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Update: Rawmagic full version (not lite) allows to choose output directory an also full 14bit color range instead 12bit with Lite. Full version only costs ~25 $, I recommend.
This is still only for PC? Nothing for Mac yet? Also, is there any soft for Mac that allows to choose output directory for DNG files?

Thanks Ted for a great advice, it really works like this and this is essential workaround until ML fixes the autosync issue. Thanks again !

BTW, has anybody aware of any development made regarding RAW - DNG conversion tool that allows to pick/change output directory? A while ago there were a few topics that adressed this issue (MIRawViewer, raw2dng, Rawmagic doesn't allow this and you have to have at least twice of free storage available for a footage), but I have somehow lost them.
Quote from: andy kh on March 09, 2014, 06:09:25 PM

haha. i have already tried that long time back. only the first audio will sync with all other clips.

for windows users raw2cdng is the best. no more manual audio sync. all audios and videos are automatically sync. god damn i love this application so much.

I'm either using raw2dng, Rawmagic (for first generation RAW-s) or mlv_dump.osx (for RAW_MLV). Do you know if something with the same capability like raw2cdng has been made for OSX?
And is there any benefits in postproduction if writing audio to SD card instead CF card while shooting with 5dmkIII? Beside assumed spared write speed on CF card?

Quote from: PeterR on March 09, 2014, 06:54:44 PM
That's good news. Thanks for sharing. I'm currently using MLVmystic but it doesn't output cDNG, only DNG with separated WAVs. Having just spent a couple hours manually aligning wav's in premiere pro, with another 1-2 hours to go, I'm very ready for a solution if anyone has one. Thanks.


Is MLVmystic better than mlv_dump.osx?

Quote from: ted ramasola on March 20, 2014, 11:38:45 PM
The wav file will always be the same FPS as what the canon menu is at. So if you have set your canon menu at 24p and in ML menu FPS override to 15 or whatever, the wav files will be at 24fps.


Thanks for reply. I understand but that doesn't explain the advice in Blackmagic forum, does it?
Also, the problem PeterR and andy kh are talking about, remains. I have exactly the same issue:  While editing in Resolve 10 Lite it plays all the DNG-s with correct audio files (no matter if synced manually or automatically), when rendering out "individual source clips" as neccessary for FCPX roundtrip, all the clips are getting only the first .wav audio. Annoying. :( Much appreciated if somebody has a solution/suggestion.


I'm having exactly the same problem. Wandered around in Blackmagic forum and there' s seems to be an issue with assigning FPS value for the .wav clips. Have you checked yours in Resolve? I can see that all my .wav-s that I got after converting with mlv_dump.osx are having FPS 0 although the value should be the same as the DNG-s are. In my case 23,976 FPS. Also, timecode is different than DNG-s. It differs in same cases up to a few seconds.

A bug in MLV or a bug in mlv_dump.osx? Or I'm doing something wrong? This is the topic I found:
If I remember correctly, I have stumbled on plenty of posts regarding problems with KB 128gb 1050x, mostly disappointing speed. Me myself have 3 x KB 128gb 1000x cards that I have been forced to send back 4 times by now. Since passed summer. Different problems. Speed, defected frames with artifacts, corrupting with udma7 card readers etc. Thats why I gave up with them and bohght this mighty 256gb Sandisk and planning to buy another one. Btw, 2x128gb is ~200 eur more expensive than 1x256gb.
Quote from: Johannes on January 07, 2014, 04:29:19 PM

Hm.. 256GB sounds cool.

I maybe decided to purchase to. How many times have you use the card until yet? Often?

Maybee you can warn me If Something goes wrong with you card. :)

I use my card every day. Hundreds of times so far, tens of times from 0-256. Sure, will let you know if any problem appears. Without VAT the price of this card is around 825 EUR in I suggest it!
The newest Sandisk Extreme Pro UDMA7 160MB/s VPG65 CF cards are great for raw video. I tested 64GB, 128GB and 256GB and finally decided to purchase 256GB which is absolutely reliable with my 5dMK3.
And even older Sandisk Extreme Pro UDMA7 100MB/s VPG20 handles continues 24fps 1080p raw video well. Make sure that you don't mix it with older Sandisk Extreme Pro 90MB/s UMDA6 that wasn't capable to hold recording speed above 83MB/s but rather stood around 75MB/s.
Raw Video / Re: Automatic Rec-start on H6 solved!
December 25, 2013, 10:07:18 AM
I experience this freezing with "the old" raw_rec and Do you know if this is present also with mlv_rec?

SteveScout, this topic is more elaborated in this thread:

I accidentaly turned the channel wheel on H6 to the maximum (10) which is obviously too much like I discovered now. Once I turned it down to 5-6 the sound became clear. :)
Same effect as reducing SMPTE output volume from 100 to 50-60. Currently I put SMPTE to 60 and H6 channel amplifier 6 so that it barely but constantly gets SMPTE signal and there's no noise. Thanks for your help, everything clear now. Also, it seems that rob_6 suggested workaround really works and I happily use this until the bug related to it will be fixed.

