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@bouncyball Maybe MAPP should be done automatically? Like in MLRawViewer. As you've put so much work in to it. I guess the files could be annoying, but the quickness I personally like. Depends what everyone thinks about having loads of files like it was with MLRawViewer. And what about invisible mapp files? I know masc probably doesn't like that idea ;)

By the way, why wouldn't you add that index to MLV format? Everything is in your hands - just add to MLV specification such a feature at the end of file or you could allocate some space at the header to store offsets for each frame.
Interesting idea. We could add an "MAPP" block couldn't we @bouncyball? Maybe put it straight after the first MLVI block. I am a little uncomfortable about modifying files though.

forget fast cdng as it is not for everyone. we need nvidia 6*** series to use fast cdng. it is totally useless for others who dont have nvidia 6 series
MLV App is for the many not the few. I am happy that people with old hardware find it useful. What's the oldest thing it could run on I wonder...

Yeah cached bilinear would be same speed as cached amaze. The debayered frames would be saved in memory in both cases, so the algorithm used for debayering stops being a factor.

What kind of frame rates is everyone getting with 1.0?

@reddeercity Thank you for all you have done! I can imagine you are tired, even from the occasional checking I could see it was a lot you were doing. Really excited to get back to this stuff when I get my camera back :D :D :D

Can you not move it like in normal crop recording?

Thanks for the DNGs they look wonderful, highlights ont he first one are smooth 😍

Congtartiulations waza57 and reddeercity!!! Sorry I never got involved, magic lantern development/hacking just seems to be something I can not get the hang of even a tiny bit.

THis is amazing I will try and fix my 5D mark II as soon as I can. I am truly excited.

The PNG samples on 5D2 thread have really jagged edges, could you upload some dngs?

There has to be a better way than color correcting in the mlv app? What's the point shooting in raw when you have to color grade prores in davinchi or basic grade raw in the mlv app?

Yeah MLV aAPP is just useless for colour isn\'t it

Edit: Lol sorry for the passive aggressive reply. But my point is that MLV App is perfectly capable of producing a cinematic image out of a good shot, and in my opinion this video is a better result than many people get with davinci resolve etc. It just takes effort and practice to get nice images, not the best software. The main thing for good looking images is having smooth highlights, in my opinion and MLV App can do that pretty perfectly. And you can add a lut in MLV App if you like that style of colour. And I admit MLV App is still not colour accurate, also the that video is not very detailed (it's more about colour).

Okay you have the ability to get a prores file from your dslr wich normally isn't possible but then again you could also use a external recorder to record in prores.

An external recorder will still give you cr4p 8 bit colour depth the prores doen't help.


The kind of reaction I was expecting to get from myself while intially creating it, except I was the one making it, so reacting to my own creation would have been weird.

So that is perfect thank you :D

Thank you so much masc and bouncyball!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks danne too!!! and everyone else who uses and helkps!!!!

Happy birthday MLV App 💛

Download v1.0, the best version yet

@masc I've ran it on fedora too, though it needed some tiny extra package to be installed (forgot what it's called).

Until now we tried only x86 and x86_64 architecture. If Qt and ffmpeg runs on this Cortex, MLVApp should run as well - but I think you would be the first one trying that out. You will have to compile MLVApp on your own (but that's no big deal, if it is possible on that architecture). I travel with my old 13" MBP and a NextoDi.

I tried compiling on raspberry pi, but it seems to only have Qt 4 available by default, Qt5 would need to be manually compiled. Also getting the Qt-multimedia module is generally a pain on most distros (except the 2 that are in the compiling tutorial).

Here are a few examples:;topicseen#msg201167

Thanks for that, looks very wrong. I also looked at WhiteBalance branch code recently and it seemed all wrong in there too :D I can't imagine what went on for me to have wrote that and thought it made sense.

In processing.c this:
Code: [Select]
/* Measurements taken from 5D Mark II RAW photos using EXIFtool, surely Canon can't be wrong about WB mutipliers? */
static const int wb_kelvin[]   = {  2000,  2500,  3000,  3506,  4000,  4503,  5011,  5517,  6018,  6509,  7040,  7528,  8056,  8534,  9032,  9531, 10000 };
static const double wb_red[]   = { 1.134, 1.349, 1.596, 1.731, 1.806, 1.954, 2.081, 2.197, 2.291, 2.365, 2.444, 2.485, 2.528, 2.566, 2.612, 2.660, 2.702 };
static const double wb_green[] = { 1.155, 1.137, 1.112, 1.056, 1.000, 1.000, 1.000, 1.000, 1.000, 1.000, 1.000, 1.000, 1.000, 1.000, 1.000, 1.000, 1.000 };
static const double wb_blue[]  = { 4.587, 3.985, 3.184, 2.524, 2.103, 1.903, 1.760, 1.641, 1.542, 1.476, 1.414, 1.390, 1.363, 1.333, 1.296, 1.263, 1.229 };
How did you find these numbers? How can I find them for let´s say eos 100D?

