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It cant be my card, I have a lexar 64gb 1000x so photos should not be a problem. I've tried image review on HOLD as well it doesnt affect the timing. The guide says to use any other setting besides "OFF" for image review.
I'm having the SAME exact issue, was just gonna post about this. It'll take one picture at the appropriate time, then the next two will have a shorter duration between them.

5DIII w/ nightly march 19 2015 1.1.3
all in-camera processing things like noise reduction, highlight tone priority etc turned OFF
take pic every 3 seconds, image review 2 seconds, exposure manual (shutter speed always between 1/60-1/100)
start trigger is shutter press (take 1st picture), stop after 250 shots
global draw ON (I have a lot of stuff on that seems to lag the system, will try with it off), post deflicker OFF
auto ETTR OFF (I like to expose the picture myself)


edit: yup, 2 solutions, extend time to take picture every 4-5 seconds or higher (undesired because this means my timelapses that take 10 minutes to shoot will now take 15-20 minutes), or turn off global draw. take picture every 3 seconds with global draw off seems to help somewhat, though I feel theres still some very slight time variation (milliseconds at most). I dont mind turning gdraw off since I dont really need it after checking its histogram
It doesnt work in photo mode either :( yes Im using nightlies 5d3-113 from
General Help Q&A / Re: Any way to boot without ML?
March 31, 2015, 05:23:45 AM
Yes I have already tried that, even holding up to 20 seconds sometimes. I hold set, flip the power switch then keep holding. It seems as long as I am holding the button, the shutter stays closed. When I release, it opens (I hear it opening), liveview turns on and the ML overlay appears.

Video proof

Regardless of order (power>set, or set>power) this happens.
Im not trying to completely uninstall ML but sometimes I may want to record without it. Is there any way to boot without it or turn it off sometimes? It makes my 5D3 quite hot on the latest 1.1.3 build so it would be nice to work without it sometimes. Thanks!
Raw Video / 5D3 - How do we get continuous slow-mo?
March 29, 2015, 05:26:09 AM
5D3, Lexar 64GB 1000x, 1280x720 60FPS canon setting, 1/100 shutter speed, ISO 1600
Global draw OFF, FPS override 50.000

I cant even get 1920x648 (16:9) for longer than 9 seconds. The bottom of the screen says in yellow:
"103.8mb/s at 50.000p. Expect 530-552 frames at 79.5MB/s"

If I change aspect ratio to 2.35:1, it says Resolution: 1920x490 and the text at the bottom says in green:
"78.4mb/s at 50.000p. Continuous recording OK."

Is this normal? I need my slow-mo footage to fit eventually become 1920x818 so how does this all work? Do I literally just stretch the footage vertically? Also, is it okay to use one of the "yellow-zone" record resolutions?
@reddeercity: what about it is too slow? and what about it makes the raw debayering bad?

I was gonna export proxies from resolve, then import the proxies back in and edit that, then send the xml out and back into resolve so it colorgrades the dngs. I'm not sure what the best workflow is in 2015 for retaining raw quality.
Resolve 11 is now an NLE so you can edit within the program:

Why is this not getting more attention? Is it because it's editing is still weak compared to PP? I really only need basics for my shortfilms so this if I'm not mistaken, my workflow could become: RAW > DNG Sequence > Resolve (edit, grade, export!)...or am I completely missing something here?
When exposing a scene, should we always go for ettr? Without ML, in photo mode, I did a test where I'd expose a shot twice, once at the metered exposure for 0 and once at +2 stops over. In lightroom when I applied -2ev to the over one to match the exposures, the over one had extremely clean shadows (no noise) compared to the normally metered one.

Can/does this apply when recording raw video? As in, a) will ettr always ensure we capture a good exposure and b) will going over ettr allow us to reduce exposure in post and give a better image?
If one didnt need sound, should we just stick to .raw instead?