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And you just admitted the same warnings on ML. So, now what is the truthful way to make people not use T_? What about the guy I just mentioned who claims his loyal faith in whatever ML tells him? He based it on what ML said to scare him about being unsafe. You didn't comment on that.


Assertions are there for a reason and we don't mess with those as they could cause the camera to enter an invalid state and potentially brick.
ML warns people about using ML at their own risk and possibly bricking a camera. So what is the difference there? A double standard?

Then the EOSM thread is waiting for you.
Keep in mind that if said changes involve patching assertions in canon code they won't likely make into ML any time soon.
Assertions are there for a reason and we don't mess with those as they could cause the camera to enter an invalid state and potentially brick.
I have been to that eosm thread many times, as you know. I have supported and worked closely with anyone that has shown concern for the M. What happened to Jordan? He was suppose to fix all of this? what happened to that spreadsheet I volunteered to work on for the M and after I worked one day on it and then replied back to, what do I do now, nothing ever happened. I never got a follow up courtesy message saying thank you and why it is now dead. I forgot who it was now. Maybe nanomad.

Are you saying that 1% is now there in the eosm thread waiting to talk and work with us all? How come you guys gave headphone to the other cameras? we now have 1% willing to do it for the M. I am not the only one wanting this.


Tragic Lantern was a one way process.  The Magic Lantern developers were developing ML, and Tragic Lantern was taking these developments from ML, and developing features of it's own.
However, TL was not sharing these developments, back with ML.  Taking, taking, taking, and not giving anything back.

This is not how open source collaboration works.  ML is a development project first and foremost.  We, as users, are gifted these developments, by the developers.

During the discussion regarding these recent changes, suggestions where made, to have TL run on it's own website.  TL users are more then welcome to do as they see fit.
However, TL discussion cannot be supported on this forum.  If anyone bothers to read the OP, and consider the circumstances, beyond their own personal needs, the reasons why this decision has been made, should be abundantly clear.
I understood all of that. The big problem is constantly hearing one side say how terrible and unsafe T_ is and yet I keep saying I have used every new build everyday and I never had any problems. Yet no one from ML wants to discuss that openly and then maybe rethink their general public statements. We now have a poster (more than likely he is not an M, 6D or 7D user) claiming his loyal faith to ML and he will always believe anything ML tells him. That is sort of pathetic from my view. Maybe he missed my posts in the past about how it never hurt my camera in anyway. Probably no will will see any posts with all the T_ threads closed and hidden now. I am still wondering about this open source if old threads keep getting closed and then censored.

I am asking ML to show actual proof that T_ has caused anyone to have these unsafe things happen they claim. Because it sure has not happened here on my M camera withg every build since last July to date.

I am happy to see at least some people speaking out more on this and a little bit of discussion being made openly.

All I'm saying is that before you sign up for something, that you look at the specs and make sure that it fits your system.

For instance, I'm still running 10.8.4 on my main machine, so I have to carefully read to make sure that my specs fit the required minimums or I'm wasting my time. So that means no Red Giant Universe for me!
you're right. I was moving too fast to get the download started.

Come on about you read up what you're signing up for instead of blaming someone for posting about it?

Pomfort Cliphouse has been around for a long time, in my tests it's clunky and never played back more than a couple of frames at a time. The guys who make it never quite had a response as to why the issue is happening, and if I can't get a good sense of how well the app works from a demo, I'm not going to buy it.
Come on Mid, you can't expect everyone to know what you know. I never heard of it before and I research a lot. Probably more than most people ever do. You are probably a Mac guy, so of course you have heard of it. I bet you are more upset about something being said about Mac rather than just my request for a warning, which most people usually do. -_) Or you wouldn't have said anything. I am a PC and Mac person since the first PC and the first Mac. I am currently only PC. My post was not against Mac, just that I wasted time and handed out personal info for something that could have been avoided from a simple sentence of, BTW, it is only for Mac.

If this guys had mlv instead of raw it would be great...
but i think it is a nice referent for mlrawViewer

the idea is being able to view a pool of the files on the sd  or cf card from the left, being able to view them on the right, convert the one that you see or batch convert all the files on the card to a destination folder.

color correction is not that important as i see when you digitize
Please indicate that this competing app for sale is only for Mac so Windows people do not waste time trying to get the demo and give out info with our email addresses for nothing.

I would think that the LE indicates it is the Light Edition so it would then not be 422 HQ. I personally, would want to use 444 since we are coming form a raw file that is 14 bit. One of the main reasons for shooting raw is to have better color grading with the larger amount of data it records. Seems silly to throw all the data away after shooting raw. Yes, the files from 444 are larger, but so what when we now can buy a 4 TB drive for $157 or a 2 TB drive for $80.
BUMP.  anybody?

also here,
when i used dual iso on 600d i used to have pink dots, mlviewer solved this issue...

Batch convert to cdng or prores will take this app great step forward.

PDR is solved? how is it being done?

I am not sure if this has been covered, but is there some way in your app to eliminate the pink dots we get on the M camera using raw or mlv files?

Hello Gary,

My understanding is that CDNG files are white balance agnostic. What that means is that while the metadata might have information relating to what your preferred white balance setting is, it's not married to the actual image. I think that the white balance and tonal adjustments in MLRawViewer are only applied to the ProRes export.

