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Quote from: garry23 on February 19, 2015, 12:26:54 AM

You might wish to reread what Dual ISO is all about.

Put simply, dual ISO achieves a two image bracket but in a single frame.

The two images are captured at the same time and interlaced in the image, hence the cr2hdr process is taking the interlaced data and creating a new digital negative, ie a DNG.

The interlaced images are separated in exposure space by different ISOs, ie the two ISO, interlaced  brackets, have the same aperture and shutter speed.

The DNG negative will definately need post processing, as any RAW image will.

The advantage is that the dual ISO will have 2-3 stops of additional dynamic range.

Thanks for the reply. I got all of this so far, but I am still not sure what the difference is between using cr2hdr.exe, or the Lightroom plugin?! It seems like both "methods" achieve the same thing, right?!

QuoteFor optimum capture use ETTR and dual together, ie push the tonal data to the right, without overexposing, and 'fill in' the shadows with dual ISO.

I am going to have to look up how to use ETTR and dual together...



Maybe someone can take the time to clarify something for me?! I thought I had it all figured out, but for some reason, I am totally lost now.  :-[ :-[ :-[

I thought that in order to get those nice HDR picture as posted in post #1, all you have to do is, shoot them in your camera, take the RAW file, drag it onto cr2hdr.exe and the end result will be a killer looking HDR .dng file??? I guess I am wrong, right?! The way it looks to me is, that I am THEN supposed to take the .dng file and import it to a Photo editing software like Lightroom or Photoshop and THEN create the final HDR image?! Is that correct?!

The other thing I am not getting is, what is the cr2hdr Lightroom plugin for?!

SO all in all, I am not sure what software does what and if any other steps have to be taken, in order to get those nice HDR images?!



p.s. YES, I read this thread, not all of it, googled and tried what not, but I cannot figure it out! I am lost!