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When i set to Crop_rec 3k .. my  live view is with latency. With this situation i can not focus any moving objects. I s there any way to get real time liveview  in crop_rec?
Share Your Videos / Re: Music Video-jevuex (Raw Video)
October 06, 2016, 10:34:58 AM
Haha.. Sometimes in the press conference after the film festival or music video conference is the best place for lying about your work .. 8) . Any mistakes are intentional effects. But in forum i need to suggestions for improve the work . The first requirement is honesty. ;D
I dont remember that used any crop-mode for this video..maybe  some shots for example the lips of the trumpet player.
Share Your Videos / Re: Music Video-jevuex (Raw Video)
October 06, 2016, 08:38:24 AM
DeafEyeJedi) ..Thank you for paying close attention to the video that you had. Yes in @ the 2:08 there is a problem that is not intentionally . Its combined two different shot because the first shot was very short . In other words we have no shot that the process of filling cup.
Share Your Videos / Music Video-jevuex (Raw Video)
October 04, 2016, 11:42:21 PM
I shoot this music video last year with magiclantern raw (5d mark iii) and graded it with resolve 11.
Used 2 different type of Zeiss lenses . ( Planar ze & Cp2 Series) .
I think 14bit raw video depend on which type or class lense we use can be very very diffrent performance. Only high Quality lenses  can show we the real power of magiclantern raw videos.
Thanks to magiclantern Team and sorry for my bad english. ;)
Not too bad. But The biggest problem seems to be lightings. These shots looke like a documentary film and not a music video .  Even there are'nt any reflector light on the face.
Update the camera firmware to 1.2.3 or higher.
Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: new workflow
June 26, 2015, 03:21:01 PM
Yes its ok and enough.
I shoot a video with 35fps (1920*818) and i want to create a 23.976 timeline to have 50% slow motion clip. in after effect when i import Original 35fps cinema dng and change it to 23.976 in interpret menu the footage change to slow . But in resolve i can not see that. Tried to import 35fps cinema dng sequence and change it to 23.976 in clip attribute but the video is still real time with 23.976 fps playback and even in rendred footage.
The lens is more important than anything else. When i shoot video last year with Zeiss Cp2 series first time the results was very sharp and very very clean with magiclantern Mlv raw footages even T2.8 or Wider
I could record 45 seconds in 37fps (fps override from 30fps canon menu) in 1920*818(1:2.35) with my komputerbay 64gb 1000x. of course in Raw version 1 and not in mlv. I would like to about 1066x version and how much  affects the speed than 1000x.
Good work . Super speed lenses are amazing . but i think film look grading for this commercial is not a true choise. However its your choise ;)
I want grading some shots with resolove 11 . adding cinema dng sequences to resolve then export proxies to premiere pro cut files and then i want to load xml project files from premiere to resolve for final grading and export.
But i was canfused what happens for dynamic link comps between premiere pro and after effects when i want relink proxyies with cinema dng sequences in resolve? Specially Vfx Shots

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External Monitor Recommendations with MLV Raw Recording
« Reply #41 on: Today at 05:30:20 PM »
and recording raw/mlv on 113 will NOT show on external monitor, correct?

Not correct.. Its possible.but on 113 firmware just see the  external monitor or camera lcd(just one of them)
Lilliput is not too bad but i prefer small hd monitors or ikan . better  quality than lilliput lcds.
Yes..Thanks. I decide editing the same way like you. So starting with export Dng sequences to quicktime uncompress 422 10bit . Editing Quicktime footages and finaly replace all of them with orginal dng sequences for each shot then grading and export to H.264 for streaming or Film festivals.
But some problems in this way is inevitable:
1. Hard space for keep all dng sequences
2. long time workflow
3. Vfx shots some times needs to graded shots or orginals for better matching
4. reduce noising and grading must apply to dng files and its not too good.
5. When replacing dng sequences and when we want to see the ram preview for matching colors between shots to shots a dng sequence in 16bit color depth with noise reduced ang color graded is too heavy for preview .
I thing Davinci reslove gives better and faster workflow. working with after effects and premiere on dng files must be very patient.
I tried to export my Dng sequence(from Mlv-raw) to avid dnxhd 444 10bit with after effects and change million colors to trillions colors. But my rendred footage is black & white with a lot of vertical black lines in screen. Only when that happens i change million colors to trillion colors in after effects export window .  :(
Beauty..if you like talk about grading workflow in this project, color grading in the beginning of the clip came to my mind godfather movie :D
Nice work.
I think some 3rd Plugins for example neat video gives better reuslts than ACR Denoising options. Its very important  you can do it in individual color channels.

No you can not shoot 1080p 60fps . In canon menu you can shooting 720p in slowmotion mode. But with magiclantern i coud shooting 67.5 fps(70fps) with fps overide.(time recording is limit, depend on Cf card speed) not in 1080p but better quality than 720p canon menu. Its maximum fps  ever from 5d mark iii . 
In the live view i see always the total amount of cf memory even when shooted some shots(mlv_raw) but i still see the total memory of cf as long as the camera is turned on. When the camera turned off and reload again i  can see the actual amount remaining.
Another problem is i can not record sound in h.264 (canon menu) when the magiclantern is installed.
No can not. In other app(windows) for example , Eos View  you can only see live view but when the camera start recording its not working.
Check out this :
 Can someone explain me with runing linux on camera what features will be added?
Same problem with me sometimes that when CF card has a little space untill will be full. last shot usualy
Raw Video / Re: Raw video Version 1 vs MLV Version
February 20, 2015, 08:36:30 PM
Perhaps its related to which app used for extracting dnf files. In Raw video last year i used raw2cdng Initial versions and for new mlv shots i use raw2cdng V2. Its only a guess and not sure really.I just got the feeling Highlighs are better recovery in my last year footages in raw format that created by Raw2cdng (initial versions). But both new and last year shots are not in the same scenes or same lighings setup or any. I will go to create samples a few days.