes as cDNG Converter for development in LR – ACR – Premiere ore AE. But MLVPlayer is much faster, also including the Voice in the Clip, best Basics for my and many other Peoples Work.

Today I try to develop in MLVProducer some Bird footage made with 5D3-123, ISO 100 / ISO 200, EF 600mm and EF100-400mm in 1920x1080 up to 2400x1340 pix. My Problem, I do not know to use the MLVPlayer in the best way like I use Lightroom, PS, After Effect ore Premiere Pro. My Target is to get a Clip with natural Colors in Adobe RGB, best possible sharpening and low Noise. Whatever I try on Settings anthill today, when I compared with my standard Workflow Results I can not use MLVProducer for the final work.

My Question to all, witch settings and workflow with MLVProducer you use to by satisfied. Is there a Workflow for MLVProducer I do not know?

Test this also now and confirme this Problem also for  5D3-123 on PAL and 50 FPS with MLV and RAW_rec.
With MLV_rec and AutoETTR I get corupted Files with this settings in MLV_view and in the Clips also.
RAW_Rec works fine


I test your report and confirm the same problem, with MLV-rec at 3040x1320 10,12 and 14 bit. By 10 bit I get record toime about 8 seconds, then "Automatic stop" and "Bussy", after a few seconds I switch the Camera of and start again, press Lupe for 5x crop and then record working again 8 seconds. With 3008x 1320 10 bit Camera stop after 8 Seconds recording but after 3-4 seconds comes back automaticle in Record Mode.

As you say, with RAW_rec this problem is not happen.


Axel, as you say My town, Aarhus in Denmark and my Home City Paphos in Cyprus, is the European Culture Capitol this year, with lots and lots of photogenic events, so ML will certainly prove its worth again and again. Should you happen to be in the vicinity, I'll pop the bubbly.

@A1ex, Renatophoto

All 14bit records are showed in mlv_play, but mostly maximum 3 and then comes the black screen. The Info bar is running for maximum 8 records if you go back with the wheel, than it’s completely black. Sometimes get the also10+12bit video showed, not everytime, not when I get the "RAW error" message during recording. Maximum I get 8 records in mlv_play, but the records all ok.
I try today ETTR with push Set" and also Snapshot mode, the RAW error messaged is there also, recorded footage is ok.


First of all, I was really impressed today about the completely Module, for me nearly on the way to include the perfect working 3xcrop 1080/720 Module together with the 5x centered Crop and….the 10bit, 12 bit and 14bit recording. All I testing today with the 5D3 – 123 Firmware was perfect, tomorrow I get out in the real world. I don’t expecting to work in the Standard Module 1920x1080 14 bit also with 10 bit and 12 bit as you make it possible now. Forget all the Issue’s I found in the previous Test Zip from 12.January, I do not found any Problem today, no corrupted Files, no flickering, also without Gray scale during the records.

Thanks for the Info about RAW error, I understand your Info because I was trying out first time Auto-ETTR “always on” The RAW error message stays for 2-3 seconds, get off and came back during my 10 sec. recording. Tomorrow I try with ETTR by" Press Set".

What I mean with Resolution cannot be changed, maybe is a problem of the old German with his bad English. I just was wondering because the 12 bit and 10 bit was working in the Standard Size 1920-1080, so I try to get with 12 and 10 bit bigger Frame size, similar to the crop mode version maybe 2400x 1320 in 10 bit recording same like the 5x centered Crop mode or otherwise an higher FPS rate up to 50.

I am just dreaming sometimes. Magic Lantern is a Dream, thanks for a great work to the ML Team

Here some testing footage 

During my test for the magiclantern-crop3x.2017Jan12.5D3123 without MLV_rec and MLV_sound I found this Morning the new Test Module magiclantern-crop3x.2017Jan13.5D3123.

I test the new Crop Module with MLV_rec and MLV_sound, A-ETTR "always on", RAW_rec and raw_twk.mod not loaded.

Let me say, really a pleaser to use this Modul now, Thank you

1.1 Normal 1920x1080, 14 bit, ok.
1.2 Normal 1920x1080, 12 bit, Message RAW error, but the recorded footage without problem in MLW-view and in Lightroom, resolution can not be changed
1.3 Normal 1920x1080, 10 bit, Message RAW error, but the recorded footage without problem in MLW-view and in Lightroom, resolution can not be changed

2.1 3xcrop 1080/720, 14 bit, ok.
2.2 3xcrop 1080/720, 12 bit, ok.
2.3 3xcrop 1080/720, 10 bit, ok.

3.1 5x centered crop, 14 bit ok
3.2 5x centered crop, 12 bit ok
3.3 5x centered crop, 1920x1080, 14 bit ok
3.4 5x centered crop, 2208x1242, 14 bit ok
3.5 5x centered crop, 2400x1320, 10 bit ok - continual
3.6 5x centered crop, 3008x1320, 10 bit ok - 12 sec
3.7 5x centered crop, 3520x1320, 10 bit ok - 4 sec

All DNG files with ML-Mystic converted to DNG for Lightroom ACR without any correction looks nearly perfect, will prepare a video with short clips for you.


@A1lex, thank you for the new test crop modul 12.01.2017.

Just make a quick test, got some coruptet files and flickering during 5xcroped recording.

Will make a short video with al settings for you.

About Renatophoto record, maybe it is possible to make the correction of Black level directly in this module

@A1lex and dfort

I like to test this Module magiclantern-raw_video_10bit_12bit_crop_rec.2016Dec24.5D3113 also on the 5D3-123 Firmware, where can I find this Test module. In the new is only the crop module from September 2016 which I use normally because it works perfect. I found one modified Crop Module from dfort - which includes the 5x centered Crop from @A1lex but without the possibility to go down with the Bit rate it is useless. The 3xcrop mode works exactly like the crop modules from September 2016. I understand, that most Modules are made for normally Videos and not for Nature documentaries, but maybe I can get the last mixed Crop with 10, 12,14 Bit for Testing on the Canon 5D3-123 Firmware as well to test it.

If possible I like to find on the Experimental raw video recording site also a testing file for 10, 12, 14 Bid recording with 5D3 – 123 Firmware.

@dfort: at the moment I test your magiclantern-raw_video_10bit_12bit.2017Jan05.5D3123, my biggest Problem is the 5x centered Crop, because it is not centered. When I switch from normal to 5x centered Crop the AF point is moved like in the old Modules and not useable at all, If I an hurry during recording and get different AF points I lousing the trust in my one work and later the footage is not useable at all. In your Crop Module from 28 December with the included 5x centered Crop the AF works centered in all Crop modes.

And hier some more Video proposual how shows how importand the Crop mode for some Useres is.

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