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maybe enable vertical stripes as well?

I really dont know how you can fix this 100%.

Ah you want to match to the new MLV App colours?

I think a lut could be made for that. What camera do you use?

Share Your Videos / Re: 5D Mark II on the Seychelles
« on: December 01, 2018, 10:22:22 PM »
Well on youtube the highlights were blocky and colour variations were gone, so I assumed it was kinda clipped/destroyed in some way then pulled back.

On these pics I see some nice colour in the sand and smooth gradients in the clouds, even though they are still as bright.

The sRGB gamut is a new thing, those old files actually have full sensor colour gamut, so no colour info is lost. You have camera gamut + log curve, not perfect as the colour gamut does not technically match the gamut that normally comes with Log-C. But you have lost nothing with the old app.

Full sensor gamut sounds good right? Well it's not great, because every sensor is slightly different so it doesn't match when you have multiple camera models, and sensor gamut is quite different from normal colour gamuts such as sRGB and AdobeRGB, so the hues are slightly inaccurate. This inaccuracy problem is fixed with the new update.

Once MLV App has ACES gamut in internal processing we will have both accuracy and there will not be any problems with the saturated colours going weird, it will also be possible to have many output colour space choices.

I'm starting to finalize the crop_rec preset's , I'll keep 2880x1080 as is but it will not have the broken preview
as I found a fix with a1ex's help (as always  :) ) here is the post with proof.

2400x1200 @23.976 is next , It's 90% , just getting some image ghosting a little , but clean black levels .
5x frame blanking & CMOS[1] reg's were needed
CMOS[1] was changed to 0xe6a ->0xa28 (I think , I forgot to write it down)

2144x1200 @ 23.976 fps is stable and ready to go , post is here with samples
4096x1074 @ 18fps is working , and I will include it in the presets , I may be able to squeeze a few more frames/sec to 20fps
full res 5632x3750 @4 fps
I do plan on including a squeezed 48/50fps 1856x704 but there's still a black level issue , so that need to be fix before I can include it

This is not the final list of crop_rec preset's , but these are the ones I can get to work right now

Sounds amazing.

Are any of these available to test yet?

Also do you have a code repository/upload it somewhere?

Share Your Videos / Re: 5D Mark II on the Seychelles
« on: December 01, 2018, 08:18:55 PM »
Woah, some of the highlights that I thought were too bright on the video are perfect in the stills!

Really well done grading, but youtube destroys it slightly :(

General Help Q&A / Re: Not taking advantage of raw at all
« on: November 29, 2018, 06:43:53 PM »
I tried some different footage I got with a better lens in better lighting conditions. Looks pretty good.

Thank you for the truly stellar app.

Lighting is definitely important. Good luck with getting nice looking footage :)

Share Your Videos / Re: Brighton | 5D Mark II 3K RAW test
« on: November 29, 2018, 12:41:25 AM »
When I coded the crop_rec module for 5D2, I pushed the value of the registers to the maximum.
And I was horrified by the strange final result that the format was 2.66 (2880/1080).
But when I see this beautiful artistic work, I think that 2.66 is not so bad!

Initially I also thought it was odd because I was in to shooting 3:2, but I really love the look now.

I really like what you have done with this module! Big respect to you.

General Help Q&A / Re: Not taking advantage of raw at all
« on: November 29, 2018, 12:31:42 AM »
The general process, though, is that you don't simply throw completely untouched raw DNG sequences at Premiere, right? And that you should be doing as much correcting (sharpening, levels, contrast, etc.) of the footage before Premiere sees it, like in the form of a ProRes clip generated from After Effects--or this MLV App program. Right?

Yep, that is the way to do it for best quality. With After Effects it takes a long time as it requires conversion to DNG and then the export is slow, but the quality is fantastic.

General Help Q&A / Re: Not taking advantage of raw at all
« on: November 29, 2018, 12:18:27 AM »
That whole process is much simpler if you just open the MLV up in MLV App, make colour adjustments there (It's kind of like lightroom), apply the lut if you want, then export to prores or any codec you choose. Premiere isn't really made for handling raw well.

And imo the m31 LUT is overused. It simplifies many beautiful hues to brown and blue, therefore reduces the greatness of raw if used everywhere.

If you are on windows you can try MLV Producer as well.

Share Your Videos / Re: Brighton | 5D Mark II 3K RAW test
« on: November 28, 2018, 01:09:16 AM »
Best wishes and – by the way – PM me, if you ever need help digging for lenses here.
Thank you very much. May do some time.

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 5D Mark IV
« on: November 26, 2018, 11:50:42 PM »
What about a Magic Lantern development patreon?

Share Your Videos / Re: Brighton | 5D Mark II 3K RAW test
« on: November 26, 2018, 11:48:55 PM »
Wow, how easy / quick did you find it? I'm using lightroom to colour at the moment.

Oh cool, I do some editing for a guy in Haywards Heath! I'm near Tunbridge Wells / Maidstone.

South East ML Meet Up!? 

"Ooooo Magic Lantern friends" ha

I find MLV App really convenient, similar to just editing some photos in lightroom, instead of raw photo->grade->jpeg it is mlv video->grade->prores. It is similarly layed out to lightroom as well. The main disadvantages in comparison to lightroom are that it has less complex tools such as individual hue adjustment, and doesn't really have good noise reduction. Other than that it is no worse. @masc sums it up well.

