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Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 600D / T3i
« on: September 11, 2015, 03:20:03 PM »
Since the official nightly build is still not being updated, I created a small cronjob that pulls the unified branch from the magic-lantern repository and builds a new version if there have been any changes.

It is available here:

I use the gcc-arm-embedded toolchain from this repository and the build seems to work fine. I have not had any obvious problems with it on my 600D, but I have not done any thorough testing. So, as always:


I will probably stop providing these builds once the official nightly builds are available again.

Datensuppe, this weekend I'll give it a try.

ok so card uper than 32 gig won't work on 600d. Is it working on 60D? (A friend of myne have one, I could trade )
Hey, I bought one and had the same problem. I solved using the EOScard app , like Walter Schulz said

Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 600D / T3i
« on: July 16, 2015, 10:43:27 PM »
Hello, I have one 600D and I'm a C# programmer. What can I do to improve the 600D support?

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