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Hey, it worked in H.264 HDR. Thanks, you save my life.
But I want to record in MLV HDR. Is it possible to record in MLV (raw) ?
Why I will see the same error again? Is there any solution for this problem? What am I doing wrong?
Finally uploaded. Sorry for late response. Here you go
Thanks in advance.  :)
I'm doing HDR in MLV (RAW). After recorded I convert the footage in .mov format through using MlRawViewer then I copy my footage in HDR-workflow-051 folder and renamed the footage name into RAW. I installed avisynth.
When I run main.cmd but it didn't work.
It shows error,
FFVideosource: Can't open '..\RAW.MOV' blah blah. Please help me.

My file size is too big to upload. My net upload speed is also too weak.  :(
I am trying to use the latest HDR workflow.

If I install as in the README using the included version of avisynth
I get the following error message on running main.cmd (in a command window on Windows 10 , 64 bit)
Avisynth Open Failure:
FFVideosource: Can't open '..\RAW.MOV'
(C:\Downloads\HDR-workflow-051\scripts\hdr_split.avs, line 8 (line eight))

I uninstalled Avisynth (and noticed that the directory was named 2.5)
So I downloaded the 2.5 version
Now with 2.5 I get a different error message

Avisynth Open Failure:
FFVideoSource: Video Codec Not Found "ScriptDir"
(C:\Downloads\HDR-workflow-051\scripts\hdr_split.avs, line 8' )

What am I doing wrong?
Thanks a lot for your help.
 @Nikfreak Please kindly fix ML menu. It disappears after some seconds.  :'(
When the full version of Magic Lantern will be released for Canon EOS 70D?