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Quote from: qmilloy on July 29, 2013, 04:42:01 PM
The Videomic Pro will work fine! One of the nice features of ML is the addition of audio meters.  This feature is currently not available on the 650D.  So audio related things not working does not mean you will lose audio recording capabilities, just that there are no added audio features available!

Thanks for clearing that up. Time to install ML now. Luckily I did not upgrade my firmware :)
Can someone clarify something for me please. In the original post it says:

QuoteWhat's currently not working: Everything audio related plus a couple of features that require more button than what we have

Does this mean that I'll not be able to record audio through my Rode Videomic Pro, if I plug it into the camera microphone input, after I install MagicLantern. My first time using ML, just want to know this before installing.