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How do I check what the fPS is for a file? I'm on a mac.

./mlv_dump ????

Thank you very much
is there something I can change on my camera so that I dont have to do this every time? Where's it at ?
Duplicate Questions / White Balance issues?
May 19, 2014, 05:28:26 PM

Hello all! I'm new to magic lantern, trying to do this short video for an internship and can't figure out this white balance (I guess this is the problem) issue on all my magic latern files. What am I doing wrong? anyone else have this problem? Or can help me out to salvage this project?


The .dng file is also located here:

Thank you for yalls time!

I skimmed white balance questions and found nothing pertaining to this, So i'm guessing this is not a common problem.



Also wanted to include the second camera I used (xa-10) on how it should look.