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Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 70D (Alpha5b 23rd April)
« on: June 10, 2015, 03:52:40 AM »
Anyone else having same experience or may verify above? I would just like to have it verified. In this case someone else with an older camera raw version would need to update to the latest version and share his/her experience with the end result. Actually I am a little bit confused with user experience. Some have no problems others do have 'em. Add to that different user scenarios like LR plugin or different cr2hdr versions (win/mac)- either downloaded from 1st post or provided by other tools. No offense to anyone.I just want to find the root cause of the reported dualiso issues because I have no clue atm what is causing them.
I have the same problem, but have managed to work around the problem by opening the dng in Photoshop (loads file without overexposure) then exporting as a tiff which I open in Lightroom 6.  For some reason Lightroom 6 doesn't load the dng's correctly but Photoshop does.

I have tested some other dual iso files members have on this post by converting the dual iso cr2 to dng.  I get the same results with those from the 70D, but the dng from the 6D works fine straight into Lightroom 6.

I have now tested with Lightroom 5 and the problem goes away.  There seem's to be only an issue with dng's from the 70D and Lightroom 6.

I have also posted this issue on the Lightroom forum

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