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The difference IS  slight because 5D iv doesn't send a 10-bit signal to Ninja  BUT if you need hours of recording...NINJA is a good way 

iF you like a 5dx ONLY for filming...  belive..forgeti!...
there are many anothers way more and more usefull and good for LONG filming...with 4.2.2 10 but   4k 60p or more... example a GH5 (1200 euro).. (or gh5s)...gh5 have a super stabilizator on body... with 5d3/4 you can forget .. (lens with stab. are good only on photo mode!)
if you like RAW  blackmagic , zcam and anothers...have nice FILM camera..about 1500-2000 euro...
why I say that? because that are really moves camera , no limits like the 5d3/4...
the canon' are super IF YOU do photos, and you do somenthing also for filming...but buy ONLY for filming for me is crazy!

ML on 5d3 is super...but expansive,with lot troubles and limits... CF 128Gb "good" for raw14 bit are expansive, cna recordinf circa 20 minutes and are full..
and at home before converting the ML.RAW in your edit can take holiday,   ML sometime stop recordingk or ate home you have bad surprece with bad frames ecc...if you read in this forum you found TONS of this troubles, and is a TRUE....  so...ML is good if you film somenthig you can do 100 times again, with lot time, and free of stress... BUT if you like do sometihnig for work, (wedding, concerts, and lot of events where you can't do errors...)  YOU CAN'T USE or if you do is a BIG risiko.   THAT'S shit.!!! because  5d3 whithout ML have a bad like a 720p strech to 1920p   8 bit...  a IPHONE do better today!!!....BUT in raw, 1920 is really 1920 and pretty images... SO, dream is to use on work ...RAW ML also for weddings, and all the things...  but dream, and you know why...
SO...a blackmagic camera, or gh5 this way are 1000 times better of 5d3 or 5d4 (with codec canon...) NINJA  ?!?  I can understand ONLY if you need HOURS of recording...but not for have more quality...the output HDMI 5d3/4...have no 10 bit /4.2.2.    PRORES recording always of a 8 bit the quality IS THESAME of what recording the camera on CF/SD...!!

wht's better 5d3 or 5d4 ?  well..the 4k  of the 5d4 is better of the 1920 5d3...  BUT the best of the 5d4 I think are in photos way...
I dont' know how much you pay a 5d3 or 5d4 used...but  look well also the another cameras, because if you like film with good quality and no some big limits of canon the only way.
I have the 5d3 buy 1st for do photos, but IF was needit only for filming, never was buyng!!!
this my opinion!

I have a 5d3 and an Atomos Ninja 2.
difference between canon onboard recording
and prores from HDMI in Ninja2 ... practically nobody, not even with the microscope, do you detect it, and in fact in editing as a color / light equalization .. nothing gains. why? because in HDMI the canon 5d3 always spits only 8 bits .. which are a misery and the ninja WASTE!

unfortunately ML adds nothing to HDMI ... which remains limited and 8bit ...
so not only can you never have a RAW in hdmi (it would be absurd to expect it) ,,,, but needless to increase the bits, which would mean a lot !! maybe ML did ... but surely never.

the monstrous difference that immediately gives anyone who sees it
is that in ML (raw) you have a net increase in detail ... the 5d3 antimoire filter seems to have disappeared .... while in mov or prores on a ninja, that patina of BLUR remains that removes detail and does not recover it with a sharpe but only digitally emphasize it and in fact you can see ...
obvious then with raw 14 bit..colors, light ... a whole other story ... BUT THE DETAIL so ... you forget it in mov / prores ... yet it is always the same machine. an HDMI output so VERY limited like the canon codec!

on youtube yiu founs some examples...  here one:

set on 1920 , and you can see little bit colors more vived on prores/hdmi...(sure post edited!!) BUT DETAILS ARE THESAME... that's 8 bit!!!

Share Your Videos / Re: music video shot at iso 118 - updated
« on: December 22, 2019, 10:59:19 PM »
check out tim's thread on cleaner iso presets!

we need more participants, you are welcome to join us!

