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Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 5D Mark II / 5D2
« on: October 11, 2014, 02:16:33 AM »
Hi All,
First post and I apologies completely if I screw up on any forum traditions or rules!
I just bought a 5D Mkii that has Magic Lantern installed from ebay (it's not even here yet!) but the main thing I bought it for was video.
Could any of you tell me, with Magic Lantern installed, what the longest I can record video for (at 25fps in HD quality) without having to press record etc again is?
I'm aware that there is a short time limit without ML installed but I can't seem to find info about whether ML lifts that limit on the 5Dmkii?

I don't mind if it's broken into multiple files, I just need a long record time! I record multi cam concert shoots and I want to use the 5D mkii as the locked off wide shot from the rear so I can't go and restart it.

I've been using a 550D for s few years from the stage wings (I generally host the shows) and I love how DSLR footage looks compared to the camcorders that are getting the other shots but I can manually restart the camera I'm holding every 12 minutes ok. Rear lock off needs to be able to do at least an hour without being touched. Any way the 5D Mkii (with ML) can manage that?
Many Thanks for any help or advice you can offer.

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