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I work at a place that has hundreds of branches in hg. The only way I know of to access them in tortoisehg (or hgview for that matter) is through the dropdown  or the 'loop' search tool. The loop search tool is good if you know the name of the branch you want, but sometimes I don't know the exact name and it would be nice to be able to browse the list of branches. Does anyone know a good way to do that?

Scrolling through the dropdown is way too slow when there are hundreds/thousands of branches.  The dropdown allows the user to type in the name but you have to be fast and accurate with your typing as it cuts you off if you type too slow (it's an infuriating sport to try your hand at!) If you click outside of the dropdown you have to start your search all over.

I just discovered that I can use the 'page up' and 'page down' keys on my keyboard to kind of fast forward through the dropdown. That helps. Any other tips for this dilemma?

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