..but you meand the new Q menu system preset (to add on any ML firmware SD card...)   ... OR a special MLraw firmware named "TNT" to wtite on the sd ?!?   :o
thx ;)

Share Your Videos / Re: music video shot at iso 118 - updated
« on: December 22, 2019, 11:42:09 AM »
updated again...

i used the new "TNT" build to reshoot the opening scene in even darker conditions!  check it out!

ridiculously dark opening shot!

i will upload a lossless 4k version in the next week or so when i have access to a real internet connection.  sorry about the yout00b compression artifacts.  they are not in the original!

nice video...where link of "tnt" release?

no problem , I wait version 1.10  ..meaby work again.
I can't  understand what can be the problem...I try to put ffmpeg.exe from 1.8  inside dir 1.9...but the problem is on MLVApp.exe
something  change in this code  , different from 1.8  and crash app on my 2 pc... (but only x64) meaby this can say something...or ?!
meaby a location of memory...meaby a dll on my sistem not "good" anymore for this app ?! meaby QTime or another codec to install again  before use the new 1.9 ?!?  difficult to say...

but 1.8 x64 work... yes, and thanks......better of nothing! ;)

Hey guys!

I don't experience any crashes with dynamic build either but, I've managed to compile usual static win64 build for 1.9, give it a try and report back. Here is a link.


same problem...
I'v reistalled the dirvers video..  but no change...x64 crash on any MLV import... (only this 1.9)      32x work fine..

but I have win7 (64) not 10....

Sorry guys. Can't reproduce. All works fine here with Win64 version. No idea where to search. No additional lib or driver is required. Just Windows.
Before we had a "static" version, which included all those files in the exe. This somehow doesn't work anymore. So we had to find a new toolchain for 64bit, which links dynamic now. So you have all the dll files now.
And how do you get it crashed? The same way as jimiz? Some more info would be helpful.

I try on a second pc....always WINDOW7  64 bit      same result       , 1.6 1.7 1.8 (64) work fine with any MLV....   last 1.9 (64) crash...when still load any MLV file.!   

sorry but true. I also can't not give more info...because no error message appare... program crash and swith off.

with ANY   MLV...also what you found here in this topic ....
program start and seem working, you select on menu Import mlv....and 2 seconds later program crash and close.
no video" compare":   in this 2 seconds no video appears  !!!

same MLV with 32bit version,  work with any problem.

the 1.8 and earlier (x64) works!
I'v see that this time with the 1.9 there are a lot of new files inside program DIR ... meaby i need something extra on my WIN7 be installed?  drivers and video they are all up to date

win7 (64) 
with 1.9 x32 work good
with 1.9 x64  any MLV import, no video compare..and crash program... (long last 1.8 was all ok)

this can be a good help ...  thanks for the info ..
Nexto DI NPS-10-CF   
with a good ssd 1tb you can archive about 7 or little more CF of 128 gb ..for more of 2 hours/half
but if you have only one CF 128 and you are outside  and you need 1 hour of more of recording and you have no stres to continuative recording, can be a good way.

question  HOW much time need to transfer 128 gb inside the ssd ?

amen! also IF we do'nt like, we must look on another way (blackmagic)  :'(

I say..."for recording with ML raw"...not is the cause!

a good adapter port CF , for connect a fast little SSD hd  , was the best way for cut the problem of space recording....(20 minute in 128gb...)   think on a 1Tb SSD..  and easy fast way also for edit (just ready)...  cheap as well as dozens of CF cards
ok you need a supply adapter extra..but this is the minor problem.

my question was easy, in a world where  in this sector you will find thousands and thousands of cards for connectors, adapters for everything and more ...
no one, did an adapter be used in this manner on CF canons? maybe will not cheap ... but don't tell me it's impossible. Such a pity.

ofcourse...but crazy there are not way/possibility to connect with a special CF adapter, fast SD or better SSD HD....
for working better (space) and price/gb ...with canon ML raw...

+sp 90 euro.... and no tested!  mah...
and cf adapter ? must wait 2099 meaby...

so way to go out of the absurd price of the outdated and LIMITED CF ?!?
one step away from 2020 is not acceptable to pay a computerbay x1000 from only 128 gb..160 euro!
same price of 4 years ago !!! :'(
incredible there is not a perfect CF / SD adapter for the 5d3 ...
or at least a CF adapter> HD SSD even better .... with all the adapters and chinoiseries that exist !! >:(

your opinion.... we can use a CF adapter (type II) > SD card ... to take advantage of the excellent fast now, even from 256 GB with prices significantly lower than 128Gb CF, compatible to recording continuos  the ML raw HD 14bit (5d3)
like the Computerbay x1000..ecc...

maybe someone has already tried

New uploads for the 5DIII:

- Fixed a bug when recording 50/60fps
- Better handling mv720p mode 45/48 fps when going in and out of x10 zom mode

simply THANKS Danne!!!   ;)

if you like try something more "new" for 5d3 ,  look here...take time...

