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I don't want to have to command line convert every one of my 433 frame individually.
You can also drag and drop the CR2 files by packs of tens or twentys. This will fire up multiple instances of the converter and hence drastically speed up the overall conversion progress (on multicore PCs at least...)

some more tests:

both hismatch2 and edge5:

(nasty overall garbage. 100/400)

Left hismatch2, right edge5:

(ISO-line pattern, greenish color cast. 400/1600)

Both CR2s are provided, see PM.


Hi Alex,

thanks for the new cr2hdr version.

I seem to have run into a different visual artefact, that consistently occurs no matter edge5 or histmatch2 exe:

(image contrast enhanced for demonstration)

The artefacts occur on a 100/1600 file, a similar 100/800 file (out of a series 100/100 to 100/1600 for shadow/noise comparison) was ok.

Please check your mailbox for the corresponding CR2 file.

Yep, great stuff there, Alex. Thx!

Couple of examples, also from other shots:
(alternating edge4, edge5, same lightroom settings per pair)

Also the color rendition is much more natural now!

Thanks for checking!

I don't know if I fully understand. What kind of gibberish is there? Is there anything I can do to avoid that?

yep, please check your inbox.

A couple of days ago when I first started using dual_iso I noticed regular patterns in the resulting DNGs.
I reconverted one of the original CR2 with todays "...amaze_edge4.exe". Pattern is unchanged, see the 300% crop:

If I remember correctly dual_iso was set to ISO 800/100. Any idea?

Thanks, I just checked the corrected post. Will use the "img height = 100" tag in the future!

Yeah, well, black dog against direct sun is probably something at the very edge of whats possible dynamic range wise. I keep on working to find the right ETTR / dual_iso range balance...

yes, very strong noise reduction actually. Getting brightness up on underexposed images drastically turns up noise, so, yep, I had to hit that button hard...

Btw, how do I setup nicely clickable thumbnail images within the forum editor? Sorry for cluttering the thread with those bulky full-res images.... :-/


Edit: THANKS admin for changing those images into small tumbnails. How do I do that? (I initially used the "insert image" feature...)

Hi folks,

first of all: thanks Alex for unleashing the dual_iso beast on the 5d2! (and other cams) (and overall for generally unleashing that beast at all...) THANKS!

Here are a couple of images, for the fun of it... (based on ...amaze_edge2.exe)

I know, I pretty much overdid the HDR effect, but heck, thats whats possible with dual_iso :-)
Some of those images were strongly underexposed, even to a degree where only the high-iso lines captured detail at all. Postprocessing all done in Lightroom 4...

Have fun,

edit: smaller images

Share Your Videos / Re: Beauty in Nature (5D Mk3 RAW)
« on: October 23, 2013, 04:28:26 PM »
GREAT video, Andre! Superb sharpness and grading. Man, you had to dig through some piles of data there....

How did you catch the bird @ 1:27? Prefocussed and just waited? :-)

Did you use DavinceResolve 10 standard or the free lite edition?


Raw Video / Re: Raw video on 5DMK2
« on: May 19, 2013, 05:02:51 PM »
what is this hack3d? how does it work?

Its an option in a.d.'s latest build, couple of messages above.

Raw Video / Re: Raw video on 5DMK2
« on: May 19, 2013, 04:32:30 PM »
The build from 2013/05/19 for 5D2

- I got some more frames vs previous build

Thanks a.d. !!

Test conditions:

- Komputerbay 32GB 1000x
- CF card in camera formatted prior to each setting
- 3 consequtive runs
- black image (lens cap on)


- @ 1880x840 25fps hacked on: 1104 (64.1 MB/s), 4GB limit (65.2 MB/s), 1426 (64.6 MB/s)
- @ 1880x840 24fps hacked on: 4GB limit (63.1 MB/s), 4GB limit (63.1 MB/s), 4GB limt (63.1 MB/s) <- stable!
- @ 1880x840 25fps hacked off: 1280 (64.5 MB/s), 1288 (64.5 MB/s), 1380 (64.5 MB/s)
- @ 1880x840 24fps hacked off: 4GB limit (63.1 MB/s), 4GB limit (63.1 MB/s), 4GB limt (63.1 MB/s) <- stable!

- @ 1880x960 25fps hacked on: 181 (64.1 MB/s), 189 (64.2 MB/s), 172 (64.2 MB/s)
- @ 1880x960 24fps hacked on: 246 (65.4 MB/s), 246 (65.1 MB/s), 246 (65.1 MB/s)

- @ 1880x960 25fps hacked off: 181 (64.5 MB/s), 181 (64.6 MB/s), 181 (64.3 MB/s)
- @ 1880x960 24fps hacked off: 246 (65.1 MB/s), 246 (64.8 MB/s), 246 (64.9 MB/s)

I have the impression while "hacked on" gives higher peak rates, "hacked off" results in more stable write speeds.
I also did a couple of tests with actual footage (not just lens cap on black images) and that resulted in considerably lower frame counts. How is that possible with uncompressed RAW footage? Is DNG somehow compressed? (fast runlength compression or something like that?)

Raw Video / Re: Raw video on 5DMK2
« on: May 19, 2013, 01:30:13 PM »
For 5D MkII use the latest firmware 2.1.2. See also

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