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BTW, regarding the menus disappearing quickly in LiveView, there is an old post (10/24/12) by A1ex on the subject of AF Confirm Chips, on cameras with newer than Digic4, where the menus were closing quickly. (Grasping at straws here, but I thought I'd mention it in case there is a hint of a clue in there somewhere.)

About 10th post on page 1/1:

To be clear, I'm not saying that the presence / absence of the electrical contacts causes it. (In fact, on my 6D, the timeout is the same 6 seconds whether a lens has the contacts or not). But if the 5D3's AF logic was sending some signal one to two seconds (after the menu button press), maybe there is something in the 6D sending a signal 6 seconds after the last button press. (What waits 6 seconds in the 6D, I wonder.)

Also, although repeatedly pressing the Q button will NOT delay the timeout at all, spinning the back control wheel will delay it indefinitely, until about 6 seconds after you stop.

The first post in this forum, Yes. 8)
Hope it goes as smoothly for you as it did for me.

I've only had it on my 6D (1.1.6) for a couple weeks, but it has given me no problems.
I have not tried any of the RAW/video stuff; I mostly use the Focus Peaking, Magic Zoom, and the ETTR hint meter, and the like.
There is a separate download link for the 6D 1.1.6, posted a couple of times somewhere in this or the other forum.

Thanks Walter. There were no problems; after re-applying some ML settings, I'm back up and running. :)
One thing I was not clear on after reading the docs -- if I want to pull down the latest nightly build of 6D 1.1.6 and put it on the card (which already has a prior build), do I need to re-run the firmware update? Or is putting it on the card enough?
I just want to shoot a Thanks to the developers. I recently bought a used 5Dc and put beta 4 on it today. All your efforts are still paying off for people. :D 8)
    I don't know if it was mentioned elsewhere, but the menu timeout only happens when you press the 'trash-can' button with LV on; if its off, the timeout is either absent or much longer.

    I pulled from the nightly build link today (2:44pm EDT).
    The install ran without a hitch, while I was on the AC Adapter.
    I can navigate the menu (saw the timeout you all mentioned).

    Since focus peaking is my personal favorite feature, I went straight for that. I also remember someone saying that Global Draw had to be On, which it was already. After turning on Focus Peaking, I see no indication of it in Live View. I have tried out a number of settings, but see no effect at all.

    Is there another setting I should also be checking?

UPDATE: I looked in the forums and found which talks about pressing the Info button a few times to change the overlays, and voila - there is a mode in which FP IS working after all.