Thank you, g3gg0!

Markus, I'm using 3,5mm audio jacks cable ( with adapter to 6,3mm ( No XLR so far, although I could test this.

Do I understand correctly that you use the same setup?
My noise problem was resolved with reducing SMPTE output volume in ML settings from 100 to 50 although H6 still keeps receiving the signal constantly 0db. In other words, nothing changed visually, just the annoying "girrrrrr" noise disappeared. Strange. Could be the cable, could be something else. What happens when you reduce the SMPTE output volume? It doesn't reach to 0db for Zoom anymore?

Is the cable length/thickness/standard in any way related to delay between picture and sound?

All best to you!
Wait...I was not aware that doesn't have to work with the "old" raw_rec and is meant to work only with mlv_rec. If you say that this is the case, then there's no surprise that it hangs randomly with raw_rec.

In that case, I'm a  Mac user too and regardless mlv_rec benefits the raw_rec is much more user friendly on Mac. Haven't got time nor knowledge to use mlv_rec yet, but if SMPTE doesn't work with the old raw_rec then Iguess I should learn how to do that.

Please share up to date comments/instructions/links, thanks!

(currently hanging with continues on 5DmkIII with latest ML version and latest right after pressing the REC button. Hanging stops once I disable from the menu. This happens with raw_rec and if anybody could fix this, I'd be extremely grateful).

Thank you very much! 

arturochu, you are right, 1080p 30fps was only for some limited time (under minute or so). Where do you need to use 30fps 1080p? AFAIK not cinema/TV compatible anywhere nor enough for downscaling to get slow motion...

Sandisk 256GB UDMA7 160MB/s (1067x) VPG65 card received and I ran a few tests: 

1) There's no capacity issue between 5DmkIII and this card. 5DmkIII shows the whole card and when you format it within the camera it makes it perfectly exFAT. Grateful for that.
2) I managed to fulfil the whole card with one .RAW file, did it multiple times with different resolutions formats,  frame and crop rates.
3) Recording speed didn't drop below 87MB/s (it depends on what format you use). If it started with 97MB/s it also ended with similar speed after ~48 minutes, so I may say that this card is extremely stable. Unfortunately it also didn't exceed 100MB/s write speed like a hoped a little bit. Tried that with recording some higher level cropped resolutions.
4) Everybody probably knows by now that this time/capacity related defect with buffer was fixed by ML recently and there's no issue with speed drop after 8-9 minutes of constant recording.
5) Camera temperature didn't raise above 68c through the whole recording process. It was lower at the very beginning and received 68c peak after about 13 minutes of recording. Then it stood around 60c - 68c rest of the time.   
6) Blackmagic disk speed test on Mac shows constant write speed ~124MB/s and read speed 132MB/s.
7) Successful continues recording formats without frame drops:

1920 x 1080 (16:9), 23,976fps, 24fps, 25fps.
1920 x  508 (2,35:1), 60fps

crop mode: 2240x954 (2,35:1), 23,976fps, 24fps, 25fps.
crop mode: 2048x872 (2,35:1), 60fps

8) Don't use Kingston FCR-HS3 USB3.0 UDMA7 card reader with this specific card, it doesn't properly support it. It won't allow you to copy all the recorded files from the card, neither write nor format the card. I'm now using Transcend TS-RDF8K (the one that was witness for several Komputerbay 128GB 1000x CF cards death. :) not sure what this was card reader fault or faulty KB cards or my iMac or Blackmagic disk speed test. Most probably the extremely unstable Komputerbay 1000x cards because one of them died in my camera once battery unexpectedly ran empty).

This Sandisk 256GB card deserves a new topic, I'll start it as soon as I have a moment.

Happy upcoming X-mas for everybody!

g3gg0: could you please re-add last well known working SMPTE module back to ML nightly builds default, please? Today I was looking for it and tried 2-3 different versions before I found the one that really worked. The side effect that I'm still randomly getting is immediately hanged camera after pressing REC button. It was better with some builds but worse with some other. ML builds were 20.12.2013 and 21.12.2013. Camera was 5dmkIII.

Don't know exactly which one was the approved one from this topic so I tried a few:

Maybe some other setting was incorrect, I don't know.

By the way, I don't suggest to choose SMPTE output volume 100, because no matter if you put specific channel (or all the channels beside the microphone) under monitor mixer on mute, the annoying "girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" sound will be recorded. That noise is in sync with the rapidly blinking red LED light on that channel. You can hear it with you headphones while you monitor and it will also be recorded. So that the audio will be ruined.
First I tried to SMPTE output volume 80, it got better and then picked 50 because even 50 triggers the auto recording perfectly and the noise disappears. It's not the same noise ("shhhhhhhhh") that you hear before muting the channel in monitor mixer, it's something else.

