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A hint / wish of a happy! 5dIII ML raw user:
Canon's Zoomin button on the left side contradicts any logic. If once magic zoom/full screen - focus control would be possible via half press shutter, it would be a big deal!:)

The focus control via focus ring unfortunately means that the sharpness has to be changed in order to control it.

Yes, we can't say that often enough! I have the same feeling of real deep gratitude for what other people are doing for me somewhere in the world... Most of the video aesthetics you see with the new cameras is not my thing. Only through Magic Lantern I get into a visual territory where it starts to be fun. What ARRI does with their cameras is a kind of a benchmark. They put the aesthetic image over tech specs and pixel counting. With the 5dIII ML raw I have a camera that feels like a cousin of the Arris:). We brought two movies to cinema and honestly I feel such a loyalty and love for MLraw that I prefer the compactness and the inconspicuousness over an ARRI - also for the future:).
Cheers & a lot of thanks!:)
Volker Schmidt

I am not a native english-speaker and I do not understand exactly what this is about here…
But somehow I have the impulse at this point -
- to say my deepest thanks to the developers of ML for everything that has been and will be done here.

We are currently in postproduction for our second documentary which will be shown in cinemas.
Shot with 5dmk II & III ML raw, many sequences also in 3K raw.

My conclusion: There is no camera under 20.000,-€ which I would prefer!
It's just great, stunning and wonderful!
The images are not of this shimmering thinness of so many 4K shots.
They have substance, thickness and depth.
 I love it!

Thank you!:)

Hi everybody,

I´am new here, maybe I have an question that has already been answered...
- I have an Issue with MLVFS using After Effects CC (current version):

After adjusting the DNG in the Camera Raw Window, I get a sequence in After Effects, but the Raw-Adjustments only affects the first frame...

For any help, I would be very grateful.

Camera Emergency Department / Re: 5d mk2 does not boot...
« on: November 10, 2013, 01:07:06 PM »
Thanks a lot for the link. But still no solution...
I will try it next days, with a non-original battery.
I have stressed the camera and the battery with many uploadings and putting the card in and out, without waiting... my fault.

Camera Emergency Department / 5d mk2 does not boot...
« on: November 07, 2013, 05:13:01 PM »

since today, my 5dmk2 seems dead...
The camera does not boot!

- these are the things which happens - under different conditions:

- when I - turn the battery in, with the bootable magic lantern card:
the red light beside the wheel shine during OFF position of the camera.
- in ON position - nothing changed. Nothing worked, camera is dead.

- when I turn the battery in, without a card -
display says (in OFF position):

"firmware update program
update file cannot be found.
Please check the memory card and reload the battery and try again."

- in ON position: nothing changed. Nothing worked, camera is also dead.

- when I turn the battery in, with the original canon firmware on the card (after erasing the card with mac utility)
the display says in OFF position:
"firmware update program

...and then going off.
- in ON position: nothing changed.

I will be very thankful for any help!

(sorry for low english)

last clip, uploaded today:

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