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General Development Discussion / Re: Config presets
« on: February 17, 2014, 02:18:22 PM »
You mean, start changing settings from preset A and save it as B?


[650D; P; 16.feb nightly; iocrypt 16.feb 1:27]

The changes in menu are nice.
Series shooting works.

on pc:
cannot open decrypted pw (neither jpg nor cr2)
cannot decrypt rsa (jpg&raw)

[650D; P; 14.feb nightly; iocrypt 9.feb 19:44]

In review most pictures are only shown as a thumbnail with
"Cannot playback image".
shooting series (only tried with pw):
mostly i get an error 80 and sometimes error 70.

Sorry, I've been very busy in the last days.
I have no toolchain. So can someone give me a download to a compiled

[650D; M; 9.feb nightly; iocrypt 9.feb 19:44; io_decrypt.exe 09.feb]

decoded .cr2 & .jpg still not readable (neither pw nor rsa).

[650D; M; 8.feb nightly; iocrypt 8.feb 2:33; io_decrypt.exe 08.feb]

To see, or not to see, that is the question:
While testing different settings i went to playback mode after pic 9. Then all encrypted pics schowed "Cannot playback image". But pic 5 & 6 showed the original photo in the same size as the question mark placeholder normally seen with "Cannot playback image".

I'd like to know how this works but my coding skills are way to crappy to grasp it by myself. Are thumbnail and 'big photo' at differend areas in ram before encryption (not packed in one file until written to card or a question of memory management)?

maybe linked:
By chance i saw an overflow about 10 minutes later (have dump).

in cam nice
RSA on pc not working
pw not testet on pc

decypt.exe does not work

[650D; M; 8.feb nightly; iocrypt 8.feb 2:33; io_decrypt.exe 08.02; blocksize 128k]
ask-for-pw-on-startup: on
mode: RSA
keysize: 512
create rsa key
menu says: INSECURE!
key files exist
encryption passed!!!

but on pc:
DEcrypted files not readable (neither jpg nor raw) (only tried drag&drop)

removed io_crypt.key  from card
menu: "Active"
made a photo but could see it after power off/on
did not wait long enough for shutdown/clear RAM
wanted to take pics until RAM full
shot one
seemed to be encrypting
didn't wait
shot another one
error 70 (have a crashlog; but no dump)
battery out/in and extra off/on for modules to load
everything encrypted and fine

create 1024bit key
moved private key to B:/ML (foolish for sure but its only a test)
power off/on
i dunno: is it me outsmarting the module or is it "The cleverer give in?" (<-- would be a nice message somewhere between/around "Insecure" and "active", but "foolish" would fit better into junkie menu. ;))

created 2048bit key
blocksize 256k
file manager doesn't show a new key

didn't wait long enough for kegeneration.
i think the "Creating RSA key... ...may take a while" didnt show up for a feeled minute. So i thougt it would be done already and i would have missed the confirmation message poppin up for a second.
Can u please make "Creating RSA key... ...take a while" showing up permanent or in equal time slots?
Additional imho the best would be a permanent "done"-message until a half-pressed shutter button.

btw: standby altough without trouble (tested a couple of times)

interesting for fools:
this time private key got moved to B:/. Menu kept showing "insecure" (Even after long shutdown).

.exe crashed with some files
many were 0Byte after decryption
not any working picture
one jpg is 16MB! (before & after decryption)
But didn't try the pw-protected ones per command line (simply tried everyone per drag&drop to save time).

with ask-for-pw enabled, starting in LV/video mode can cause trouble.
so start in photo mode only. dont like that feature anyway and planning to remove it.
Fortunately i had no time to test it in lv or movie. ;)

I think ask-for-password-on-startup is a very helpful feature for forgetful people.
And it isn't anoying if you use one card exclusively for private things.
I don't need it today but i would really miss it in future!
What about leaving it in the comments for times with less features on the workbench?

[650D in M; with 07.febr. nightly & iocrypt from 06.feb 21:00]

disabled sensor cleaning (& ask-for-pw most of the time), formatted card and took a new ML installation (not copying files from zip over existing ML with all its configurations)
Since then i had no stability problems. There was only one display failure (disappearing after next button press; made a photo with my cellphone; can try to reproduce it).

but again RSA:
mode: rsa
test rsa: successful
create rsakey: files for private and public keys are there
                        but rest like yersterday (NoKey! in menu; no key while shooting)

Hello, World!

My setup:

Cam: 650D
shooting mode: P
IQ: Jpeg + RAW

ML: 06.02.14 nightly
io_crypt: 05.feb. 18:07
ime_base & ime_std:   09.12.13 ( von g3gg0)

blocksize: 128k (most of the time)

in short:

RSA does not work
Password works but also crashes the cam sometimes (but maybe its caused by the ime-modules i also tried for the first time)

in long:

When I'm on "Set password" and press SET or PLAY a failure message appears:
"IME error, Crypto disabled"
(sometimes this warning flickers)
--ยป needed some more time to realize the need for ime-modules :)

"Creating RSA key (2048 bits)
this may take a while"

Test: Speed      "Test done"
Test: RSA         "finished successfully"

kreating Key: ok
but menu says: "NoKeys!"

in playback after taking a shot:
"No key entered, not encrypting!"
and it really doesn't ;)

when i shut the cam down, it kept displaying sensor cleaning
couldn't hear if it was actually vibrating (noisy surrounding)
Power off & power on
power off
no display but card-LED kept lighting
removed Battery

battery in & next power on:
everything seems ok
file Manager shows two extra files:
IO_CRYPT.CR2 & IO_CRYPT.DAT (both 20.0 MB)

At this piont i installed the ime-modules.
Password mode worked fine! I had pictures on card encrypted by two different passwords and could also display them after restarting the cam and typing the respective passwords.

Another time i started the cam this happened:
asked me to type a password
i typed it (same password i still have encrypted pics from on the card) and klicked "OK"
nothing happens
i klick OK for another time
IME-screen flickers one time
i klick OK for the third time
camera freezed

Another time:
after some time being idle the display shuts down
thought it would be normal standby but it doesn't react to any button and card-led is constant on.
took battery out
I can't remember in which Menu it has been.

back to the keys:
I tested keygeneration with different keysizes, sometimes in RSA-mode and sometimes in password mode.
I could not find a IO_CRYPT.KEY in ML/DATA/ on any of the two tested cards.
But it always said: "Creating RSA key (1024 bits) this may take a while"
Has there to be a confirmation message when the key is generated successfully?

@all devs:
Thank you for all the impressive features making our cams to entire new systems!

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