Maybe Baldand could comment?
if i use ACR and make any adjustments to a frame in the dng seq and the sync it to all the frames, i can save it out  as new dng seq with all the changes i made on every frame. that is why i was wondering if it is possible in mlrawviewer.

Yup, if you don't need audio then .raw is IMHO superior performance-wise. On my 5D3 I can easily record continuous 1920X1288 on all of my CF cards in .raw. When I switch to .mlv, at times it seems like the camera can hardly keep up with 1920X1080 even with audio disabled.
that's a bummer on the 5d3. especially since it can record audio with mlv. maybe they will eventually work it out.

When i adjust the white balance for a MLV file in MLRawViewer, it doesn't seem to stay with the file. I load another MLV file and then adjust the white balance for that file and extract to a DNG sequence. Now when I load the first DNG seq, the white balance did not stay and it shows the white balance from the last file I adjusted. What am I missing about this?

The problem is not present in raw2dng, so try converting the MLV to legacy RAW first.
how do we do that?

You might want to read my somewhat rant-ish thread asking the same question.

I find .raw gives me better performance and has stronger existing conversion tools in the form of RAWMagic on the Mac, but if you need in-camera sound then you really don't have a choice.
I have an M and it does not do audio, which is the big reason to use MLV at the moment. So, I use raw and it is also easier to get  Pink Dot Removal from a few apps that only use Raw files and not MLV.


I opened one of the files in QuickTime.  It reads it as ProRes 422 HQ.
I opened it in VLC.  It reads it as ProRes 4:4:4 YUV 10-bit LE.  Based on comments from baldand, this is the most accurate answer.
I would think that the LE indicates it is the Light Edition so it would then not be 422 HQ. I personally, would want to use 444 since we are coming form a raw file that is 14 bit. One of the main reasons for shooting raw is to have better color grading with the larger amount of data it records. Seems silly to throw all the data away after shooting raw. Yes, the files from 444 are larger, but so what when we now can buy a 4 TB drive for $157 or a 2 TB drive for $80.

Edit: BTW, I endorse the earlier suggestion of making 'Mark In' and 'Mark Out' I and O respectively, as that is relatively standard for video prep and editing.  Again, if someone didn't read, that's what they would press on the keyboard.  Cheers!
It is also an industry standard to use the J K L keys where the K is for stop and play, J is Reverse and L is Forward. Tapping either J or L will increase speed in that direction. I think it is like 30% speed for each tap. I might be wrong, but there is a way for slow motion, fwd or rev. Maybe it is hold the K while tapping either J or L for slow motion increments in decreasing the speed.
Maybe these functions are not needed for this app. Take a vote from users if you are interested to add these functions.   

I was typing the same reply and didn't see your post. LOL
Still, read the post to see all the key commands.  :)

Camera-specific discussion / Re: EOSM-Updated ML for 2.02 firmware
« on: March 22, 2014, 11:57:27 PM »
Sorry this is a totally noob question, but where do I find the download that actually has the .fir file for the EOS M? I have the nightly build, but the 2.3 release doesn't have it. . . Thanks ahead for help.

1%, I sent you a PM. Please let me know when you get it.
Thank you, Gary2013.

1%, I have always been happy with what you have done. As I have said a few times now, I have never had any problems with your TL on my M using every daily build since last July. I know how you feel. I have "been there and done that" a few times in my life. Thank you very much for all your hard work.

Best regards,

Yes, the thread I've linked is pretty much about that, but this process is very difficult without cooperation from 1%. In the past, all of us ML devs have attempted to port many of the TL changes blindly (without a camera to test on) and we have also tried to ask for the help of other developers (with only partial success; the progress was not as fast as we would like, and these ports are not yet as robust as on 5D3 or 5D2, for example).

Fortunately, he did share some of his changes lately (mostly from 7D/6D). But this should be the normal development flow, just like all other code contributions to ML, not "backflow" as 1% calls it.

Nanomad also has an EOS-M and he did some good progress with TL backporting. But, since ML is a spare-time project for all of us, progress is not always as fast as we would like, so we prefer not to waste further development resources on private forks.

If you are not familiar with the how open source contributions should work, you can get an idea here:

Thank you for explaining these things. Hopefully, 1% will respond and tell us things from his point of view. Maybe it can all be worked out for the best.

Best regards,

That's why we are trying to undo the community split, so everybody is invited to switch to Magic Lantern (where most of the innovation happens anyway). If there are still differences between ML and TL, these should be backported (but for EOS-M I can help mostly with advice, because I don't use one myself).

If any of you still wants to continue with the community split, you are free to do that on some other website, not here.
Is 1% the only dev who has an M? I remember way back that Max was willing to donate his M camera to ML to use but no one accepted his offer. I think he said he had two M cameras.

Who took ML code, tweaked it a little and refused to give the changes back?
I agree. Why would anyone not share and give back to the parent? Can you take what is current in TL and see what is there and apply it to ML? I am sorry I am not a dev and understand the workings of it all. How will it all end up? I mean, will ML lack what TL has done or will it just take longer for ML to develop what was there? Or, will ML just not try to progress in those areas for certain cameras? What does TL have that ML does not have right now for say, my camera, the M? From what I have seen, on ML I do not see video hacks and RAW recording, just MLV. Probably more, I don't know.

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