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Hey anyone  found anything better that look a like this one??
I'm planning of using this workflow in my next project :)
thanks a lot

Raw Video Postprocessing / My workflow and problems, how would you do it?
« on: December 20, 2014, 06:53:59 PM »
Hi everyone, I am now pushing up my mark 3 with magic lantern raw, latest buils MLV files.

I've read a lot through the forum to understand the possible workflow that would be good and fit for me.
I'm a pc and adobe CC user, with already good knowledge of ACR bridge since i'm a photographer too.

I would like you guys advice on my workflow and the few problem I've encounter. ( From now sorry for my sloppy English, I'm french born from Montreal Quebec )

SO here it goes.

1- I used ML raw viewer 1.3.3 and MLV Mystic v05 to first transcode the MLV to DNG

2- ML RAW was good at firts but couldnt find a way to batch process and kept crashing every 30 minutes or so, that's why I moved to Mystic. Also the .MOV files that I first though was a good idea, did not met the expectation, there was a lot of flickering and bad noise in the dark level of my image...

Mystic is fast and does batch MLV to DNG, I've notice that the vertical banding is still there though ( if anybody can help me with that, its not so bad but still, if I could get rid of those I'd be happy as a Moose hehe )

3- Then I work my first grading in ARC, export in tiff, then import sequence in premiere cc. Its still a tiff so final grading in premiere is possible.

4- When I get there, the image quality is really good, way better than native one from the camera of course. But still, lots of weird noise, vertical banding and such...

5- I then export my footage as a high quality MP4, for vimeo purpose or youtube...

My question would be,

Is there a way to correct vertical banding up in adobe premiere cc, like a noise reduction tool or something like that?

I find this workflow way heavier than I though it would have been, the tiff sequence is intense in term of weight, what would you guys say ?

IS there a way to just batch MLV to another format that would be straight usable in premiere pro cc ? for certain project It would be nice to just batch and send to premiere then edit from there...

What is your workflow? I'd like to stick with ACR and premiere CC...
Paying for a program would not be an issue here if it works great in the term I need...

Thanks a lot for your answers, I know there's a lot of stuff there but if anyone see something that could help me, i'd be glad and most thankful :)
Cheers from montreal

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