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Quote from: dlrpgmsvc on July 17, 2013, 11:53:29 PM
They are exactly 14 bit of real bit depth. You can treat it as 16 bit because there we go at powers of two, but the real depth is 14 bit

Very much appreciated!  Still kind of stunned this camera can handle this stuff.  Just have to get my workflow nailed down.
Just started testing latest build on my t2i.  I've only been able to get about 7 seconds at 1200x400 but that isn't bad, all things considered.  I also did a quick workflow trial run and found it to be insanely clunky - I hope 3rd parties build plugins that make it easier to deal with.  For now it is merely laborious. 

I'm interested (and will be following this thread) in how far the t2i can be pushed in terms of usable 24fps resolution.  I'm also interested in color bit depth - I'm finding information that seems to conflict.  My DNG files are 8 bit?  Is this normal for the t2i output?  Just a minor question and I'm not *really* looking for an answer in this thread. 

I AM however so impressed and excited with what everyone at ML and the others who work on these things... well I'm just about having seizures.  It is mind-blowing to me that hardware can be pushed this far... and what makes it even cooler is that its people that obviously love these cameras, love "tinkering", and love film.