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Hi out there.
is it possible do convert several RAW files at once to dng-files and get in that step also a second version of converted video files? ...something like a mirror to start work on and see whitch takes are needed. that files could be small - just to edit and watch them and get a cut of your movie before bringing the necessary dng files for gradingn etc in.
The question is: do i need to convert every RAW file to a videofile manually before start editing? a tool wich i could run over night and spit out dng files and a video file would be awesome. Or a tip for the workflow in Adobe CS6.

Im very amazed of the RAW quality out of the 5d3 - thank you guys for your work!!!

If there is a thread about that question already - i did not see it.

thank you for any informations! Regards from Vienna  :)

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