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Thanks for the help. I googled a bit more and found out some other people having the same issues with the 1.7.4 version of raw2cdng, they said the 1.6.5 version works well, apparently. Hopefully everything will be fine now. Cheers.


It was raw2cdng.1.7.4, using the default setting of 'CNDG 12bit maximized' and no other option.

Can anyone tell me why even though I have 'Frame Skipping' turned off, once I convert my MLVs do cDNGs and import them to After Effects, I occasionally get a message telling me there's a missing frame in my footage?

So far it's only one single frame per video and when I look for it, the actual file isn't there (it goes from something like M25-151800026.dng to M25-151800028.dng).

That's weird because when recording, the camera/recording icon often shifts from Green to Yellow but it absolutely never becomes Red and the camera never stops recording.

I'm having a hard time figuring out if that's my card having issues to keep up or something else. I also wonder why ML isn't stopping the recording once it skips a frame.

itsDPmikey, thanks a lot, you really helped. I was mainly thinking about 113 because it's said to have slightly faster write times but I already have a sufficiently fast CF card so I guess I'll stick with 123.

Just one last thing, should I format both the SD and the CF in exFAT or do I leave the SD card with ML in FAT32?

Thank you very much.

Sorry for the dumb questions but I still have some:

- Do I install ML on an SD card and put the extra fast CF card in the second slot? Or do I forget about the SD slot and everything goes in the CF?

- Is the uninstallable bootflag modification still present in both 1.1.3 and 1.2.3? Or is it possible to completely and cleanly uninstall ML in both firmwares?

I'm mainly trying to decide whether to go with 1.1.3 or 1.2.3. I won't need the official Canon things in 1.2.3 but there's some extra info in the 1.2.3 thread that isn't present here and I just want to make sure the 1.1.3 also have these options (clean uninstall, optional EosCard, ML restores itself after format etc).

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