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Really sorry, card spanning was on and i didn't notice  :-[. I can confirm that MLV_REC and MLV_SND are working perfectly on the 5dmkiii

Keep up the awesome work guys!

Raw Video / Re: MLV Raw & Sound + Links + Solved issues
« on: February 03, 2014, 06:30:54 PM »

is this new mlv_snd modules working on latest 5D3 builds?

I have it working on my 5dmkiii, apart from one issue that the audio will not record over spanned files, not when using the mlv2dng script anyway

Raw Video / Re: MLV Raw & Sound + Links + Solved issues
« on: February 03, 2014, 06:28:48 PM »
Is anyone else having an issue with recording sound over spanned files? Whenever I record a clip using 5dmkIII, the .wav is only 49 seconds long, does anyone else have this issue or a solution to it?

Thanks in advance

Sorry for low post count, long time viewer but never needed to contribute before. Been using batch convert and i'm finding that it works great - the only issue is the recorded .wav file alway stops after 0:49 seconds, which is when the .mlv file stops and the .mo1 file begins. Is anyone else having this issue, and is there a fix that anyone is aware of?

Sorry if this has been covered somewhere before, but when recording in crop mode on the 5d3 is the framing correct? And if you shoot 1080 can you still use other ML functions such as peaking?

Thanks in advance

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