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Thanks for the fast reply and a great idea, a1ex :)

The only problem left that is left is that I have accidentaly deleted one of the MLVs from the camera, so I hoped I can get the access to the card from computer and use Photorec or Wondershare (both worked last time I have deleted files). Can Magic Lantern somehow rebuild the partition, if it can see and normally use the card?

And, by the way, thanks for the Magic Lantern - I'm using it for last few years and I think you have changed the industry :)

Walter - I will try with a PC - maybe that will help.
Hello everyone!

I've got a problem with a CF card. For some reason it works in camera (5Dmk3), but the computer can't see it.
There are MLVs on it, I can even view them in-camera and record new ones, but not download them.

Here is what I've already done:
- Use 3 different USB 3.0 readers, including Lexar - doesn't help. Asks to Initialize every time.
- Use Initialize and OSX recovery - it tries to recover partition map, but fails. It sees 128GB card as... 33MB partition.
- Use PhotoRec - same as above - 33MB partition with nothing on it to recover.
- Use TestDisk - also 33MB partition, "No partition found or selected for recovery".

After all that experiments I've tried on 5Dmk3 again - and everything is still there.

Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance!
Excuse me, does anybody still have the Son of Batch MLV? I've lost the install file and now the link is dead :(

Don't let that program die - some people loved that workflow :)
Thanks for that, Kind Sir :)

Son of Batch was my favourite RAW program. Will test it on MLVs as soon as possible.

You have made an INCREDIBLE job with the previous version - the HalfRes workflow is perfect for me!
I am REALLY SORRY for the question I am about to ask, but I am an ML user since... well... yesterday... Please forgive me :)

I have tried the RAW2GPCF, using the trial version of Gopro Studio Premium. The Rawanizer seem to work, but the output files are a mess - video looks like it is full of bad compression artifacts.

Is it just because of the trial version, or do I have a problem at some other level? I want to make sure everything works ok before I spend 300$, as it is quite a lot of money where I come from :)
Yaaay! Thank you!

I have downloaded the file. Time to test it :)

Thanks again!
Thank you, but it is still not a RAW file - so I can't go through the whole workflow :(

But we are getting closer :)

Do you, by any chance, still have any RAW straight from card?

That's a nice cat, by the way :)
Duplicate Questions / Re: 5D mkIII RAW footage for tests.
February 28, 2014, 08:40:28 AM
Yeah, it is cool, however, it's an MP4 :)

I am looking for a .RAW file to experiment on.

You know... it can be a view from your window... or your hamster... or your bonsai tree, if it doesn't move too fast...

Pretty please? :)
Duplicate Questions / 5D mkIII RAW footage for tests.
February 27, 2014, 09:10:47 PM

I was wondering if anyone could share a few straight-from-camera RAW videos (Canon 5D mk III)?
I was trying really hard to find something on the forum, but I gave up :(

I want to switch to 5D mk III, but I don't want to buy it before I check how long does it really take to get ML files to Premiere.

Thanks in advance, kind people :)

I assure you that your material will not be used in any way but for tests :)