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Feature Requests / Re: Focus sweep
October 06, 2013, 03:15:56 AM
just to explain why:
implementing some form of that:)
Feature Requests / Focus sweep
October 06, 2013, 03:15:25 AM
I know this is a little bit of an insane idea, but would it be possible to change focus while a single picture is being taken?
ie, take a 2s picture and ahve the focus automatically change during that time.
Feature Requests / Re: Time-lapse interval less then 1s
October 06, 2013, 03:00:41 AM
+1 to this, timelapse at higher speed could be extremely useful(and since raw_rec can't go full raw res it's not good enough)

For example when doing focus stacking of objects that move slightly(and so everything must be taken fast)
after quite a few pics ettr seems to stabilize here, so I guess it's working as expected. Is it sane/possible to use ettr & bracketting?
Latest build fixed the issue:)(rather than the renaming)
I am not seeing the ETTR E value in picture review mode(in the histogram), is that normal?
(it appears in liveview and RAW EV indicator is activated to ETTR Hint)
Quote from: RenatoPhoto on September 29, 2013, 02:38:26 AM
have you taken a few shots to let ETTR stabilize.  It might take more than two..

My crystal ball is down today... and by the way you have not even said what camera you are using and what build.  maybe this function is not supported...

Sorry, 5DMkIII, build from sept29

I will take a couple more pictures, thanks:)
and if I let it go to ISO 12800 it's just massively overexposed, and that's at -4EV exposure
the preview is definitely wrong though.

example with max ISO 800:

Here's the preview display

Here's the image it takes:
Quote from: RenatoPhoto on September 28, 2013, 06:11:02 PM
According to Alex you have to do that in post.  I think he set Exposure target to -1EV
Ramping of this Exposure target would be useful but Alex says that is not possible. 
Here is an excellent now ramping module for Timelapse:
Intervalometer Ramping Module (

I am still experiencing weird problems with ETTR on last build.
It ramps up things to ISO 12800+32" exposure... and still shows a dark image on the liveview. However taking a picture with those settings is massively overexposed.
it seems there is some weird bug with liveview and long exposures? this is with -4EV exposure target.

Here's a picture of the screen during one of those tests:

EDIT: for what it's worth, this is with highlights display enabled, without them it's still not displaying the right exposure simulation
I remember moving files to a "ML.old" folder last time, would that not be enough?

Will try again with last build, erasing everything.
Quote from: RenatoPhoto on September 28, 2013, 03:45:19 PM
If you want to darken the scene lower the Exposure target to say -2 EV
Found under Advanced ETTR

the problem is that once day rise will come up in my timelapse, then everything will be super dark...(I want a night->day timelapse of a very dark scene with some very bright objects)
Hi all,

On recent nightly builds, this is driving me half crazy.

Advanced bracketing-> does one picture, shows preview, then stops doing anymore
Timelapse->does one picture, shows preview, stops doing anymore, but shows the flashing red light every second

Any ideas? This is in M, I tried multiple shooting modes, etc

How does one deal with ETTR in very dark scenes with just a couple very bright objects?
Tried to do a night timelapse last night but there was no way I could bring ETTR under 2, it'd jump to ISO 12800 instantly and push shutter speed to 30"...

EDIT: 5DMkIII, ML nightly from a couple days ago
has anyone tried on a 5D3?

Is there any options that stop auto bracketing from working?
Having trouble with HDR Bracketing here. I Remember just having to turn it on and pressing shutter, but for some reason it only takes a single picture now. Even if I select a specific number of frames to take.
I'm pretty sure it is a dual iso, there's clear interlacing in the raw when I preview it, with two different ISO visible
would anyone have an archive of the cr2hdr?
The one on first page isn't working with the test pictures I took yesterday. It complains it's not an interlaced file.
what resolution did you shoot this one at?
I didn't think the komputerbay card could deliver 1080p@30?

Quote from: aviel740 on June 05, 2013, 08:26:29 PM
Hey guys, made a short edit testing out the raw video just to see how it compares to the usual H.264 workflow. I shot in pretty harsh lighting and purposely overexposed a few shots to see how far it could be pushed in post. This was shot in roughly 1-2 hours with a 5D Mark III, Rokinon 14mm t/3.1 Cine, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 AI-S, & Nikkor 135mm f/2.8 AI-S. I used a KomputerBay 64gb 1000x card and was getting around 88 mb/s out of it (only ran the short benchmarks). Footage was color corrected in ACR, and graded in AE using filmconvert, curves, and sharpen (at 20). Overall it worked very well with only a few minor problems which is awesome considering it's free and not yet a final version. Oh and I used the June 2nd build

***Make sure to download through vimeo to get the best possible quality***