Please tell us in detail which of the problems you are struggling with requires a merge of crop_rec_4k and lua_fix because it cannot be handled by either version alone?

Ceterum censeo experimental build page esse delendam!

 e98cf27: api_test.lua: test for all items from the Overlay menu
 (to make sure they can be safely turned on or off with menu.set)
 TODO: also check their submenu options

 4c6cde3: Waveform: fix crash when enabled outside ML menu
 (e.g. from Lua,
 Issue: initialization on first use + race condition.

 abdd1e2: api_test.lua: on EOS M, the INFO button may get us out of LiveView
 (fixes API test about ML overlay status)

 085b79c: EOS M: fixed display_idle() outside LiveView

 4aa1ba0: Zoom on HalfShutter: allow triggering when AF is enabled
 (only works when AF is not actually triggered by half-shutter, *, AF-ON etc)

 df8d088: Zoom tweaks: updated for recent models
 - option to disable the "x1" zoom (i.e. to go directly into x5/x10)
 - compatibility with touch-screen models (still rough)
 - api_test.lua updated (need to disable these tweaks in order to pass the zoom test)

 3a5bade: api_test.lua: skip checking for "Play mode actions"
 (feature not present on EOS M; requires serious cleanup)

 400d73f: EOS M: enabled rack focus and focus stacking
 (they appear to work, at least with regular EF lenses)

 0060b26: editor.lua: disabled debugging features
 (FIXME: they don't seem to work)

 252a4b7: EOS M, 100D: fix Q/SET short press outside ML menu
 (ETTR trigger and many others)

 3f5aa76: editor.lua: use the MENU key as primary method for triggering the menu
 (Q is still used, but it's not working on all models)

 b213791: EOS M: align long-press symbols for delete and Q/SET

 20628f1: EOS M, 100D: fix long-press symbol remaining visible after Q/SET

 f40dacf: Arrow key shortcuts: minor cleanups
 - removed bogus ARROW_MODE_TOGGLE_KEY definition on EOS M
 - removed unused definitions on 650D and 1100D
 - require ARROW_MODE_TOGGLE_KEY if and only if FEATURE_ARROW_SHORTCUTS is defined

 9e54731: EOS M: fix PlayMain_handler stub
 7000D, 650D, 100D: comments for PlayMain_handler / PlayMovieGuideApp_handler

 7b7a9a3: Color scheme: fix conflict with fast zebras

 684ff6b: Menu: fix typo regarding FEATURE_JUNKIE_MENU

 91c84fd: exit_play_qr_menu_mode: wait until mode switch is finished
 (fixes GUI mode switching test in api_test.lua on EOS M, maybe others)

 7256e17: EOS M: fix GUIMODE_ML_MENU to allow operation outside LiveView
 (required for passing the Lua menu API tests outside LV)

sorry can't help you.
I don't know how update api_test.lua inside ML and recompile.
but seem most fox for EOS M I think....not 5d3, or meaby not...bhoooooo?!
the rest seem dead..

crop_rec and derived builds / Re: Danne's crop_rec_4k & ISO experiments
« on: February 15, 2019, 05:02:54 PM »
THANKS!!!   :)

crop_rec and derived builds / Re: Danne's crop_rec_4k & ISO experiments
« on: February 15, 2019, 03:01:55 PM »
Since my iso experiments was built on faulty assumptions about how analog gain registers and analog iso registers were related I decided to simply erase those code parts in following builds:

What still is valid testing and developing is 1x3 presets together with playing around with analog gain registers creating 10/12 bit. Those two settings can still be found in the sub menu of crop mode.
In a longer perspective iso tweaking is still valid and could be developed further I´m sure. I might dig into this and revive some code parts in crop_rec later on but without mislabeling menu items.



Can you compile crop_rec_4k_mlv_snd_isogain_1x3_presets_2019Feb14  also for 5d3 123 ?

thanks lot !!!


Can you compile crop_rec_4k_mlv_snd_isogain_1x3_presets_2019Feb14  also for 5d3 123 ?

thanks lot !!!

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