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No backlight or text - all I get is a single fairly long activity LED blink, and that's it.
@A1ex - yes, that one seems to work fine:
It doesn't seem to play nice with my 6D - popped the card in and it was completely unresponsive with blank screens until I pulled the battery.

.. cool development though, and my camera is fine now that I've removed the linux autoexec.bin
Tragic Lantern / Re: Tragic Lantern for 6D
August 27, 2013, 03:57:09 AM
Enjoying ML lots - thanks for all your efforts!  I ran CHDK on my compacts back in the day and really missed the 3rd party love on the 450D.

I thought I'd post some benchmarks to add to the pool of knowledge:

16GB 45MB/sec Sandisk Extreme (not pro)

Class 10 Verbatim 32GB SDHC
Working great on my 6D - well done all!

If you look closely in extreme areas you can see some fringing/jaggies/moire - see my 100% crop here ->

BUT it is a small price to pay for the results.