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Raw Video / Re: 5DIII corrupted files?
October 17, 2014, 08:58:29 AM
A hint: There should be an option for skipped frames:

- ignore it (MOV will be shorter, sound has to be cut for 1/25s or so too)
- fill it with next frame (simply copy next frame for every missing frame)
Raw Video / Re: 5DIII corrupted files?
October 16, 2014, 10:30:59 PM
 :D Hey, that's good news. So files will be put aside for new version of MLRawVierwer. Hope it will come soon, because we want to finish our family video of the last vacation.
Raw Video / 5DIII corrupted files?
October 16, 2014, 03:11:42 PM
I used ML with the "stable" version for 5D3 for over one year. I also used MLRawViewer since 1.1.3. Before vacation I updated ML to the nightly build, check for recording and on the display. Everything fine and I started. Unfortunately MLRawViewer is not able to create a MOV from the RAWs! Not the 1.3.0 or any other older version I used before. Has the format changed or what can I do to recover my RAW files? On the display in the camera I can see the movie picture by picture. But the MOV resulting from export is always black (but with sound).
Any hint?
Thanks in advance
There is a menu item "Benchmarks" which checks the speed for different block sizes. Maximum is 85 MB/s with 4096K Blocks. In 1080p there are sometimes dropped frames, so I asked for speed comparison.
There is a Benchmark option. What does it show for the 5 min test?
I have a 128 GB 1000x and the maximum is 85 MB/s. But it is sold as 145 MB/s!?
I'm a little bit lost.  :-[
Some month before I got it to work, but now I lost the red line.
I recorded MLV files and use MLRaw 1.1.5 to get DNGs. That's ok. Now I want to improve DNGs a little bit bit and create a movie from it.
I have CS5, so I like to use PS5. The new DNGs are not readable by PS5 anymore. But I updated Camera Raw for PS5 so I could open them again. But what next? Can I create a MOV directly with CS5 or do I have to cnonvert them to TIFF and later on use QT Player for putting TIF to MOV????
Before I used RAW, now MLV seems to be the same except that sound is included. Is there any reason to still use RAW or should I use always MLV?
Yes that I knew. But I solved it that way:
I created a new folder, copied MLV and MLRawViewer in it and then it works!?
Before I only get a WAV file but no DNG nor MOV.
I don't get it to work!
I downloaded the dmg version for Mac OS and copied it to application. I could start it, the MLV is shown in the window, but how I get a mov file out of it? I clicked on the red button, then the progress bar goes up to the end, but where is the file?
I selected mov or DNG, but neither of the produces an output. Any tips?
Raw Video Postprocessing / Drop RAW and keep DNGs?
February 05, 2014, 01:25:02 PM
When I use raw2dng I get a set of DNGs which are nearly the same size than the raw file. Because these files are size of GB, I would like to save hard disk space. Are the DNG the same quality than RAW or is a lossy algorithm used? Should I drop RAW and keep DNG, so I can drop additional single DNGs similar to cut the movie to relevant parts?
Hello, now infos available?  ???
Raw Video / Re: Read Meta data of RAW file
January 29, 2014, 11:51:22 AM
Thanks a lot, that was I was searching for. I'm using a Mac, but also raw2dng.
Raw Video / Read Meta data of RAW file
January 29, 2014, 10:31:01 AM
I recorded a bunch of small clips to test RAW. After creating DNGs, converting to TIF and reassemble with QT to mov I got a question from QT, which frame rate should be used. Unfortunately I couldn't remember. Is there a tool to retrieve this information: frame/s, resolution ...?
I'm just experimenting with RAW videos on my Mac. I use raw2dng. After processing I get a mov file. In a special case it is too dark.

What would be the best way to correct this? Should I use the DNG files in the folder and let Photoshop correct them all in the same way, e.g. make them brighter? How can I batch them all?
After that I have to put them together again as a mov. Which app should I use?

How can I check, which color depth the mov has? Is it always 8 bit per color or is the created mov in a better quality than a "normal" mov of a 5DIII? What I mean is, does the superior quality of the raw remain in the mov or will it be reduced to 8 bit because this is the standard file format? If the quality is still better I could make the entire final mov brighter without touching the single DNG anymore.
Hope somebody did understand my thoughts!  ;D
I downgraded my firmware of my 5D3 to 1.1.3 and installed ML. Everything fine. Is it possible to upgrade the firmware again or is ML relying continuously on 1.1.3?
Thanks in advance
Thank you very much. I tested it with the settings you listed and everything is fine. In 16384 kb blocks the card reaches 120 MB/s write and 156 MB/s read. That's more than expected.   ;D
General Help Q&A / Re: 5DIII: ML OFF means stand by?
January 03, 2014, 03:33:12 PM
Of course on this SD card the bootflag is set and ML files are saved there. This is the card I prepared for using ML.
But if I simply remove it, what will happen, if the trial to load ML will fail because of no SD card?
General Help Q&A / Re: 5DIII: ML OFF means stand by?
January 03, 2014, 10:12:53 AM
What happens if I simply remove the SD card? Actually I have only one (old) SD card, but many CF cards.
Okay, I found it under Debug/Benchmarks.

But it breaks within the 2nd read pass.
I chose "Card R/W benchmark (5 min)"
It shows: Blocksize 2048 73 MB/s write, read 100 MB/s
Blocksize 1953 53 MB/s write and read fails after 31/100 loops.
Is that normal? What does it indicate?
Could I set the blocksize to improve speed?
Today I recieved my 128 GB 1000x and of course I want to test it. I could record 1920x1080 until 4 GB are consumed, then it ends. How can I start this speed test? I searched in all menus and didn't find anything. I have 5D3 with ML from Aug13.
Because today I read, that my old card reader could damage the card, I first have to order a new UDMA7 compatible one before I can transfer anything to the Mac.
General Help Q&A / Speedtest for CF card in 5DIII?
January 02, 2014, 02:25:34 PM
Is there anywhere in ML an option to check the speed of the inserted CF card?
Or do I have to set the max solution in videos mode and try to records several minutes? Droped frames or OK - this would indicate the assumed average transfer speed needed for this settings would be achieved by this card.
General Help Q&A / 5DIII: ML OFF means stand by?
January 02, 2014, 01:56:24 PM
yesterday I did my first trials with ML on my new 5D3. To be sure, that my photos and videos will be fine, I started the camera while pressing the SET button. In top of the display a text "ML OFF" was shown. Okay, looked like original Canon Firmware is now active.

After switching to movie mode and starting recording the camera crashed with some messages clearly coming from ML. I thought ML is off. Why can the camera crash with ML errors if original firmware is running? What I have to do if I simply want the original behavior of the 5DIII?

I used ML from aug 2013 with firmware 1.1.3 installed. No further updates made.
Thanks in advance
General Help Q&A / Beginners questions
December 23, 2013, 11:43:29 AM
I just bought a 5DIII and read a lot of stuff about ML.
To sort all these information and do things right at the first try, I still have some questions:

- I have to install ML on a SD? Or is CF also possible? (max. 16 GB)? (I have already 2 x 32 GB CF and one 2 GB SD card)
- As ML is installed I can change the CF and after formatting ML will also be copied to them even if they are larger than 16 GB, e.g. 128 GB?
- Can I use two different CF cards - one with and one with out ML - so if I change the cards I change with or without ML? Or is there a way without reformating the CF card?
- What write speed do I really need for a 5DIII? I saw 1000x (150 MB/s UDMA7), necessary and used?

Thanks in advance and merry Christmas