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To Licaon_Kter
I'd rather say it's more than just an "installer".

In their forum, the "official" guy said that they've deleted some
"unstable" and "unuseful" functions from the English version of
They claim that they added a utility that can do a speed test of sd card.
Plus, in the home page of the forum, just beside the ML camera logo,
they name themselves As "OFFICIAL site of chinese ML"

I don't think there's such a official & commercial site in China.

[Report for a serious violation of copyright by Chinese]
Recently I've been searching some experiences of using ML in Chinese (cos my first language is that)
I found a forum, based on Tianjin, China, SELLS ML firms converted in chinese language on chinese "ebay", named, taobao, which is a company of alibaba), at CNY 128 (20 US dollar) for each
camera(I don't know how they can determine if it's a different one, maybe by serial number?  )
By now at least 185 copies have been sold.
(The selling record is to be refreshed to zero after a certain period by Taobao).

Here are links
1.   it's the link for the sell.
2.   it's their forum.(google translate may be helpful)
appologize for such a contemptible action.
If you need some help in translation or something else.
Please contact me by leaving a voice msg on google voice, (678)-216-7908

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