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Hi baldand.

i wanted to let you know that now with the 1.3.3 everything is fine again and i don´t have black frames in there (so my MLVs are fine). Additionally to the black frames i couldn´t open some MLVs with the old version.
thanks for the good work!

i tried it now with an older build but the same problem. i just realised its the problem with the dngs. i exported the mov file and it was fine. with the dng sequence i geht some flickering black frames. i ran the export on the ssd because at first i thought maybe the hdd is to slow. hm

Hi there.
I have a project where i started to use the exported MOV files for the animatic. I exported it with an older version.
Now i want to export my mlv files to .DNGs but i keep getting black frames exported, which i didn´t get weeksa ago with the old version.
I tried it both ways (drop frames - show all frames). Since i don´t need more settings than just the export, do you have an older version of this app still online?


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