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Hi guys I wanna begin with MLVFS WORKFLOW in macbook pro, I used after effects and my macbook pro have ati radeon and cudda is not compatible, anybody haved experience with final cut in MLV workflow?, probably in the future i can make a test and share!, thank you!!
Hi guys I wanna begin with a WORKFLOW in macbook pro, I used after effects and my macbook pro have ati radeon and cudda is not compatible, anybody haved experience with final cut in MLV workflow?, probably in the future i can make a test and share!, thank you!!


@dmilligan perfect i can use the webgui now, but i dont see changes with give differents values, the changs is in the metadata?

Sincerely my computer is the laptop i5 6gb ram and sata disk, is not the really computer prepared for render, but i try the see what a i can make, but in windows i cant use mlvfs for i cant install dokany to much problems of dependecys, maybe is more easy have mlvfs running in windows and i don need copy the archives, the velocity of copy es 768kb/s and i have only one sata in my computer,  CPU usage is 25% i try put more priority but nothing happen, in my terminal mlvfs open one by one dngs when copy, proccess dual-iso, i wish that information help!, thank you for the attention!

mlvfs run good with PFM but i dont know where is the place for changes values and proccess DUAL-ISO!
Hi! in this last time i try with differents workflows and scripts in linux, today i running MLVFS and is amazing, but i cant use the webGUI, that is the problem! --->

webgui: scanning /home/tushita/MLV//...
webgui.c:120:load_resource(): fopen error: 'html_template.html': No such file or directory
webgui: scanning /home/tushita/MLV//favicon.ico...
webgui.c:120:load_resource(): fopen error: 'html_template.html': No such file or directory

maybe somebody can  help me!, and other question is, what is the best way to copy this DNG to other folder, i have windows too and can use lightroom or adobe after effects with this DNG, but take to much time in copy!, i try the make my workflow in linux  with MLVFS and MLVCONV, buy i need resolve change the DNG to NEUTRAL for this i have dependecies with LIGHTROOM,thank you for the attention..

PD:sorry for my english!
Hi!, i wanna recording dual iso with my camera, but i cant with last night!, what is the state of DUAL ISO ? possible share night link of dualiso old for 5d mark ii?
AMAZING all my question resolved!, now i try shot video with dual iso but i cant said me is not for my camera, 5D MARK II dont have dual iso?, thank youu guys for the assistence! i appreciate!
@Walter Schulz

i recording MLV with option HDR VIDEO with fps override 23.976!

i am thinking in my concept of HDR VIDEO and DUAL ISO is wrong,  now i know is not the same thing, but i dont have module DUAL-ISO in my 5D MARK II ML i need download...

for you explanation i cant make the video HDR  with 30fps now, i need take again but with fps override 50fps?

i can make workflow of dual iso o HDR with this plugin in lightroom?, MLVFS is amazing but i have problems in windows with GUI, but y not found procces dual iso o HDR for WINDOWS o LINUX, i preffer linux!, thank you for the attention!

sorry my english..

The video MLV is DUALISO?

is possible process DUAL ISO MLV?

thank youuu guys for all!
#9 now i have 2 diferent iso! but no HDR dng

Puedo converitr los archivos MLV en DNG pero no estoy pudiendo convertir lo archivos DNG con dos ISO en uno solo, como uno puede hacer normalmente en CR2 cuando filma RAW, no puedo hacer el HDR video con los DNG que tengo!

...Better yet would be if you could mix dualiso MLV files with non dualiso files and yotr plugin would test the first dng file for dualiso and if not proceed to the next folder with dng files or next MLV file depeding on what order you would do things. I do this in by the way.

thats sounds great!!!
@kichetof MLV to DNG is AMAZING !! but i cant convert DNG to DUAL ISO, i have 2 ISO, what i make bad?, i have de conversion with the name DUALISO, is the same only with different name, i am in WINDOWS
sorry, recently im see this, i can use MLV HDR to DNG????
HI!, thank youu for this amazing tool! have really good funcionality in LINUX, but i cant not add LUT VISION LOG!, i have to much problems with the result!, what you think is the way for setting LUT with CONVMLV! and make preview before to process, thank youu!
Hi!, i can mount MLVFS and converter to DNG, buy i need help for use the GUI in LINUX!!!, if you guys can help me!?,and what is the better way to process LUTS with linux?, i appreciate all the work in this forum!!! thank youu! :)
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 50D
May 12, 2014, 03:57:57 AM
Quote from: ImagineFlight on May 12, 2014, 12:13:30 AM
Can someone help me understand the shutter speed values displayed on Live View? After upgrading to the most recent nightly build, (after using V2.3 with this RAW build - my shutter speed values are now confusing me.

My camera's setting, (based on the top of my camera) is on 1/50, since I shoot 23.976 and the fewer frames offer greater resolution shooting.

BUT in Live View it reads a completely different shutter speed and the Live View picture is whitewashed when shooting outdoors, (even though photographs I take with the same settings are exposed correctly). For example, the camera is set to 1/50, but in live view it will read as 1/92 (or any number it would like to). In fact, even when I adjust my aperture I've found that this number changes. I'm not certain of how my frames are being exposed. I also get confusing readings within the ML menu, like "1/92, 94°." When this value is changed within Magic Lantern, my photo settings change on the top of my camera as well. It also appears to loop around through settings when I rotate my click wheel far enough.

All in all, I would like some help in setting an accurate solid shutter speed for 23.976 fps raw video recording, and an understanding of what these units represent. Do I follow what's on my camera's top display or what ML tells me?

Regards and much thanks, ImagineFlight

Try changing or OVERRIDE EXPO  , AUTO EXPOSURE!, I do too but it was the same fix with these options.
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 50D
May 11, 2014, 08:28:14 PM
A mi me paso lo mismo con las NIGTHBUILD, no tenia el MLV PLAY, instale unas NIGTHBUILD de abril y sobreescribi la ultima para poder tener el MLVPLAY!, no se si esto sirva a la larga, pero espero no saquen el MODULE MLV_PLAY, entiendo que todos estos cambios deben tener que ver con la unificacion del codigo.

Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 50D
May 08, 2014, 05:49:17 AM
SYNC24fps, my solution to this was to use ExifTool and give BLACKLEVEL value = 1800, because with MLVDUMP could not.

LINK link

Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 50D
May 04, 2014, 06:31:38 PM
Hello people of the 50d!, Eh learned quite a bit in the forum and I thank you for your contributions!, With a year ago that sold my 650d and bought a 50D and do not regret it at all!, I'm very happy with the desicion, finally I found the last upgrade fix deep black, and when using the DUMP MLV to take them to DNG is not exactly what value to place on the BLACK FIX, which is the value that corresponds to 50D, there are several threads about this but eh not had time to read them exhaustively, I would appreciate your contribution to avoid getting the best performance in the picture and I did not stay magenta!. Greetings from the PATAGONIA ARGENTINA.

PS: sorry for the grammar I'm using google translator.