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Hi A1ex

I created a Repo with three different .cr2 Infrared images:

As you can see, they are really different, because I used different filters.
Therefore the output result of my filter is also different.


Hi Alex

I don't know your testsuit, but would I think it would make a general Testcase for such things, e.g. a Testfolder structure like this:

Code: [Select]

While the contents of MAGIC.CFG is a working MAGIC.CFG, which needs to be loaded before the Testset starts.
Code: [Select]
# Magic Lantern Nightly.2018Jul23.650D104 (5f3946376d25+ (infrared) tip)
# Built on 2018-07-23 13:40:05 UTC by andreas@andreas
# Configuration saved on 2018/07/23 15:43:35
beta.warn = 23
menu.first = -3
falsecolor.palette = 6
falsecolor.draw = 1
disp.mode.x = 231

test.cfg is something like:
Code: [Select]
# What the test does
sleep 5

The test would then do the following:
Iterate over all folders, load MAGIC.CFG as Magic Lanter Config, test.cfg as Test settings, and execute the Test for all Images within the Testfolder, and compare the result.

With something like this you can do much more than only testing filters.

I didn't look yet at your testing system, I saw only the views, which you provide on the Download page.

I can do something like this, this isn't that much work. But then I would start a new Thread for this, and also a new Pull request.

I read your thread about Testing, there was not much technical information.
If you wish something like this, I need the help from you, I need an API or something like this to call Qemu. The rest should be relative easy.


Tested with a 950nm Filter, where nearly no color information is available.

I tested the Filter. Yes, it's not perfect, but its better than the red image (in my opinion)

Orignal image:

With filter:


garry23, your images looking very good. Thank you for the Link!
I have to read your blog. I didn't that much infrared yet. Each picture needs to be edited, and mostly they don't look as good as your example ;-)

But with this filter you have at least a preview, if you have enough color information (I have also other filter, e.g with 950nm the whole blue is filtered out.)

The image is not processed with this setting, only the preview after an image is shot will be displayed in false color.
(One of the rules of magic lanter - it will help photographing, but not do any post processing)

Pull Request link:



I have an infrared (full spectrum) converted 550D, and started to take false color pictures (before I did only monochrome, which is much easier).
It's really hard to imagine how an image would look after editing, as one of the main points is to exchange the blue and the red channel.
I use a 680nm Filter, where blue and green still gets light, for false color.

Therefore I decided I need a false color filter, which converts the picture for me.
I already implemented it, I'll create the pull request later and will link it here.
It's working, not perfect but I think it's OK, but has still room for improvements ;-)

Here a Screenshot:

I'm open for discussion - but probably there are not that many infrared converted cameras...
Hopfully my pull request gets merged anyway.


Forum and Website / Re: Nightly builds page redesign (static HTML)
« on: July 25, 2017, 04:09:16 PM »
On the Top of the Page is written:

Main Builds
These builds have been around for some time, and they are unlikely to cause major issues.
In most cases, regressions are fixed quickly - if you report them.

I like this text, and think they are OK.

But the builds here display once a day the Warning message "This is a development snapshot for testing purposes." etc. (menuhelp.c, draw_beta_warning)

In my opinion, this is a inconsistency. I would remove this message from ML.
Or an alternative would be to display the history, if ML is updated (once, not every day), like some Android Apps does, and then the Text: "Please report all bugs at"

(Or change the nightly build, and defined CONFIG_RELEASE_BUILD?).

I know, it's a little bit offtopic, but I think the message should match the new Download page, even if the page is not that new anymore...


Feature Requests / Re: Accessing Dual Pixel CMOS data from 70D
« on: October 10, 2015, 11:22:32 AM »
Maybe a little off topic, but you know there is already software which can create 3D objects out of focus stacked images?

Something like this:

Feature Requests / Re: "Manual" or "Bad" focus warning
« on: October 07, 2015, 09:00:49 PM »
Hi, I created a patch, which allows to warn if you are not on AF or not on MF.

I'll post it here.

Is this the right place? Or where do I have to post patches?

Code: [Select]
diff -r df63de51f4c3 src/tweaks.c
--- a/src/tweaks.c Wed Sep 30 21:12:12 2015 +0300
+++ b/src/tweaks.c Wed Oct 07 20:55:23 2015 +0200
@@ -1909,6 +1909,7 @@
 static CONFIG_INT("warn.picq", warn_picq, 0);
 static CONFIG_INT("warn.alo", warn_alo, 0);
 static CONFIG_INT("warn.wb", warn_wb, 0);
+static CONFIG_INT("", warn_mf, 0);
 static int warn_code = 0;
 static char* get_warn_msg(char* separator)
@@ -1922,6 +1923,8 @@
     if (warn_code & 2) { STR_APPEND(msg, "Pic quality is not RAW%s", separator); }
     if (warn_code & 4) { STR_APPEND(msg, "ALO is enabled%s", separator); }
     if (warn_code & 8) { STR_APPEND(msg, "WB isn't set to auto%s", separator); }
+    if (warn_code & 16 && warn_mf == 1) { STR_APPEND(msg, "Focus is not auto%s", separator); }
+    if (warn_code & 16 && warn_mf == 2) { STR_APPEND(msg, "Focus is not manual%s", separator); }
     return msg;
@@ -1993,7 +1996,13 @@
     if (warn_wb && lens_info.wb_mode)
         warn_code |= 8;
+    if (warn_mf == 1 && is_manual_focus())
+        warn_code |= 16;
+    if (warn_mf == 2 && !is_manual_focus())
+        warn_code |= 16;
@@ -2205,6 +2214,13 @@
                 .choices = (const char *[]) {"OFF", "other than AWB"},
                 .help = "Warn if you disable AWB by mistake.",
+            {
+                .name = "AF/MF warning",
+                .priv = &warn_mf,
+                .max = 2,
+                .choices = (const char *[]) {"OFF", "other than AF", "other than MF"},
+                .help = "Warn on Manual / Automatic Focus",
+            },

Edit: I created an account on bitbucket and created a pull request.


Feature Requests / Re: "Manual" or "Bad" focus warning
« on: October 04, 2015, 09:45:30 PM »
I didn't any development on magic lantern yet, but I think there are a few options which should be added to the Warning menu.

I looked at the code, all is implemented in src/tweaks.c

The method who checks if the settings are correct is:
static void warn_step()

Here the display message is built
static char* get_warn_msg(char* separator)

A Property has to be declared:
static CONFIG_INT("warn.wb", warn_wb, 0);

This is the list of the Menu entries:
static struct menu_entry tweak_menus[]

And to check for Manual focus it should be:

I have first to set up my development environment, I had a linker error and therefore didn't start yet with development...



I have a Camera with broken shutter here, buying a new one or fixing it is not worth it.
I would simple remove it.

I read, it's possible to take pictures from live view, in this case it's possible to take pictures without shutter movements.

Is it possible to override the check of the shutter, or make the error function to do nothing? Currently the camera Displays Error 99, the shutter has multiple sensors, so I cannot do a simple hardware hack.

Has anybody already did something like this? Or has a tip for me, where to look in the code?

Thank you!


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