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Thanks Danne!
(Kör engelska så andra kan hänga med)
I use 5d MK2 and latest build and when i shoot with dual iso activated in expo mode. I get a message that i have to record raw in movie mode.
When i choose raw movie mode instead of mlv the iso is not alternating in the preview and the dng´s are not in dual iso. I therefore assume that
i can´t create dual iso dngs with interlaced scan lines when i shoot movies with 5d. Is that correct? If i shoot stills the cr2´s got scan lines though.

I also imported  a HDR recording with MLV in after effects with MLVFS (with bright and dark frames) I exported a prores movie from aftereffects with alternating frames and followed your link to the video on how to process a .mov file with cr2hdr-5.3. I put that movie both in the mov.mlv.raw folder and also in the proves folder. But nothing happened when i hit the button. Does it have to be mov file directly from the 5d?

It still puzzles me on how i should process my mlv recordings (HDR video). And what to do with movies exported from aftereffects with alternating frames. please help me.
Best regards Pettermannen

Hi! Thanks for you answer DeafEyeJedi and Danne.
I am new to HDR video and if i decide to go with only the HDR movie function and the result is a first dark frame and then a bright frame and so on, how do i process that on a mac to make it a viewable movie?
Second Q. Is it possible to shoot mlv-files with only dual iso checked in expo menu? Is that the prefered way to shoot movies?

I think that having dual iso checked will give me the right framerate since the hdr-fuction will give me half the framerate since it merges 2 frames. Is that correct?
Best regards Pettermannen

Hi thanks for your work!
After i have processed a mlv file with CR2HDR . I find that the dng files produced are 1 dark fram and then 1 bright frame and so on as filmed. How do I proceed to make a HDR video from that? Thankful for help!
Best regards

Hi! Thanks a lot developers and others for your help and contribution here!
I have a question. When you record MLV files and want to make a HDR video via the cr2hdr lightroom plugin, do you only enable HDR video in ML or do you also enable dual iso in expo menu?
i ask this because i have self recorded mlv files with only HDR video enabled and one frame is brighter and next darker and so on. When i convert in lightroom with cr2HDR plugin i get the message that the dng´s inside the mlv´s is not dual iso files and maybe they are not. Any Idea what i do wrong? I want to make a HDR video. Best regards Petter

Forgot! I use A 5d mark III with ML for 1.1.3 firmware and a build from the 20th of may.
 The pink artifacts are not there if I look at DNG´s from mlvmystic.

Best regards

Hi! Been working with MlvViewer for some time. Thanks developers for your work! I´ve been having problems with highlights especially with green. Have now version 1.2.3 I provide a link below to a sample picture, a screen shot from MLVviewer.
Best Regards Petter

I solved my problem with MLrawviewer, just installed  Python.

5Daniel3, Thanks for you answer, I removed a swedish letter called Å in the folder structure, that did the trick.
I have not got Mlraw viewer to work yet. Have you installed other software than the Mlrawviever itself?
I am on a macbook pro Os mavericks 10.9.3

Best regards

Raw Video / Re: Frame skipping RAW 5d3 1.1.3
« on: June 30, 2014, 09:25:03 PM »
Ftrag, my experience is that 1000x cards often are to slow. Buy lexar 128gb 1066x. They work pretty damn well. Have also used komputerbay 128gb, 1000x and 1066x but not with especially good result. Hope that helps you.
Best regards

I use 5d Mark III, and build 20th of april, firmware 113,MLV Mystic 0.5 beta, I have the same problem as Daniel Above. When I try to convert  MLV files all folders are empty. I created a folder for my destination called "test". After hitting convert the software says complete. I have recorded on Lexar 128gb. And in exfat. Thankful for help. I have mavericks 10.9.3.

Hi! First of all, a great thank you for achieving making this software. As i scrolled down this topic i can´t find anything on how to extract the sound file from the mlv-file. How do i do that? I have enabled sound in the prefs though.

Best regards


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