Those numbers specify multiplying factors from camera white balance (which is the same kind of green for all of the ML cameras it seems) to different temperatures, it does not affect colour in a colour space ey kind of way. If you used a 100D to extract those numbers you should get the same results, the colours wouldn't improve.
I took pictures in 500k white balance increments then used exiftool to get those numbers, I don't remember what the exif tag was called.

It's nothing to do with camera colour, it's just a super unscientific way of doing white balance.

the white balance multipliers are generated by data I extracted from 5D mark II photos using exiftool, however that does not affect colour in any deep 5D mark II way, they simply specify the channel multiplication factors and that is it. I'm really surprised they even work considering it is unknown what colour space they are for.

What kind of hardware and software are you thinking of running it on??? I don't think hardware and software support has ever been a worry with MLV App.

It will run on any Linux distro as long as ffmpeg and qt5 work on it (you will have to compile yourself if you have a 32 bit). I have used it on a laptop from 2006 before.

Ok calm down I've heard a lot of complaints about the wrong colours.

Some things:
1. I would like to bust a myth - MLV App does not use any colour matrices at all right now, no "5D2 matrix for all cameras" things going on, that is just not true and I'm not sure how the myth started. Maybe it's because the white balance multipliers are generated by data I extracted from 5D mark II photos using exiftool, however that does not affect colour in any deep 5D mark II way, they simply specify the channel multiplication factors and that is it. I'm really surprised they even work considering it is unknown what colour space they are for.
2. That(fixing the colours) is actually the processing improvement I was talking about some time ago. I have been a bit demotivated though, as every time I start working on it it just gets fiddly or crashy or something is wrong with the colour(most often this). The extreme hotness of summer combined with that makes for a perfect giving up vibe.
3. @masc @bouncyball Is the WhiteBalance branch still mergeable? I don't know how to do it locally in git sorry(I can only ruin the whole github repository :D), could one of you try it out?
4. @masc Could you show a sample(s) of where WhiteBalance branch looks worse? I was thinking it might do. If this gets put in to the app, I will make sure to add an "MLV App classic" processing mode just to keep how it was before for those who had good results with it.
6. camera_matrices.c is obsolete version of what bouncyball's camid does and will be removed. Thank you for the reminder.

Edit: all the matrix operations cost time (white balance & exposure the most)... but no idea how to accelerate this. The concept is fine in my eyes.

I will try out integer multiplication + right shift method, maybe will be faster than look up tables.

wow processing is slow.

Is that 21fps with no processing with no caching too?

Nice shadows. How's the highlights doing?

Yes, I use the "RAW Correction" functions a lot:  focus pixels, bad pixels and Dual ISO lately.

Some of those algorithms, especially dual ISO will just be slow, they are very complex(also good btw), and I wouldn't even go near them in code as I don't know how they work or how I could make them faster.
Unfortunately it might just be a fact of life that some are slow :(

Do you mean to say that MLVApp is going to render faster?  Right now it renders painfully slow but it does the job. Recently, I let it render about 30 GB of MLV footage on a 2 GHz Core 2 Duo laptop overnight and when I woke up on the next morning it hadn't finished yet.  So, a speed improvement would be more than welcome!

Are you using the "RAW Correction" tab? If so, which ones. Focus pixels, stripes etc... sometimes they take the longest

Sadly this improvement isn't speed, I could do openCL but it seems like there's a lot of stuff going on in processing now and getting it to work together might be a bit of a struggle (until big rewrite, if that happens ever).

I once rendered a 6 minute video with MLV App, that took 37 minutes. Yes it's quite slow, not sure what slows it down the most, encoding, processing or corrections.

Yes let's do an anniversary release. I hope to get a small/big processing improvement done in time.

LOL... yeah... thanks. In 5 days it is one year ago, when I started programming the GUI with Ilias processing code! ;)
Hm... we must celebrate "QT App" birthday then :D

thanks for the reminder :)

and wow... a year 😍

@bouncyball @masc also why do we still call it alpha? I would say it's at/past beta stability already ;) Can we soon make a 1.0 release?

@theBilalFakhouri highlight reconstruction is for fixing pink highlights, it just has the requirement of a correct white level.

@all sorry been inactive here, I hope to get back to doing some more processing improvements, as the app is getting a lot of love and I feel some responsibility for it. Though hard to find motivation with a broken 5D.

The night scenes looked fantastic, really clean, I think you could have pushed the exposure even more. Really sad my 5D2 is broken :(. I think adding some grain would make this video look even better (16mm maybe).

Oh wow @Danne did it! Missed it earlier. I will test out the compiler 💚

bouncyball summed it up perfectly, also 5 was always done in Cocoa app ;D, I don't remember exactly how it was implemented but it was quite simple.

I only found "MLVAPP.ico", which is not accepted.

src/icon - there you will find icon.png and icon.blend (it's open source)

Just remembered a thing... was anyone using Cocoa app on April the 1st?

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