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Tragic Lantern / Re: 6D - Install guide and raw shooting.
September 08, 2013, 08:08:55 PM

With Premiere you need to use After effects first to open your DNG files (after using the converter). You can color grade there and get each clip ready. Save once graded as an AE file. Then you can open in Premiere to insert and edit as you please. It all renders out of Premiere. I had to watch a tutorial to learn how to do it at first, but its actually very simple. A little work, but its very decent for using raw footage.
Well I ran all day for my gig using the encoder set on 15 bit rate, I stayed on the configure select: rate control and had it set on the IPB on the canon side. I had a couple small hiccups, but nothing major. One of my older sandisk extreme 40mb cards would not record at all on encoder (for some reason it was fine recording raw). But both of my newer 80mb sandisk cards did great on these settings. One of the 32g cards did the freeze once and no recording for a second. I shut it off and on and it was fine after. Overall it was nice and I am more than happy with the results. Thanks again for helping me get going on this.
Thanks again 1%, that helped me some as well. Been messing with it for the last two days just testing settings. Trying to decide if I want to shoot this gig tomorrow in raw or cranked bitrate. These new sandisk extremes are getting me a little better write with raw, The new 80mb ones, Had no trouble with writing the encoder settings.
@1%, what are some of your preferred settings? I am specifically wondering how to best utilize the configure select and what bit rate numbers are actually the most successful with the 6D. I am using it some to try and understand, but for lack of being able to find any information I am specifically curious as to what settings you are using. Looking at boards for other camera models usually has me more confused trying to understand the details of what I am doing. I had been doing this. config:cbr fixed qp, autoload:override and then messed with various bit rate numbers. I did not realize then I might have been doing it properly (or closer than I had thought) a couple weeks back.

Once I understand all this I want to make a how to video so maybe it will help the next new 6D ML user. Learning to film in raw was no problem, now I want to learn what else I can do successfully with ML. Thank you for any help.
Thanks you @1%, I had been wondering why those options were not available and felt like I did not understand the options there to choose from. I will try it again now.

Went live! I believe it should be in 1080p to view.
As soon as generotv approves the video I will have the new link up for you to check out. Sorry about the delay.
Ends up I have to take the link down so I can submit it for the contest, I will load a new link once its up.
Forgot to mention I added light layer of film grain in post.
Share Your Videos / 6D Raw music video with VAF filter
August 20, 2013, 04:50:22 AM

I made this for a contest for the musician M83, so its his music. All filmed in Raw, even filmed a few shots in 60fps raw and upscaled. No crashes. Filled two 32g cards (the newer 80mb sandisk) filming with the dancer. Post process was importing images to After Effects, then turning into H.246 in premiere and editing. Loved the outcome, still hoping they find a way around the 40mb write limit. Also, big help from using the VAF-6D filter. I highly recommend picking one up.
I found if you have some mixed files, or if you forgot to add them all you will have a crash. I suggest updating your card before a shoot just to make sure you have all the current files.
The sym file is in the modules folder when you download the update.

That is my short video test of that jacket, with and without the filter.
Tragic Lantern / Re: Tragic Lantern for 6D
August 08, 2013, 07:34:20 PM
You must have been correct. I went and downloaded the updated files again to make sure I had everything correct. Switched out the files on my card. It is working just fine now. Thank you. I am slowly still trying to learn what I am doing with the Encoder options. I had been bypassing and using the H246 from the camera for my vaf tests yesterday.
Tragic Lantern / Re: Tragic Lantern for 6D
August 08, 2013, 07:04:30 PM
That is what it seemed like. Immediately they, timed out. It happened either way. I could turn the camera on and try straight for the H246, wav crash. Same happened if I recorded raw, then switched. I changed another card back to the modules of 7.2.13, same result. The wav file did not time out, but recorded just fine.
I got my vaf-6D filter yesterday and love it! My wife has this striped jacket that drives the 6D crazy and I was impressed by the difference in performance with the filter in. I will try and load something on vimeo to show what I am talking about. Filming bricks now with no hesitance is also encouraging. I was just thrilled with the overall results. Going to be using it on a couple hired gigs this month so I will have some nice shots to share soon.
Tragic Lantern / Re: Tragic Lantern for 6D
August 08, 2013, 06:01:28 PM
I also have had the separate wav recording crashes. I switched one of my cards back to the Rec w Vol, build on 7-2-13, and I have less trouble out of that build as far as being able to switch between Raw, and then wanting some reg footage with a separate wav. But with the current build it says my card is not fast enough to record a separate wav, I switch it back to the older build, same settings and it records video and separate audio fine. Seems like a strange glitch, wish I knew more. I hardly understand the meaning of the newest build, but like to try them as they are updated.
I am trying to get a grasp on the encoder/bitrate options for the 6D. Can someone help me a little. I read some on using CBR config select. What is the rate control config select? And on the autoload conf, I am lost on what to do. Left it on override, what does turning it on or off do? I ordered a VAF filter for my 6D so I want to know what I am doing with the encoder options before it gets here. I read what all I can find, but a lot the options for other camera models are not found (at least for me) on the current build. Sorry if these are relatively simple questions, any help much appreciated.
Thank you 1%, I will educate myself more on that. Loving the 6d builds!
What changed in the latest build? It seems like I can get a little faster speed for continuous writing now during raw recording.

And if I can ask this question again since I never got a clear answer. Can anyone explain the bit rate options on the 6D when not shooting raw. For example when I change it all the way up to 50, what is my bitrate then? And at 40. It says 10mb per unit, is 50 then 500mb? I tried a samsung card that claimed a 40 write speed, but I could not even record audio at the same time when using the 50 bit rate increase. Of course my sandisk keeps up every time with a separate wav recording.
Share Your Videos / Music Video with 6D Raw
July 16, 2013, 01:49:36 PM

I shot all the footage of the singer performing as well as several landscape shots in Raw with my 6D. I was hired to use some other footage filmed by "story of america" with permission from a rally plus vintage footage of the singer's family. I think you can certainly tell where my 6D raw footage pops up. I was really impressed by the outcome. It was fun to use raw on a real gig. I will say the workflow did double my post work time, but it was easily worth it. I will be filming all of my music video gigs in raw from now on.
Ok thanks @ 1%, I wanted to use some 60fps on this next gig but I think I can go without. I am hoping to film an entire music video in raw with my 6D that I was hired to film next week. Need to order some more SD cards today!
Is 60 fps available yet in raw for 6D? I saw some footage of the 5dIII doing it and loved it so I wanted to make sure I had not missed it somewhere with the updates.

We had a vintage car and bike event going on this weekend so I thought it was a good reason to go test out more filming in RAW. I used the Rawinizer then converted DNG to video in Cineform studio. I actually love being to film in the 2.3.5 wide ratio. It makes the crop a little more enjoyable.
I have it working, thanks again. I really appreciate all the help I have gotten on here.