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Quote from: reddeercity on March 23, 2014, 12:39:45 AM
I push it at 2048x1024 and can get about 2000+ frames. But I think when I change from small jPeg photo in
the Canon menu to small raw that's when I Notice a Big difference in performance. I would say 15-20% even to be the
difference between continuous and Not.
With the Oct24th build of course

Are the Lexar Cards really that magic or am I doing something wrong? I got a little excited and tried to test things out again but can't get anywhere near those speeds, i have to step down to 1728x972 to shoot continuous 16:9 on a Transcend 32gb 1000x. Or instead I shoot 1880x800 anamorphic and upscale to 1920x816 for 2.35. Last summer I assumed Transcend had really good build quality, but does the brand of the card make that much of a difference?
Tried on both Oct24th Build and the Newest Build
Awesome thanks, thought 1880 was gone
Wow, finally getting to post here about the first project I've done that was %100 raw video using an old build from a few months ago! Loving all the fantastic free progress, it's like I have a whole new camera! Did this a few months back but it's finally going to be released soon, I suppose it's time to upgrade my ML version.

I used a build before the audio was added, shot in 1880 x 800, graded through davinci resolve. Hmm, it seems the biggest changes are the addition of audio and getting rid of 1880 mode? Is this true?