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Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon EOS M
« on: September 13, 2015, 01:58:53 PM »
Hi all... I have two issues and I'd be glad if somebody who are familiar with these could inform me:

I was using my EOS-M in PAL setting.
Than noticed that, in 24fps setting in Canon menu, ML indicates that it is decreased from 30fps
and it shows the shutter angles I adjusted as per 30fps but not as per 24fps.
Now I use it in NTSC setting in general. When I set it 24fps in Canon menu ML shows 29.958-29.953 on the screen.
When I turn on recording or when I set 1.6 crop mode in ML menu, than ML shows 23.970-23.980 on the screen.
When 1.6 crop mode is turned on in ML menu, automatically Canon fps setting changes to 30 fps, whatever the video mode is, PAL or NTSC.

Are these normal?

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