Yep, I saw that you made it a day before yesterday. Cool, can´t wait to test it during the weekend. CVP just wrote that they handed over my Sandisk 256GB to TNT (it took them 2 weeks) and now it´s up to them when it gonna reach to me. Probably at the beginning of next week if it survives the Christmas traffic jam...
Btw, can't thank you enogh for this 5dmkIII vs zoom H6 favour, I'm using it and it's big deal. Hopefully ML dev will hear your raised request and we'll get the whole package! :)
Quote from: Markus on December 10, 2013, 03:04:37 AM
The burning unanswered question for me is if you can fill it up with 256gb of data. In camera format is irrelevant for me, but to be able to store 47min of raw on one card would mean a whole lot for documentary and live event filming. If this works I would probably film everything in raw.
You might say that wold take a ton of space but with projects with a lot of raw material my plan is to develop the footage as the project progresses to DnxHD and throw away the raw files. A bit sad but a better compromise then filming those projects in H264 in my opinion.

I feel you, brother. :)
I bought 256GB Sandisk Extreme Pro 160MB/s and still waiting this to be shipped from CVP.Co.Uk. Hopefully reaches this week. I'll let you know about the compatibility with 5DmkIII. Canon told to me that it works, so I took the risk.
Raw Video / Re: Automatic Rec-start on H6 solved!
December 08, 2013, 12:19:24 AM

I tested this. Truly nice finding and spares a lot of time in post. Audio is just a bit late, but you can manually sync it precisely with a minimal effort. I'd say that it's a few frames difference, but you know that people see and hear things differently, so average TV watcher would probably miss it. Good stuff, thank you very much!
I'm very interested in this too, H6 is in my shopping list...

Markus, if your opinion is based on Ted Ramasola case, then for me it looks like he experienced this capacity issue only with 5DmkII. I can't find any proofs that this is also present with other 256GB CF cards beside Komputerbay and any other cameras beside 5DmkII. And only one case - Ted Ramasola. AFAIK Canon claims that 5DmkIII camera is perfectly capable to use the whole 256GB CF card. If you have any other details, please let me know. Because my purchase is on hold due to this capacity issue suspicion.

I asked for more details there:

Thank you!
Hi Ted,

Thank you for your time. Yes, I'm already familiar with your blog and your test with 256GB KB.

I have no additional questions regarding KB card, I still have 3 x 128GB 1000x KB cards that have failed multiple times and I have sent them back for 4 times by now due to several reasons (not quick enough, corrupted frames/artefacts, corruption of cards etc.). I don't trust these cards and that's why I'm planning to buy 256GB Sandisk UDMA7 160MB/s CF for my 5DmkIII.

This is why I asking about your experiment, cause I understand that you experienced this capacity issue (256GB card formatted in 5DmkII showing only 128GB of available space and even when formatted in PC, being able to store only 128GB of data) with only 5DmkII.

I cannot go with such an expensive investment via internet to risk with being able to use only 128GB out of 256GB. If this is the case I'm gonna go with 2x128GB Sandisk UMDA7 160MB/s CF cards. This is why I'm doing this pre-purchase research. The questions I have are:

1) 5DmkII and 5DmkIII cameras are different. Starting from firmware. Canon claimed that 5DmkIII is capable to record up to 256GB CF card when they release this camera. They didn't specify if photo or video. I tend to think that this rather goes to video cause photo is much less capacious. Also, Canon has released 2 newer versions of the firmware since the launch of 5DmkIII. None of these versions mention any capacity improvements under list of improvements. It's like there's no problem with that. Do we have a reason to suspect that one can't record 256GB/~48 minutes continues 1080p RAW video onto 256GB UDMA7 Sandisk 160MB/s CF card with 5DmkIII? I asked same question from our local Canon representative company, still waiting for the answer as they are discussing this with Canon international (or something like that). 

2) Is it possible that this capacity issue is something only Komputerbay 256GB card related (oh how I liked that)?

3) Most probably this has nothing to do with ML firmware, cause formatting goes together with Canon firmware, right?

Thanks again for your time. If anybody else have ideas, I'm one big ear...:)
Quote from: ted ramasola on September 13, 2013, 06:29:35 AM
@MA Visuals,

oops, Sorry I wasn't able to reply to your question and request.
No I did not perform extensive tests outside the camera as the Card is very picky with card readers, more than the 128gigs. The 256 from KB at the time of testing was only compatible to transcend and lexar usb 3 CF readers. I did a limited testing with a friend who had the mkIII and a transcend reader but only to format the card, install ML and do benchmarks on his mkIII.

Upon realizing that the major cameras that use ML (mkII,mkIII, 7D) can't support more than the 128gig versions of KB cards, I was no longer interested in pursuing further testing.

Even when you format the 256 as 256gig, the camera can't record more than 128gig worth of data on it.

The moment you perform an in-camera format it reduces it to 128.

I saw no benefit using it so I sent it back already.


Ted, are you absolutely sure that this issue extends also to 5dmkIII? I´m asking cause I understand that you tested capacity issue only with mkII.