South East ML meetup would be great fun :D

Off topic, but an idea I've had a couple of time before... imagine if there was a global ML meetup/hackathon with loads of the developers in one place, that would be incredible. Could make loads of progress on hacking new cameras. If only that was realistic :'(

It's really fascinating.
I'm curious to know: that strange contour of the falling sun – was that real stratification of atmosphere, or that's a kind of dual-iso artefact?

No dual ISO. It was 100% real, I took so many shots of it, just couldn't put them all in one video, also that was a really small bit of a shot. Over the time of the whole shot it warps a lot. I could just upload all of them in a sequence if you'd like to see.

Is it something special?

I see that is a very saturated car, hopefully will get fixed in next version. It is because we use sRGB gamut internally for processing, it will be a wider one in next release (ACES)

Also I would love to have that MLV to test, it would be wonderful if you could send it.

Share Your Videos / Re: Brighton | 5D Mark II 3K RAW test
« on: November 26, 2018, 10:21:14 AM »
Thanks! I also hope Canon is watching it and is inspired to make something as good as this would have been in 2008 :D... or not, so magic lantern has more opportunity to improve it significantly.

I used the FJ filter quite a lot, it creates big contrast in skies and adds a bit of magenta to the image without making it pink like the tint slider does. Sometimes I also used the Portra filter, I find it creates really deep dark orange and green hues everywhere (but the image needs adjusting afterwards as it also makes it dark). The strength for filters was mostly between 35 and 65.

@Rob Curd

Thank you!

Yes I did grade completely in MLV App.

I like saying I'm local to Brighton, however I live kind of far (Haywards Heath), but I go there on weekdays so I'm quite Brightony. Used to be more local, Lewes, but that's just expensive.

Share Your Videos / Brighton | 5D Mark II 3K RAW test
« on: November 25, 2018, 04:33:04 PM »
Firstly, happy 10th birthday 5D mark 2!

Second, my yearly video...

I recommend watching in 4K where youtube compression was kind (looks awful in 1080p).

It was filmed in mid October and took about a month to edit due to lack of time and energy.

Shot in 2880x1080 resolution @ 12 bits with the reddeercity/waza57 magic lantern build. These settings allowed 10-12 seconds of recording.
Lenses were Helios 44 (not 44-2), Jupiter 9 (in silver), Takumar 135mm (as I don't have a russian 135mm yet), cosina 19-35 (for the really soft wide shot, as I don't have a mir-20 yet)

MLV App for conversion, 90% was done in the old version before accurate colour and camera matrices were added. The built in filters are magic, though no one will listen as usual ;).
I am certain MLV App is as good as Davinci Resolve for simpler stuff (something it is lacking right now is wide gamut, hopefully will add that soon).
Also used Pitivi video editor for editing on Linux.

Made using 100% free (as in freedom) software!

@domasa I like the idea of multiple versions of one file a lot. Instead of saying "file already in session" would be nice if "add another copy?" What do you think @masc? Also would be nice if they got grouped together.

@reddeercity An easy way to get a true preview in MLV app right now is to have an apple computer with a calibrated, decent quality monitor (and that calibration profile set in macOS of course), MLV App will be colour managed correctly as macOS knows the window is in sRGB and will convert it to screen colour space before displaying it. (just a suggestion for seeing your colour accurately)

@Ilia3101 I'm wondering if you could explain or show me in your code how the image is display in the viewer ?
I'm trying to figure out if it's a "TS" stream (Transport Stream , e.g. mpeg2 etc. ... ) or something else .
The reason is I've being reading/studying the Blackmagic Desktop Video API , It's written in C++
and has samples project in Window, OSX & Linux . Of course I'm mainly interested in Windows side of things.
I'm just looking at the possibility for play back to a blackmagic USB3.0/PCIe device .

Why you may ask ? basically the output from the bm device is calibrated to standard ntsc/pal either bt601, rec709, sRGB (full range) color space
depending on the resolution (SD , HD) and computer monitor have there own color space .

Anyhow , to me that's the only thing missing with this app , scopes get you close but your eye's are the best judge , as long as you can trust the color are correct.

The MLV App code outputs the image as a simple array/buffer/bitmap (however you say it, nothing complicated or compressed like a stream), so if the BlackMagic SDK allows you to upload image data directly it might be easy. The current output colour space of MLV App is sRGB, it will hopefully gain some wider gamut ability soon.

Is this blackmagic thing a monitor or what? I am quite confused by your description. Can you not just output from the computer to it like a monitor to run windows and MLV App directly on it? or is it only accessible through an api?

I hope it'll come back with next version. I don't think it will be too hard. Will get done when I have the energy to do it, probably soon.

for me it looks the RGGB from RAW is directly leaded to RGB output, without processing at all.

This is the impression I got when I tested it out before.

Is this playback done with ffmpeg?

- Added camera matrix calculation for scientific white balance 🎉  (BIG THANK to Ilia! This is great!)

It is very scientific, we even simulate the entire spectrum of a blackbody emitter to get the white colour for different temperatures.

Yeah everyone who's ever complained about weird colours try it out now.

General Chat / Re: Canon 5D-II Video Question
« on: November 08, 2018, 01:48:02 AM »
1. HDMI is continuous. Time limit is on internal recording. Also ML raw records as long as the card allows, splitting in to separate files.

2. Any camcorder that doesn't cost $1000000

Your questions are as dead as a doornail.

Reverse Engineering / Re: CMOS/ADTG/Digic register investigation on ISO
« on: November 05, 2018, 12:20:01 AM »
Wow a lot has happened since I last looked at this thread

@Danne looks like massive improvements to dynamic range! How 5D3 specific is the stuff being done here? I'm really struggling with the huge amount of noise my 5D2 has

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