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Quote from: Walter Schulz on January 12, 2014, 06:25:39 PM
Rather short tempered ...
2 hours is a rather long time for a yes/no question.
Snarkiness and silence don't an answer make. Short tempered would suggest I attacked someone, or got angry. Not at all. I replied my own question, based on what I've found out so far. If the answer I provided was wrong, you can still correct it so the next person who reads this will have the right answer (all for the good of the community.)
From the overwhelming amount of replies and from everything I've read so far, I take it the answer to this question is "no. Get a mkIII." Ok.
I haven't installed ML yet because I haven't bought a card reader yet, but I'm about to.
I'd like to know if ML also enables 60p recording on 5D2 when not recording in RAW? Is this enabled in the stable ML, or in the nightly builds? Or not at all?

(I searched the forums but came up with nothing.)
I think I know the answer. Some Canon cameras produce this green tint when you shoot in mRAW mode (smaller RAW files than full resolution) but not in full resolution RAW files. That might be the case with your camera as well.
Quote from: tetsusaiga on December 26, 2013, 03:13:38 PM
I finally realized how to reproduce the greenish DNG files, for example, like the one I posted above.

As I mentioned above, the white balance is set to "auto" and the sliders for green and magenta are all set to zero in ML.

When I shoot a short clip in RAW with ISO set to 100, the DNG files come out clear with the proper colors - i.e., each DNG file is not green like the one above.

However, I tried to shoot something indoors last night.  Because it was dark, I turned up my ISO to 1600.  When I converted the RAW to DNG, all the files came out green again (like the one I posted above).

Can anyone help me out here?

What am I doing wrong?

What settings do I need to adjust in ML to fix this problem?


it seems like the noise is from the high ISO and the green tint due to the wrong white balance. Do a spot white balance in rawtherapee using the top of the multivitamin bottle on the left and do final adjustments manually. Then batch process using the same parameters. Did that fix the problem?

Tip: AWB is pretty useless in a camera. Get in the habit of setting the WB manually.
Quote from: reddeercity on December 31, 2013, 08:05:09 AM
I Think it really come down to best practices for All Cards no matter what brand.
Like formatting , Ejecting the card right from reader, etc....
there's No Prefect CF card just degrees of better manufacturing
and it seems Lexar's are near the Top.  :)

Oh. Thank you for the answer. :)
is it possible to set the aspect ratio freely, or are only some aspect ratios supported?
Quote from: debrecen on December 31, 2013, 03:31:07 AM
Darktable! Yes, thanks, edited.

I think I don't have rights to post images here yet (?) -- I am uploading it to vimeo.

Now I am looking at whether there is noise introduced in the conversion to TIFFs, but there is somewhat of a pink haze around highlights in the original DNGs.

I am not (visually) clear on the distinctions between the terms aliasing, moire, artifacts, etc.

Thank you for posting this. What about Cinelerra or Kino? What is PinkDotRemover?
Quote from: reddeercity on December 28, 2013, 06:23:41 PM
Lexar 1000x  are the only stable ones with out problems!
I have 2, I know they may be a bit pricey
But you pay for what you get.
I have been using Lexar since June or this year
And never had a problem ever.
But it you do some searches on the form
You will see many problems with them,
Like "can't get files off CF card" etc...
And the list goes on.
It's the only one I tust for paid work.

I have no problem with the price, but I read an article about the Lexars failing randomly, and now I'm not sure if they are reliable after all. Lexar is still my top choice, but it's hard to find reliable information.
Quote from: ganzel on December 30, 2013, 10:55:59 PM


I really liked the music video, and later I'll be watching your making of video. What was your workflow for the raw footage? Did you use commercial or free software? What software?
General Help Q&A / 5d ii RAW video: Questions
December 31, 2013, 05:56:10 AM
I'm waiting for my 5dii to arrive in the mail. I plan on upgrading to 5d iii later on, but for now I'll be using the mkII. I want to do PP in Linux. I have read the FAQ and I have a few questions:

1. The resolution limit for continuous shooting for 5d ii is 1880x940, correct? What is the time limit and can it be expanded?
2. What is the most reliable, fastest CF card that will be the best for RAW recording? Lexar 1000x it is!
3. What's the bit depth of the ML raw video? 14?
4. Does ML do automatic file splitting (and does it work?) for 5d ii to overcome the 4GB limit, or only for mk iii?
5. I don't own any commercial programs (not at the moment, anyway). What is the easiest workflow for me? I have linux, cinelerra, kino, rawtherapee, and lots of codecs. rawtherapee can do batch processing of raw files. I've imported image sequences to video editors before, but never with raw files. Do cinelerra and Kino support importing DNG image sequences? I will check this later when I take out my current camera and produce some DNGs
6. Apparently ML needs to be installed from a 32GB card or smaller. Will it work after the first install from bigger cards? This would be good to know, but switching 32GB cards is also a way to go.
7. Anything (known bugs, known bad ideas) I should avoid to minimize the risk of bricking my camera?

Thank you in advance.