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Raw Video / Re: 500D Live View Freezes
« on: October 13, 2013, 09:30:17 PM »
Please could you reconsider 500D?

It allow to get beatiful crop (5x zoom 1:1 pixel) video for planetary astronomy.
This field do not require large frame size (for planets other than Sun and Moon)
640x480 22 fps 14 bit raw uncompressed video, is amazing!

I can record up to 1344x504 17 fps continuous 14 bit raw video and nowadays a dedicated video planetary 694x576 12 bit camera costs starting from 1000€

Please coul you solve the live view bug on 500D?  ;)

i am still waiting and hoping that someone can fix the live view bug too :D
stretching 1.4x to 1280 x 720 @24fps isnt that bad for a crappy 500D (can't afford new cam yet lol)

Raw Video / 500D Live View Freezes
« on: October 12, 2013, 12:29:29 AM »
i'm having an issue with my 500D each time i record videos in RAW Format, with Nightly builds, Live View always freezes..
the results of the video came out perfectly but i just can't see what its recording in real time, it only shows the first frame of what i'm recording until i stop recording.. any suggestions anyone?

i'm kinda new here, i hope i'm in the right place asking this kind of question..
thank you in advance..  ;)

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