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Yo, in the same situation. You ever get this figured out??
I use the same card no problem.  Turn global draw off.

Hopefully that solves your problem.
Quote from: dubzeebass on February 27, 2014, 06:03:09 PM
I have same issue.

How do you go about the problem?  Do you just link up the audio later when you edit your clips?
I have a bunch of graded footage linked up with my .WAV audio in the time line.  I have been trouble shooting every format and trying different settings.  No matter what settings I choose when exporting I get no audio. 

Should I skip linking the audio in DaVinci and just link it up in my editor?

add the Komputer Bay 128gig 1050x

It handles 1080x1920 at 30fps flawlessly.  Even with the new .MLV format to dump out a .WAV audio file. 
Hey this is probably a very well known thing but I just wish to get some clarity. 

I have been shooting .MLV raw this whole weekend and have discovered that the .WAV audio file is about 2 seconds longer than my .dng clip length. 

Why is that?  Is there a way to have it the same length?  Also is the extra audio at the end of the clip or at the beginning?  It appears to be at the end. 

Thanks again for such an amazing tool guys.  You're amazing. 
when i right click to make my files into a raw or like raw plus audio as I have seen in other videos I get just the regular drop down menu: open, Open With >, Send To>, Cut, copy etc etc. 

What I am talking about:  At exactly 8:00 minutes on this video he just right clicks the files and WALA he can get the cdng + audio.  When I right click I get the same menu as I get inside file explorer.

Can someone please just tell me the best way to get my MLV to cinema dng and then an audio track?  Is that to much to ask for?