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Edit: all the matrix operations cost time (white balance & exposure the most)... but no idea how to accelerate this. The concept is fine in my eyes.

I will try out integer multiplication + right shift method, maybe will be faster than look up tables.

wow processing is slow.

Is that 21fps with no processing with no caching too?

Nice shadows. How's the highlights doing?

Yes, I use the "RAW Correction" functions a lot:  focus pixels, bad pixels and Dual ISO lately.

Some of those algorithms, especially dual ISO will just be slow, they are very complex(also good btw), and I wouldn't even go near them in code as I don't know how they work or how I could make them faster.
Unfortunately it might just be a fact of life that some are slow :(

Do you mean to say that MLVApp is going to render faster?  Right now it renders painfully slow but it does the job. Recently, I let it render about 30 GB of MLV footage on a 2 GHz Core 2 Duo laptop overnight and when I woke up on the next morning it hadn't finished yet.  So, a speed improvement would be more than welcome!

Are you using the "RAW Correction" tab? If so, which ones. Focus pixels, stripes etc... sometimes they take the longest

Sadly this improvement isn't speed, I could do openCL but it seems like there's a lot of stuff going on in processing now and getting it to work together might be a bit of a struggle (until big rewrite, if that happens ever).

I once rendered a 6 minute video with MLV App, that took 37 minutes. Yes it's quite slow, not sure what slows it down the most, encoding, processing or corrections.

Yes let's do an anniversary release. I hope to get a small/big processing improvement done in time.

LOL... yeah... thanks. In 5 days it is one year ago, when I started programming the GUI with Ilias processing code! ;)
Hm... we must celebrate "QT App" birthday then :D

thanks for the reminder :)

and wow... a year 😍

@bouncyball @masc also why do we still call it alpha? I would say it's at/past beta stability already ;) Can we soon make a 1.0 release?

@theBilalFakhouri highlight reconstruction is for fixing pink highlights, it just has the requirement of a correct white level.

@all sorry been inactive here, I hope to get back to doing some more processing improvements, as the app is getting a lot of love and I feel some responsibility for it. Though hard to find motivation with a broken 5D.

The night scenes looked fantastic, really clean, I think you could have pushed the exposure even more. Really sad my 5D2 is broken :(. I think adding some grain would make this video look even better (16mm maybe).

Oh wow @Danne did it! Missed it earlier. I will test out the compiler 💚

bouncyball summed it up perfectly, also 5 was always done in Cocoa app ;D, I don't remember exactly how it was implemented but it was quite simple.

I only found "MLVAPP.ico", which is not accepted.

src/icon - there you will find icon.png and icon.blend (it's open source)

Just remembered a thing... was anyone using Cocoa app on April the 1st?

The WB branch seems stuck, right? Ilia even commited the Andy600 suggestion, but backed off...
An incorrect interpreatation of what andy said. That's why I "backed off". Then I noticed some other flaws.

All I need for whitebalance branch is a good multiplier generator, maybe that I can take from DCRaw. That is why the temps are "Off".

@Danne a compiler tool would be great if you did that, I get really bored during the procedure with unzipping ffmpeg, configuring project in Qt creator etc...

Right click in MLV App -> Debayer for Preview -> AMaZE

@reddeercity have you tested the 2.8k yet??? I really wanna see some nice samples of 5D mark ii 2.8k!!! It will give me motivation to fix my broken 5D2

I'm truly excited to see if anything finally happens with this camera.

OMG 😍😍😍!!! waza57 your the person that made video dual ISO on 5D2 almols work rigtht??!

Can you record MLV yet with this confuguration? If not, how close is it??? And how could I help? The goal would be to put it in a single menu option in a normal build, how much work is that? I would love to help if possible. Or test it  ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) (as every noob always says)

I'm so excited!!! 2.8K—that's Alexa sensor resolution (it must be a sign)

@Andy600 Thanks for the explanations. So ColorMatrix2, when inverted, describes a transform from "CameraRGB" (debayered) to XYZ with D50 white point.(?)

So... when that image in XYZ is transformed to sRGB (for viewing) it will be the same as having the white balance slider set to ~5000k in a raw converter and looking at it?

And it makes a lot of sense that the sensor would respond differently at lower colour temperature, never thought about that before. But I'm a little confused as to what the temperature of ColorMatrix1 (the ones we have in ML code) is... where do I find out?

Oh wow all the code on her makes MLV App colour management look horrific :( It's a bit better than all of the unused code makes it look (well, in the whitebalance branch at least) :D

@Andy600 I have been wondering for a very long time, is ColorMatrix2 D65 white point? I have assumed this, and it seems to match(??), but not tested it with actual comparison. If you could tell me definitely if it is D65 or D50, that would make me quite satisfied. These are adobe matrices I think (is this right bouncyball?)

I love to test out the lower bit but Where can i get the 10/12 bit build you're using, also which build do you recommend for mlv_lite for 1880x1056?
Thanks for the Advice
You have to compile the 10/12bit branch yourself (it is the one that allows 1880x1056), I'll see if i can find a build on my computer, if not I'll compile it.
I'll send it to you.

Also are you guys looking at the new ProRes RAW Codec from Apple?
Seems like its 100% proprietary and will take a while before anyone except big companies can put it to use. So not yet (possibly not for ages who knows).

Also download the new version everyone!!!
I see it has very few downloads compared to the old one. Improvements and bugfixes are important.

@dariSSight masc's advice is good I agree with all of it. However I always use a 10/12 bit build for the 5D2, it's surprisingly stable, the reduced bits saves space when recording in crop mode(however it corrupts normal shots because it's not fully working yet). mlv_lite also gives a bit more horizontal resolution: 1880x1056 vs 1856x1044, but I don't use it.

Does this work for manual lenses?  :D 🍳🐣

Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: Question regarding ML RAW > ACES
« on: March 28, 2018, 12:13:47 AM »
Highlight/shadow control coming in next release which might even be really soon. Even before WhiteBalance branch is merged.

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 5D Mark II / 5D2
« on: March 27, 2018, 10:51:20 AM »
So y ou're saying 12 bit fixes moire patterns on the 5D2? very excited to watch the video and test it out...

This means you have somehow changed the binning as a side effect?


Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: Question regarding ML RAW > ACES
« on: March 26, 2018, 10:36:10 AM »
That would be fun and interesting.
@Andy600 contact me if you have any questions if you do this.

For testing:
Use the "WhiteBalance" branch (soon to be merged) which should have correct sRGB/rec709 output. White balance in that is however done in XYZ, not yet any kind of LMS space. Me bouncyball or MASC can provide you a build for whatever OS your using.

Also the "log profiles" are nothing more than curves (no colour stuff).

Current mainline MLV app has absolutely no "colour accuracy", so colour testing should only be done in WhiteBalance branch or wait for merge.

There is also the parameter with color science which I don't fully grasp and where Mlv App is right now.

Colour science: MLV App is getting better in this soon. Current version has no camera calibration (those matrices not used), but in a version maybe two that will be implemented (as well as "correct" whitebalance stuff that g3gg0 was explaining ages ago) - You can have a preview of this stuff if you look at "WhiteBalance" branch on GitHub. Colour matches Davinci/Adobe quite well with new colour processing methods.

Output colour space: it's sRGB/rec709 I think. I hope we figure out how to encode in wider space with FFmpeg (already can with AVFoudnation), as output in other colour spaces will soon be supported in processing(watch that "WhiteBalance" branch).

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