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Same for me... It seems that the mlvf.exe was not working... I finally found the right one for my system in the link above... mlvfs_optimized... mlvfs_x64.exe
Before downloading the MLVFS zip and running the exe file in Command Prompt I Installed the Visual Studio 2015, the WDK and SDK, then the latest Dokan 1.0.4 with all the .exe files...
Could anybody please point to a link with a mlvfs_64 binary... this one doesn`t work... it `stops working`...
Here I found a 64 version and it creates the drive, but I cannot acces it `unavailable`.... I see the drive in Resolve but nothing from the RAW folder...  The only positive thing is that I see it in http://localhost:8000/ Anybody please HELP!!!

EVRIKA!!! It works!!! with
Quote from: bouncyball on April 25, 2017, 08:39:43 PM
Hi guys,

Last two weeks I've been investigating lossles JPEG (92) specs, LJ92Lib from Andrew Baldwin and MLV files produced by both a1ex's lovely crop_rec_4k/mlv_lite and by mlv_dump from lj92 branch, also DNGs produced by MLRAWviewer.

It seems that Andrew Baldwin's implementation is somewhat weird. It encodes raw data as two images each with its own headers, one scan and one component in it. That means that encoded data has two SOI (0xFFD8, Start of image) and EOI (0xFFD9, End of image) markers and each image has its own SOF3 (0xFFC3, Start of frame header), DHT (0xFFC4, Huffman table) and SOS (0xFFDA, Start of scan header) with its own one image component with full width and half height. Also baldand chose the prediction method 6 in his encoder because of reasons explained here. If someone interested the original document is here.

Meanwile the raw data encoded (as configured by a1ex) by Canon HW compressor fully follows the specs and has one SOI/EOI, which accordingly have DHT, SOF3 and SOS in it. SOS consists of two components with full width and half height. Predictor used is number 1.

This is the reason why LJ92lib can not decode ML files out of the box despite it supports all 7 predictors while decoding (not only number 6). The component number should be correctly taken into account.

While studying all these I came across Syoyo Fujita's github account with his modified header file based on baldand's LJ92lib. ( which also was pointed out by @martinherring :) )

In short Syoyo correctly modded the main loop in parseScan function to support components and changed decoder struct and added 'components' field to it. Also he added multiple Huffmann table support to the lib which is really unnecessary at least for ML compressed data. So I edited lj92.c accordingly. Unfortunatelly encoder still needs some work. However for MLVFS encoder is unnecessary :)

Using all this info I pathched MLVFS and it works nicely with all its bells and whistles (on the fly raw processing). I want to thank Danne as usual :) for testing/support and MAC binary.

David Milligan merged changes to MLVFS repo.
Download latest MAC binary here and Windows x64 binary here.
The latest 'DokanSetup_redist.exe' installer is here.

I also modified mlv_dump-on-steroids but unfortunatelly it's not ready for prime time yet. Needs more time. Always time :P. Now supports all latest stuff plus some features that none of the mlv_dump versions have. Binaries uploaded.

Is it a x64 binary in the link? It is a mlvfs.exe rather then a mlvfs_64.exe and it I can`t mount the drive with it... in the Command Prompt it gives an error...
I`ve tried for days to install the MLVFS binary... nothing worked just because the mlvfs.exe file was x86, even in the link to x64 binary... Finally found on a russian site a mlvfs_64.exe...
it finally created the new virtual drive. The problem is that it called Removable Disk (Z) and acces denied from Explorer. I can see the drive in DaVinci, but it doesn`t show any file or directory... Anybody knows why???
Quote from: hindra on May 05, 2017, 04:33:31 AM
I have it working on Windows 10, just got it up tonight. I had to install the x64 installer and it was good to go. Thank you everyone!!!

EDIT: The only bug I'm noticing is I cant close MLVFS unless I go into the task manager and end task. My raw files come out really cool/blue. Other than that everything looks great.
Installed Visual Studio... Then in Dokan installed the.msi file, all .exe files... executed the mlvfs.exe ... doesn`t work...
I`m installing on Windows 10 x64
Quote from: bouncyball on April 26, 2017, 09:57:53 AM
Well, what comes to my mind first is: do you use 32 bit dokany/mlvfs on 64bit Win7? I compiled native x64 binary, so dokan must be x64 too. Install this package: and then copy from C:\Program Files\Dokan\Dokan Library-1.0.3 to mlvfs dir 2 files: dokan1.dll and dokanfuse1.dll.
Downloaded the package to the created MLVFS_x64 directory; Installed all the dokanSetup exe, copied the 2 files into the MLVFS directory; then what?.... How do I get to mount the new Z drive? when I try executing the mlvfs.exe it stops working... I downloaded the x64 version...
Same question... is MLVFS working on Windows 10 or only up to windows 8?
Sorry for asking stupid questions... I`m trying o install the on the fly Converter on Windows 10, but don`t understand exactly how... on x32 system you work in cmd prompt, but here... what are exactly the steps to take... I downloaded the latest version 1.0.3, installed the Visual Studio Comunity 2015 with SDK and WDK. Then lunched the dokanSetup file and it installed. How do I get to mount the virtual Z drive.  Please, may be anybody could explain explain step by step procedure... Thanks
downloaded the 103 release... lunched the DokanSetup... Installation complete... what next? nothing new on the desktop or in the Explorer...
Could anuboduy please explain ho to install on Windows 10
Quote from: wodseme on March 12, 2014, 07:42:53 PM
Running magiclantern-v2.3.NEXT.2014Mar12.5D3113 build with a 32 Sandisk Extreme pro card (160 Mbps R/W). Recording MLV with audio module loaded, Global draw off, memory hacks on, memory spanning etc turned on to record ultra HD RAW video. So far, my set up allows for continuos recording of 2048x1152. I used mlv2dng for osx to generate dng sequence. The sequence appears to be fine, but when imported to Davinci resolve, its broken up into several clips. Lightroom imports only readable dng files while ignoring some. Its like its dropping frames....or rather some frames are not recording properly.

I tried to Enable/Desable the settings but it doesn`t allow me to go over 1080... says it isn`t possible in current video mode... What`s wrong?
Could anybody, please, help me understand where is the setting for the CROP MODE for 5d markiii... I looked over in all ML menu and Canon too... but nothing about 3x Crope Mode... I`m using a recent nightly built...
Is there any kind of rawanizer to batch convert either into raw or dng creating subfolders for each shot? I tried to convert first with BrowseSharp to RAW, and then import them in RAWanizer, but it crashes... Also, the MLV.RAW.WAV extension make RAWanizer treat it as a RAW file...
I tried replacing the files of the nightly builds with the files of the mlv folder, but it doesn`t work... Could anybody, please, tell me what is the exact way to make it run... I used the 19 Jan 2014 build and then tried to add the files with replacing the existing... and tried to delete all and then placing the mlv files...  Thanks.
Will it record audio in the final version...? Does ML 2.3 record audio on 5d markii?
same question: is it possible to record audio together with raw on 5d markiii?
I installed the ML for mark iii with the raw recording.... but there is no way to change the recording bitrate like on mrk ii ML, is that right?
This is my first experience with the ML... and it is a great one... Thanks
There is no raw recording on alpha 3, is it right? Have somebody tested the Transcend 128gb x1000 cards? are they stable... or have same problems as Komputerbay CFs?
Hi, guys...
Could somebody help me with the installation of alpha3 on markiii, please... I`ve already downloaded the alpha 3 zip file... but inside there`s no autexec.bin file... do I have to get it from another place...? or do I have to install something else first?