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Ok. Could well have been too flickery a scene as I was shooting straight into the sun. Odd that it doubled up shots with the same settings but the guidelines do say to use 'always on' for timelapse so there is nothing to suggest 'auto snap' should work.

Thank you so much for your help!

My apologies, the details of my set up were:
canon firmware 2.1.2
ETTR always ON
Dual ISO on
Intervalometer Take a Pic

I have just tried to recreate the problem using these settings but shooting into overcast sky rather than into the sun and the problem has not occurred. I had been experimenting with ETTR auto snap at the time so that it would retake the shot after I applied the ND. This is now behaving favourably too, it retakes the shot and then goes back to taking one shot per interval. I'm afraid I don't know what I could have been doing differently in the field. Bracketing was off.

I have 8 x 16gb cards for ML so maybe it's one setting on a couple of cards. I will repost if this occurs again or I am able to solve it.

Does anyone know how to solve this one?

I'm finding that if I'm shooting from total darkness to having the sun in frame and I try to add an ND between exposures, the program then starts to double up. I.e. it starts taking 2 shots back to back every 30 seconds. I guess it would make sense that it should do this once after it calculates that suddenly the image is 4 or 5 stops darker because I've stuck my variable ND on the front. But is it a bug that it continues to double up thereafter? Is my only option to stop the intervalometer, restart it with the ND in place, and deal with the missing frames gap in post?

Just to clarify, I'm adding the ND so that I can still have reasonably long exposures and wide apertures after the sun comes up. The only problem with it doubling up is that they are shot with exactly the same settings and not evenly spaced in time. It also means my duration between shots has to be at least double that of my shutter speed. (And obviously it means I have to stop to change cards more frequently).

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