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Thank you very much.
I'll try it later :)
Raw Video / Need Help With Mlv_Dump [Quite Urgent]
June 17, 2014, 03:51:52 PM
Deeply sorry to disturb.
I need to fix some pictures that have a very wrong black level, but sometimes i really get confused with the instructions to use mlv_dump (Which i have been told can fix the problem)
I can barely use it to export the DNGs (from a raw MLV).
Could somebody kindly explain me a way to do the same thing (extract the DNGs from a raw MLV), also fixing the black level?
I have a Canon 5D Mark II, and i have read, here on the forum, that i have to use this code:

mlv_dump --black-fix=1024 -o out.mlv in.mlv

..But where, when and how do i need to use it?
Thank you so much,  it's very urgent.
Is it normal that all the latest 5D MKII Nightly Builds can't be download because it says "This Build Has Failed".
This happened for something like the latest 10 builds.
Quote from: reddeercity on May 05, 2014, 01:15:18 AM
The older MLV builds are more stable , I use the NB feb16th

Does this build have Raw Recording 2.0 (.mlv) and raw audio? (mlv_snd) These are the 2 main features i'm interested in.

So you are telling me that these minor bugs are somehow normal? I'd just like to know so that i will finally stop worrying.
Thank you so much for your assistance
Hello  :)
I am deeply paranoid and, even though i don't seem to have any major issue with the camera/magic lantern, i'd like to uninstall the firmware from my Canon 5D Mark II (Currently running the very last nightly build 05th of May), to make a new clean installation of the same firmware.
Is it a dangerous operation?
And yes...i know, i read that, to uninstall the firmware it only takes to go into the firmware menu, but i was wondering if this operation would make a second installation problematic or impossible. and if it was any dangerous, in general.

The firmware itself works (Even 16:9 1600 x 1900 Raw recording works fairly good), but i sometimes have these problems:

1- Occasional interface flickering
2- Sometimes doesn't record when there are 3,4 Gb left on card (i use a 32Gb one)
3- I have some problems with the Raw Mlv playback module...sometimes when i try to view the videos i recorded, it "glitches" the last video file itself (after the camera "builds the index" i occasionally end up with a black video that creates a mess, and forces to empty the card to start working fluently again).
Note that, in this occasion, some .M01 (2,3,4,3 ecc...) files are created, alongside the .MLVs (could somebody explain me what are thi M01,2,3 ecc... files?)
4- Some rare times the firmware says that i don't have the Magic Lantern Help Files on the card...but i haven't deleted a single magic lantern file from the card...

This problems are not too serious, infact they only occasionally stop my workflow, but i wanted to know if this "behaviour is somehow normal (considering i'm using a nightly build) or if it could benefit from a fresh install.

The camera itself should be ok, tried with a standard CF and it works flawlessly.
Thank you SO MUCH for the answers.
Thank you so much for this message! It's a true relief to know i can fix this issue!
I thought my camera was broken.
I have a 5D Mark II and i solved by disabling the "Force Black Level to 2048" (that was causing the magenta cast).
The problem was probably the fact that my camera has a lower native black level value, and so, by forcing a higher one, it introduces color casts...
So everything ok, from now on.
But i still have the problem of the old clips i shot with this option enabled (infact they are all pink)
If i use the exif tool (or the mlv dump) method and input a 2048 black level i don't think i'm going to solve the issue (2048 is the same level i used in those pink pictures).
What level should i input to get a neutral result? (On my 5D Mark II)?
Thanks a lot
Quote from: Midphase on April 30, 2014, 03:25:04 AM
2. It's 14bit. If you want to enable .raw then you need to use RAW_REC and not MLV_REC. .mlv is the new format (new as in since last September) and it's raw with the added benefit of audio.

4. Load the SOUND_REC module and enable audio recording. You will lose some write speed because of the audio. The audio is embedded into the .mlv files and will be demuxed by the conversion apps into a .wav file.

Thanks a lot for the answers.
I just didn't get a couple of things...
So is the MLV (if i activate the raw thing in the menu, a raw format or not? If not, how do i enable the RAW_REC?
I'm deeply sorry to post a new thread, but, even after reading lots and lots of guides and pages on this site, i'm still very much confused about some matters.
I'll try to be schematic, in order to avoid wasting your time:

1- The installation on my Canon 5D Mark II of the Magic Lantern (2.3 Stable release) went flawlessly, and i also loaded the last Nightly Build (29th of April) in order to have raw video and sound recording.
Is it normal i ave some rare cases of minor UI fickering (In some rare occasion the audio meters flicker for a time or two)? Nothing too annoying, though

2- I went into the camera menu, and activated the raw footage (choosing a resolution i could capture flawlessly), and i ended up having a "MLV" file.
I checked on the site, but nearly every single page says that the raw magic lantern format is ".RAW".
As a matter of fact, many converting softwares (such as Raw2Dng) only accept ".raw" files.
Is this normal? How am i sure of getting true 14-bits raw footage?

3- I stumbled upon a software called "MLV Mystic" (on this site). it's the only one that accepts .MLV video, and converts it to dng.
How can i be sure that the .dng i end up with (after converting) is a true raw, and not a compressed file, turned into a raw one?

4- How can i enable sound recording, alongside my raw footage, and which audio file does the camera produce? (And how to convert it to a usable format)

5- Is it normal that, when i use the standard plus magnification button of the camera (The lens with a plus), i get a black & white image? The same function on the magic lantern (by half-pressing the shutter) works well, though.

6- Is it normal that the focus detection function (the one that shows which parts of the picture are in focus) is not that precise?
Don't get me wrong, it's useful, but sometimes doesn't get a very good focus reognition.

Thanks a lot.
I'm sorry to bother you, but the enormous amount of threads got me confused.