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@kitor - those CHDK links were very helpful, thank you!  It *used* to be indexed, but now it's not.  That's good, I can ignore the indexed code and simply replace it (ifdef for > Digic 5).

@esinem - I don't know that anyone is working on an 800D port.  It will still be several months, minimum, before I have 200D working.  Each camera needs individual work.  Porting between the various Digic7 cams should be easier, so if 200D gets usable, progress on the others may speed up.  Or I may get bored, or get stuck, and stop and it'll never get done.  Who can say? :)

Dont give up 🙂 (on a more serius tone, good job, im a programer, i know the struggle)
I'm waiting for you to complete the 200D to  *try* adapting it to the 6D2 😝
But im nowhere good enough to figure out the things you're doing.
Maybe it will work, or maybe ill brick my camera, who knows...

Answered in
Top of page -> User Guide -> FAQ -> Troll Questions


More progress.  Couldn't work out why the symbol isn't visible to the linker, so I faked that out.  Some gdb work later and I realised I hadn't defined SIG_START so it was picking up a default.  It now passes FW checksum code.  Crashes very early, but, it now gets far enough to show a stuck LED in real cam - before it was failing too early even for that.  I can now crash ML, not just digic6-dumper  :D

I guess now I'll be spending lots of time in gdb.  If only it didn't have the worst UI of any debugger I've ever used.  Oh well, I do keep telling myself it's a useful tool to learn.

very nice, thumbs up

As I understand it, a lot of the difficulty is in getting ML to stay memory resident through the boot process.  There is also a great deal of complexity dealing with an interrupt driven real-time OS with multiple processors.  What you're asking would need all of that stuff.  And at that point the hard parts of porting ML are done, so you may as well use ML and get the rest for free.

In any case, this is getting quite off-topic for this thread - really you are asking "is there a way to do just one thing on any Canon cam, I don't want all of ML".

im not asking to be developed for me, im asking the more seasoned devs if theres any way i can try to develop that, or if is just impossible.

Very unlikely. Magic Lantern is the "special code" that allows changing how the cam behaves.

I dont know much about assembly , but from what i got from the code exemples ML peeks and pokes memory adress to change settings, we already know that 6D2 can run custom codes. so what is necessary is to know where to poke the memory adress to change the codec.
i know how to program c# (not very useful to ml porting), so i'm investigating about arm assembly, and trying to learn basic stuff (as difficult as it may be), i also know that theres a way to log what the camera memory does while using different stuff (its used to find free memory spaces)

what i need to know is theres any way to find where to poke? and any way to make it run on power on? (even if necessary an custom card for it)

i know that is not ML porting, but it could be a temporary patch to enable the native 4k codec

maybe its a dumb question
the 6d2 was a mov 4k codec available for timelapse mode
is there any way to activate it for regular movie without the need to fully develop magic lantern for it? maybe some special code that if the cam turns on on movie mode enables it?

Im willing to test the bootloader enabler on my spare 6D2 and also run any test

a1ex can you send me the bootflag enabler for 6D2?

just finished sending the 1.0.4 dump to aprofiti

Found stubs for 800D 1.0.1 and 6D2 1.0.3; now they have possibility to join the party :)

You should be able to save a log from startup as the other d7 cameras (please test and report).
Next step will be to find bmp_vram_info for hello world code, then start to port ML.

Is there someone who has these cameras and is willing to try bootflag enabler?

i have an 6D2 but it has the latest firmware 1.0.4

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 1200D
« on: May 22, 2015, 11:52:31 AM »
didn't meant it as an offense, its just that i would like to try to port it, and the git repository have not been updated lately (this hello world file ain't there)
sometimes people abandon a project because they don't have time, or other reason.
so i asked for an step by step guide, so that i could try to port it by myself

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 1200D
« on: May 20, 2015, 03:23:24 PM »
Abandoned build? No news or reply here or in git repository.
Is there an step by step guide in how to port ml?
I know c, c+ and c#

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 1200D
« on: May 16, 2015, 07:44:30 PM »
Hi, i tried to make zip, using the git, of this port (1200d-dev), but it dosent works, any chance of getting the fir file, so i can try it?

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