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Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: The CinemaDNG Discussion (raw2cdng)
« on: August 22, 2014, 05:32:55 PM »
timecodes are correct. However, in After Effects, it makes all clips start on frame 170000 or more. It's really high up there and hard to deal with when matching things up between VFX programs, I find. I just found out how to make TC back to zero in Resolve, so I guess I'm good now!  8)

I have a question. If I use zebras for exposure, technically, can't I achieve the same result and ETTR myself?

Thank you,
Mr D

Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: The CinemaDNG Discussion (raw2cdng)
« on: August 22, 2014, 06:14:09 AM »

All my timecode are wrong. I use Resolve and when I import the CDNG sequence it starts at like 17th hour time code. I just want the timecode to be zero. Because when I export into my editor and use After Effects, it starts on 170000+ starting frames!

Let me know what I can do?

Mr D

Raw Video / Best way to keep youtube compression low? 5d M2 raw
« on: August 21, 2014, 06:03:27 AM »
Hi guys,

What formats do you all recommend to keep the raw quality once uploading to Youtube? I always export in avid DNXHD 8bit for youtube. When I playback in my comp, quality is of course the raw quality. But as we all know, youtube compresses. Any codec they will maybe not compress so tightly? I feel like it's half the quality once I upload.

mr D

Share Your Videos / Fantasy / Action Drama web series (5Dmk2)
« on: August 21, 2014, 06:00:59 AM »
Hi all,

First off. THANK YOU ALL! ML has been so great. Love the support and the product. This web series would not be nearly as good without you. If I went back to compressed video, I would literally DIE.

So here it is:

Thank you,
Mr D

omg thank you!

Hi guys,

Is it possible to go from MLV to Cdng in one conversion?

Thank you,
Mr D

Anyone know if it's possible to go from MLV to Cinema DNG without going from MLV to RAW first?

Mr D

Hi everyone,

I have the 5d MK2 and have CinemaDNG in post with the raw recording. In Resolve, I export in 10 bit and it looks washed out. If I export in 8 bit, it looks fine.

Any idea what I should do? Sorry if this is a beginner question.

Mr D

Hi madness,

Thanks for the reply. I see the scan lines if that is what you mean. So it looks like it works. So I'm guessing I missed the fact that I need to use Barracuda.

I  get my camera back from a friend in a few days. Will try then.

Thank you!

For some reason, no matter what I do I cannot get the dual ISO working.

I tried this inside my house multiple times. I shoot the interior and outside window at the same time. ISO 100 from Canon, to expose the outside of the window, and ISO 800 for ML for the interior. I then run the cr2hdr tool to make a DNG which is supposed to make an image with a lot of dyn range improvement, but there is none. Not noticeable like you all show in your photos.
I compare it to an original photo that the camera takes, and they look the same pretty much.

5d Mark 2

Tried it a few times throughout the last week or two. I don't know what I did wrong?

Thank you,
Mr D

When I tried Avid 444 it rendered a file that had nothing in it. Must have done something wrong. Will try again.

Will Pro Res work in a windows PC (Premiere Pro cs5.5) ?

Hi Guys,

I notice raw recording ML gives 14 bit, but Resolve only has 10 bit exporting options. Is this because in a final render, a monitor can not display all 14 bits of info?
Or, is there a way to export all bits and save all the quality?

Thank you,
Mr D

a.d. & pravdomil's 5D2 builds / Re: 5D2 RAW video Builds 14-Bit
« on: February 18, 2014, 03:42:20 AM »
At some point, this text was printed in red blinking font ;)

Must have been on my first run of it, when everything was new to me and I didn't catch it. :D

a.d. & pravdomil's 5D2 builds / Re: 5D2 RAW video Builds 14-Bit
« on: February 17, 2014, 08:10:28 AM »
What does the menu help text say for raw_rec?

(read it out loud)

Thanks for pointing that out. For anyone who comes across this message, it said that Auto power off was enabled in the Canon menu - I disabled that and it went beyond the 1 min.

a.d. & pravdomil's 5D2 builds / Re: 5D2 RAW video Builds 14-Bit
« on: February 17, 2014, 06:56:21 AM »
Does anyone know why after roughly 1 min 15 sec, my camera mirror closes and stops recording? I'm using 2:35 aspect ratio and 1850 (or something like that) resolution. I'm also getting dropped frames toward the end. Using Canon CF extreme pro 90 mb/s UMDA 6 (according to ML, it will record at like 50 mb/s on the resolution and aspect I'm using)

No matter what I do, on my 5D2 I can't seem to get a difference in Dual ISO. I shoot a regular raw and then do something like 100/800 iso in dual iso, convert using cr2hdr and they both look the same.

Is your mirror going down?

Yes, the CHUCK sound you mean? I assume that's the mirror closing! Yes it just goes off!

BTW I'm using a Sandisk Extreme Pro CF 90 mb/s UDMA 6  and yesterday I noticed towards the end of the clip, it starts getting black/empty frames (dropped frames I assume) here and there towards the last 15 sec. So maybe my troubles are due to the card?;topic=10490.0;last_msg=102127

So I tired testing again on the lowest resolution ML has to offer, and it still stops after about 1 min 15 sec.

I'm not sure why? It does not span files.

1856 x 844 is also continuous I believe. That is based on a 1000x card. It could vary with yours.

And your files are larger than 4gb? Or is it making multiple files somehow?

I record in the highest resolution using 2:35 aspect ration. So i think its like 1800x750 or something close to that.

Are you saying my resolution is the problem as to why I can't get passed 1 minute? If so, I will try when I get home and see what results I get.

what cf card do you have?

SanDisk Extreme Pro CF 90mb/s 64gb
Also I have the same model, but a 32gb

5d2 is uses FAT32.

A 32gig CF card can record a continuous 7 minutes of Raw Video with Sound.

Please tell me how I can do this. When I asked before around here, I was told you cannot get around the 4gb limit. Maybe I misunderstood something? I have a Mk2 and would love to be able to record longer than 1 min raw (that's currently all I can do before it stops)


what are you talking about? I've been recording 15 minute long mlv videos on my 5d and 7d for a while now. Get your info right before posting.
That's what other members have told me and on the RAW comparison chart it says there is not FAT file for the memory cards.

I would like to know how you can do it that long because I want to do it too! Thank you!

You can't get more than 1 min on the MK 2 - it has file limit, unlike the MK3

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