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Hi all, I'm trying to get the shutter speed up to 49, similar to Zeek´s tutorial on YouTube. Im on 5d mark, ivé made it before but not now. <a href=''; target='_blank'><IMG src=''; /></a>
I followed Zeek´s YouTube and everything works fine, but I wondering about what 3x3 means?! I'm on 5d mark ii
i tried to install from Zeek´s download (Youtube). But im getting errors on all moviemodules. Im on 5d markii 2.1.2. Where can i find Another download link to the same build?
how do I do that?' it works perfect without mlv raw
i have tried to record a time-lapse today, 3 fps and mlv raw movie, when I import it to mlv app the movie is shifting from frame 1-2-1-3-1-4-1-5 and so on. I can't post movie in the forum to show you (don't know how)
Thanks! it worked, have some more problems to deal with.. hope I solve it myself, if I don't Im asking again
Thanks! everything is good except + can't zoom in, but will try more
strange things have happened.. I'm using the sane card as I used to. But after I loaded reddeercity 14 juni build I can't record mlv files. everything becomes .mov. I tried to recall using info button but even if I tries the last nightlybuild the same happens. someone knows?!
I'm trying to do a time-lapse 3fps and have tried different resolutions but all I can record is just 3 seconds then it stoppes. I have nightly build 2.1.2. Anyone knows what to do?!
New Update: November 14/2019
3008x1080 @ 23.98 fps Updated Corrected Horizontal Centering

I can't get this work on my 5d markii, has someone got it to work?
ok, sorry I found it now
It works! thanks all! when I export the picture it will end up .mov, what shall it be .gif or? how to change that?
ok, thanks for reply!
process dual iso pictures
sorry, does it works with pictures? (Im using mlvapp for movie)
I really want some help, after I update to Catalina I cant process my dual iso files. Switch does not work for me, any suggesting?
hi! installed macOS Catalina, and I can't reinstall Switch, different questions showing up and I can't get it to work.
ok, thanks
Raw Video / Re: help! raw video, longer recording
May 14, 2019, 01:18:40 PM
ok, thanks for reply!
Raw Video / help! raw video, longer recording
May 14, 2019, 12:40:48 AM
I´m gonna record a longer video (maybe 30 minutes)
. A information video, I have a 32 gb card, do you have any suggestion what settings to use, I´m using 5d markii.