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PT - LX : 5dmarkIII
I'm having the same problem in the last days.
try to rename the raw files before converting to dng. Just a thought.
The Mac version doesn´t open in my mac pro running osx 10.6.8
I, also, have  this crashing problem with the new version of resolve, using 5D markII (7-11 build) raw files. I did some tests, here are my first conclusions:

frame size (25FPS)   1880

1856x1004                off
1856x1044                off
1872x1054                off     crash
1880x1058                on
1880x1016                on
1872x1012                off
1856x1114                off     crash
1880x1128                on
1600x900                  off
1600x900                  on
2152x1076                on
2144x1076                off
2048x1076                off

Using Rawmagic 1.0 beta 7b. I will recheck tonight, and test other resolutions.

Hope this helps.
Quote from: derkiki on July 29, 2013, 02:48:23 AM
The proxies for the RAW files are set to the frame rate of the RAW files by default.

I check the raw files, with rawmagic and raw2dng, both display 25 FPS, but the proxies created by Son of Batch are 24 FPS.
If u need my camera settings, they are:

Canon Menu:
1920x1080 25fps
ML menu:
Desired FPS 25 (from 25)
Exact FPS
Actual FPS  25.000

I Hope this Helps.
@ derkiki

Works just fine. the only problem i found is the fact i can´t change the frame rate on the proxies, to match the frame rate on the raw files.

Big thanks


You can Change the settings of RAW2DNG. Just load the app, and then pick the app again, and drop it in the same way you do with the raw files. With that, you can choose not to have proress files.
Quote from: togg on July 25, 2013, 06:47:31 PM
24fps, 25 it's not continuous, the camera can't go up to 77.7 MB/s. 25 fps gives me 1394frame.

with 25fps i get around 1500 before it stops
Hi togg

24fps or 25fps? I get continuous with 24fps, with that resolution. same card. What you get with 25fps?