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Posting this as a separate post just to keep the two in there own context.

Bulb ramping in ML for sl1!
Does it exist or is it still omitted due to being a nightly build.
If devs are working on it i might be interested in helping with tests and debugging.

Timelapse is really the only thing i have yet to want ML for on my canons and on the sl1 in a big way as i like the idea of not burning out my next FF due to shutter counts and my 5d2 finally bit the dust anyway. Same with my 550d. Its now in the grave.
Hi i think i presented my question inaccurately...

This is the screen i am unable to use the "Q" button on.
Awesome work nikfreak. Ive been an ML user for 3 years and almost gave up on my new sl1 (c firmware) ever being added..... WTG  :)

I do however have a problem....

With my t2i and 5d2 i always retained the ability to use my "Q" button while in the canon menu. Now i have to have touch screen on and i really dont like having the touch enabled...
Was the "Q" button functionality replaced with a different button? or is it just a bug on my cam ?

Thanks for the dedication to get this working.