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@dngrhm thanks much I'll give it a go today.  8)
Attention Mac users - can someone please tell me what selections I'm supposed to make with Macboot? Most of the instructions here speak of making the card non-bootable with the Windows utility only.

Can someone point me to a link that tells me exactly what step to take using Macboot to remove the bootflag? I have the app, but not sure what selections I need to make. I am running 10.6.8

I should point out that this is a card that has never had any version of ML installed and when I run Macboot None of the selections are checked, and i don't see anything that says remove bootflag etc.

Sorry not a dev.  :-\


I haven't tried the install yet, but I did open the folder to compare the structure to my working v2.3 for my T3i and noticed no .fir as well - and I don't have a 1.01 build to use.

My guess is I need to wait for another build. Anyone else agree or am I wrong?
Quote from: Lemon on August 03, 2013, 04:23:28 PM
Okay, sorry if I seem a bit confused here, but I think i'm misunderstanding some of the steps in the instructions which is giving me problems running ML. I've downloaded all the files steps followed in blue.


I'm guessing that too. The official instructions on installing ML says "Format the card in the camera (low-level format)." and our 650D's have the option to tick "Low level format" when attempting to format our cards in-camera.

#5) The (step above) is why it isn't running. I believe You need to insert the card you copied the files to, and run the update, and leave that card in the camera to use to capture your media.

I think your right about the format.
I've been lurking here for ages waiting for this news.. Hooooray!  ;D

My question: On the first page of the thread w/instructions re: Low Level Format - That is IN CAMERA right? - Just want to make absolutely sure.

Many Thanks!