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Archived porting threads / Re: Magic Lantern for 6D | Dev kit released
« on: September 07, 2014, 11:03:14 PM »
So could anyone please tell me about the next Canon 6D-nightly or how the status is? Any known release date or release intervall? Been almost 3 months :)


Archived porting threads / Re: Magic Lantern for 6D | Dev kit released
« on: August 27, 2014, 10:45:02 PM »
Hey all,

just wanted to ask when a newer build will come for the canon 6d? :)

The last is over 2 months and it makes me a bit nervous since the last build is causing weird stuff lol

Archived porting threads / Re: Magic Lantern for 6D | Dev kit released
« on: April 12, 2014, 03:47:37 AM »

Tragic Lantern latest Nightly - 1 year old 6D, 22K shots

I recently noticed that my 6D does HEAVY noise even on ISO 6400! Weeks before, shots even up to 10K ISO were absolutely fine but now I get HORRIBLE images. I am using Dual ISO and same as always settings like 100/800!

Great example
This picture is resized to 1000px/600px
On original resolution it looks far more worse!

The picture was taken on ISO 6400!!!!!

And I never reached that bad pictures before. It happened last week the first time...

I get a bad feeling that my 6D is getting corrupted! Weird thing is that I am not alone with this problem. Some other guy posted a single thread about this problem with his 6D!
I can not ignore the fact that maybe Tragic Lantern is able to speed up the obsolescence EXTREMLY of the sensor?

Second problem:

I recently bought a SanDisk Extreme 60 MB/S and still I get really bad recording times with RAW.
I made a list even, is this good enough?

Memory Recordingtime in seconds 24 Frames per Second MLV-REC:
Resolution // Without Memory Hack Recording Time in Seconds // With Memory Hack Recording Time in Seconds
1344 // 56+ // 56++
1472 // 20 // 22
1504 // 11 // 19
1536 // 9 // 16
1600 // 7 // 12
1728 // 4 // 7
1792 // 3 // 6

To be honest, with my far more worse SanDisk Ultra, I got particular same recording speed. Continious was 1153 and now with my far better card, ML still says I can only do continous on 1153! Is this really the limit? How can other people record LONGER on higher resolutions? SanDisk Extreme should be actually enough or didn't I push it's limit with the SD-card? Weird...

ISO won't change via hardware if raw is recording. Raw_rec you can change ISO or other expo at the expense of speed.

The menu closing thing has been going on forever on many bodies.

Which is better RAW_REC or MLV_REC? Whats the difference?

SD card is perfectly!

I used RAW_REC
I put the newest version from you on my sd card, and will test both again

I could record a bit but what I forgot to say is that software dolly does not function and sometimes ISO is not changeable via hardware button, always have to go to magic lantern menu :(

When I film in RAW,  after 30 seconds the recording breaks automaticly without warning. After trying to put them into DNG, RAWanizer/ Magic Lantern RAW to DNG tools fail. RAWanizer shows me that the raw has a resolution of 25000 x 29596 (high numbers) and it fails. Magic Lantern RAW to DNG just gives a runtime error.

I tried with lower resolution and I get at the end of of processing Runtime Errors!

I can avoid this problem by not recording for more than 20-25 seconds. Does not matter whether I use 720P or 600x800!

Any solution about this?

Second extremly annoying bug:

Menu closes sometimes without touching anything. Fricking annoying :(

General Chat / Re: Playing Games on your Canon DSLR :D
« on: September 10, 2013, 11:05:35 PM »
Will it play uncharted 3?  :)

Seriously,  that's a rubbish way to drain your battery .

Of course its a good way to drain your battery, far better than other functions hehe ;)

General Chat / Playing Games on your Canon DSLR :D
« on: September 10, 2013, 01:38:04 AM »
I recently found a minigame and I am interested whether anyone wants to make further games! I know this has nothing to do with the actual meaning of Magic Lantern but hey, I am mean you can now play actually minigames on your dslr! Thats epic!

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